Friday, September 24, 2010


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what beautiful tones

this violin, only when

played by a violinist

the mighty old oak

no longer is so great if

no one is to see

A poem utters

only its nonsenses when

nobody to read

Parfum-- is useless

to the sweet loveliness of

your body so bare



Brian Miller said...

oh love the heat in that last line...but bet the violin playing warms her up...smiles. nice mag, my friend...

Helen said...

It may not follow the 5/7/5 syllable format ... nonetheless your Magpie is lovely!

steveroni said...

BRIAN: Glad to see you! Actually, I see you more than anyone i know, you must have ghost writers...you are everywhere--always!

Ces said...

I don't haiku either. Like my friend, I do not like poems that are purposely enigmatic. I think your poetry, haiku or not is a wonderful read. This one I get. I have an award for you.

Nevine said...

Oh, how I love the last one, especially! So precious is human scent, how can it be compared to any perfume?

I love when you wax poetic, Steveroni! It's playful and sweet and... still... serious. These were such fun to read... :-)

Wishing you a lovely weekend,

steveroni said...

Helen, THANK you--that's exactly what I was looking for...5-7-5 and next time I'll try, but not so hard it hurts!

steveroni said...

I saved this comment for two peeps who I respect almost too much.

Nevine, when you come here and offer your support so sweetly, I just become overwhelmed,that one so laden with talent(s) chooses to write such nice words to me. Thank you..AGAIN!

And now.....CES! How in the world I fit in that specially chosen lineup of Your Peeps, to receive the Arija Award I'll never understand.

I'm NOT an 'award' guy, but PROUDLY this one has already claimed it's space--as long as this blog is running--even after!

You will NEVER know what your friendship means to me. I almost feel a part of that family of "Ces and her Dishes"...and I am MOVED...THANK YOU!!!!!!

snagay said...


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Arija said...

Thanks for dropping over and your kind thoughts.

All dis-easement of the body we create for ourselves through some emotional imbalance, adjust the balance and we can let whatever ails us go. It is also good to accept all help offered, traditional or otherwise for all goodness comes from God ad God works in mysterious ways.

On the getting to know you front, what kind of music do you mostly play and what kind do you mostly like??? Do you know the maker of your instrument?

I'm just nosey...-:)

Doctor FTSE said...

Great Haiku. Great last line!

Claudia said...

parfum is NEVER useless….no matter how bare…smiles

Priyanka Bhowmick said...

loved all the 4. marvelous ones! well the 3rd one's funny :D

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

LOVE the last line!

So moving to read your continued inspirations!

willow said...

All of them wonderful, but my personal favorite it the last one!

clean and crazy said...

these are awesome, they play into each other so well

Sam Liu said...

The last haiku is beautifully sensual and devilishly passionate. Great assortment of magpies :)

Arija said...

Steve, thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I genuinely wanted to know.
After we lost everything in a devastating bushfire in '83, we were lucky to replace the prof's violin in an antique instrument place in the Place des Anes in Paris two years later. It is roughly the same vintage as yours and I'll check inside for the maker tomorrow.

Such serendipitous meetings are not as rare as they appear and although there is a particular reason for them, it so often in only to do with one person's story and it seems to me that you were the giver of the gift rather than the beneficiary although you too carried away the sense of destiny .The meeting had a many level effect, on both the lade and you, as well as making it a memorable trip for the other passengers which resulted in who knows how far reaching a ripple effect as well. There is no random 'coincidence' as such, everything is part of our learning.

Thanks again for the story.

Dianne said...

whew, love the last Haiku! and the violin never did make it on the list of bluegrass jokes about the banjo.

(what's the difference between the banjo and a trampoline? you take off your shoes before you jump up and down on a trampoline.

Thank you for your kind comments, you are a wonderful listener and writer. can we here your music on your blog as well?

Rene/ Not The Rockefellers said...

yup...the last one
that's where the magic is :)


steveroni said...

SNAGAY: I think not. Your blog is too much commercialism, of which I prefer 'zero'. On my blog I sell nothing and promote nothing which another sells. OK? Sorry, just not my cup of tea.

ARIJA: 'Just nosey'...I like that! So now I have sent you the URL to July 11 blog which explains a lot. It
is another honor for me--to realize you might be interested in that. We will meet again in comments SOMEwhere.

DOCTOR FTSE: Thanks for stopping here.

CLAUDIA: Well, here goes...I guess it depends on what 'one' likes to smell? (C'mon girl, you asked for that. LOL) And smiles!

PRIYANKA AND JESS : Thank you both for commenting--well for even BEING here! My first (ever?) haiku, but I like it anyway!

WILLOW: That WOULD have been MY guess for you--grin!!!

CLEAN AND CRAZY: You know, yours is the first comment which caught that vague link between them. Thank YOU!

kathew said...

Love all 4, but especially the last one.
And here I thought Haiku's were 3-7-3? Now I find out they are 5-7-5? Dang- always learn something new everyday! Cheers.

steveroni said...

SAM LIU: Love that word "assortment" like a box of chocolates. Also love the box of chocolates! Thank you, Sam

ARIJA: Certainly no coincidence in that 'meeting' of peeps. The odds are simply too great. I love what you wrote about "......the meeting had a many level effect..........
who knows how far reaching a ripple effect as well.

And so it is with everything ever created by God.

DIANNE: Thanks for the joke! Nope, violin playing is not on the blog--nor planned as of now. I 'found' you again, because you are linked in my blogpost of July 11, 2010, which I had just sent to a new blog-friend, ARIJA. So THAT'S how stuff works!

RENE: "Magic" Well...ya know? I never thought my own post would make me blush, but it finally happening (blushing!)...it was that wrod 'magic' I guess. A 'trigger' word?

Ces said...

Ack! I am being kicked out of the comment section by Blogger. I like your term "Friend-cousin". HAHAHAHAH! CUTE!

Carrie Burtt said...

Steve you have so many wonderful truths in your haikus...great work...i love them!:-)

Dulce said...

you get better and better, must be the years? The romanticism you seem to be experiencing lately?... I don't know but you are as cute with your writings here and your comments... well those are good enough to make a whole blog.
Sorry I didn't mean to go round the bush here... just to say I love this magpie

signed...bkm said...

love how you pulled all these haiku's into a beautiful piece of romantic write....bkm

Book Bird Dog said...

Nice philosophical thoughts in your haiku.

Tumblewords: said...

Wonderful play in this quartet!

steveroni said...

CES: Just tell me again please. How many People ARE you? At first meeting I thought all those 'dishes' (your Peeps) were helping you with the huge output of material, writing and squiggling, working, cooking, etc

Now it seems you must have great energies, and a well-clocked schedule although that does not seem likely. Anyway...WE are the beneficiaries (BAD word choice?)!

You and your friends (I'll call them your 'dishes' because each one is a 'dish!') make this Internet experience a pleasure and an era of learning for me.

CARRIE BURTT: Thanks Carrie. Never knew what
Was a haiku
Until today
I heard someone say
You'll stay alive
Three short lines
You'll do fine!

Thank you for being supportive!

DULCE: "...must be the years.."?? THANKS A LOT! Too often I remind myself of my age.

When I hear others (and I DO hear lots of them!) speak of their lives past and present, I realize how much I've been blest, to have a lifetime SO full of different experiences that many have not. I become grateful again...for my past, and my present. Grateful I am for sobriety, for many blog friends, including and ESPECIALLY ...you, Sweeter Peep!

SIGNED...BKM: It is fun to see more and more of you around these blogs, girl. Thanks for coming by and commenting!

BOOK BIRD DOG: Yep, it is strange how bits of philosophy sneak into these blog posts. Thank for coming here.

TUMBLEWORDS: Quartet! Now, how did you know? (I'm serious--have we met before on here?) Thank you for commenting, I'll go now and see who are you.

Scott said...

seems as if almost everything requires human intervention to bring to it's fullest use...

हेमंत कुमार ♠ Hemant Kumar said...

all haikus are nice and attractive.

Reflections said...

Nice... Love the last part!

steveroni said...

SCOTT: If I write my first thought now--I'll get in some deep DEEP trouble...never you mind who with LOL

HERMANT KUMAR: I'm just now beginning to write some haiku...brand new. And my next step will be to make them LOOK pretty, as well as fit together somehow. Thanks. ANY advice on this will be gratefully received.

REFLECTIONS: Thanks for visiting. I'll ask the same of you, if you care to lend a hand--I'm open to ANY criticism. because I want to do haiku RIGHT!
Yep! thanks again.

Jinksy said...

That finishes with a flourish! :)

Yasmine said...

violin, eh?

steveroni said...

JINKSY: Hey girl! Often i write something and do not really take note of it, until I see it posted.
Than...well, it's too late. Flourish.

OK, I'll take that! Thanks for visiting AND commenting.

YASMINE: How GOOD to see you here! And a COMMENT also? Hope you are well. Please come back, you are so welcome.

Yes...a violin. Love the avatar you've chosen!

Kristen Haskell said...

I just learned the Haiku 5-7-5 myself. I really enjoyed your work.

RNSANE said...

I don't write haiku myself, Steve. I just don't get it. Yours is terrific, though. I understand what you've written. Some haiku leaves me most befuddled.