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For two blog-days I have been seriously into the Big Book "Alcoholics Anonymous" because that is where I wanted to be. That is where I needed to be. It is comfortable for me to be studying our literature. Did anyone ever say to you, "I have forgotten more about (whatever) than you ever knew"? Statements like that used to piss me off. But you know, I believe it is possible.

I can "be into" something so much with my time, effort, thought, and work, that I am capable of losing sight of what it was about, in the first place. This happened in the catholic church I have always loved. I "forgot" that I was there to love and serve God--in the person of His people. Then I left the religion, when there seemed nothing 'for me' there. Then I learned that it is not supposed to be 'for me', it's 'not about me'! I learned that in Alcoholics Anonymous.

So, many years after, I joined back with the people of faith, and worked hard there, gave of my services daily (and more) wherever it seemed appropriate. I became so busy there, that in just three years--again--plumb forgot what it was all about. I do know now, that my own slight mission in the church has not changed. It is to share whatever I have with others, and give others--especially the elderly, the wheel-chaired--hope and comfort. It is just that I "forgot". And that leaves me here. Now.

I am most happy, most serene, most safe at an AA meeting. That is where are my true friends. Of course, there are AA members who do not like me--just a few. But even they wish me continued sobriety. I like being with friends who care, who are there, and who love. I have NOT forgotten why I am in AA. I am an alcoholic, and AA is where I belong, to live sober, to be willing to grow along spiritual lines, to trust God, to keep on cleaning house, and to help others. That's about it. That's about a LOT!

As I write a blog or mail my blogging friends I am happy, sometimes overjoyed--especially when I witness growth, change, happening right here on my monitor--with peeps who are staying sober, No Matter What. Again though, it happens that occasionally I lose sight of exactly why I am here doing this (remember the "How" and the "Why" of it from yesterday's blog?).

I began blogging "to expand my circle of friendships", to 'talk' about recovery in AA with others of like mind. I FOUND a few dozen highly intelligent persons, with sense of humor, talents for painting, guitar playing, poetry writing, and exquisite prose. And I loved what I discovered here much more than if it had been what I envisioned. And I still DO love it--all!

Is Pride rearing it's ugliness again? Well, I have dealt with Pride often enough, I know where to go. It IS in our Twelve Steps, and...and...AND in our invaluable Twelve Traditions. Just as one might before a college exam, I am doing a review of the 'whole course'. It is amazing already to me, the different perspectives which are showing themselves.



God's gift to us--this AA Program

GPS (Global Positioning System), thanks to US Defense Department, (and your tax dollars)!

Cell phones

My family, and my AA family

A FIRST great grandchild to arrive August 11 in North Carolina!!! Maybe I'll get to hold this little one September 1, plus-or-minus a few days??? God, are You listening?? Hmmmmm?

Electric 12-cup coffee-makers (also 36-cup for hurricane days?)

A God Who is Trusting, Forgiving, Merciful, All-Knowing, a Loving Father--Abba, Poppa--to all.

Finally, you Bloggers. To me, this blogging is still the most AWESOME happening in my whole life! To read, comment, share, beware, care, talk, and pray together, and stay sober together. Thank you ALL, who come here today.

from Steve

More "Gratitude List" on Saturday's blog. I have much for which to be grateful, but not much room left on this blog!


Tall Karen said...

You know Steve, I think this is exactly why we need to hang with the newcomers. They are IN THE BOOK, and so vividly remember what it was like. I am grateful you found the fire (power) to re-light your candle...it shows! God Bless!

garden-variety drunk said...

what a wonderful blog to read this evening. it's funny how for any problem that comes up or even just for random situations that arise, i can find a spiritual principle to practice in the book. i feel especially blessed when it's late at night or when i'm alone with my mind that something from the book will pop into my head and point me back in the right direction

dAAve said...


Steve E. said...

Dear God, thanks for using dAAve's comment to show me that You ARE listening--Vrooooooom!

Shadow said...

you are as always a sunny spot in this vast ocean of life. thank you for your daily inspiration. have a super weekend now!

Madison said...

You have great insight and sensitivity into the way people think and focusing back on the purpose. Always inspirational. Thanks. We can all get so busy that we lose sight of life.

Ann H. said...

Oh wow, a great grandchild. That is so awesome!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new grandbaby! What a blessing and a joy for you! Your blog is truly encouraging to read. I pray you continue to encourage and uplift others on this beautiful blog. God bless you and thank you for your honesty and openness. Alcoholism is a disease which can destroy many families. My father who passed away 17 years ago was an alcoholic and I know the hurt, pain and devastation it can cause. I pray you reach out to many and let them know there is truly hope in overcoming through the grace, love and mercy of our awesome God.

God bless and I am so proud of you (although I do not know you personally, I am still very proud of you and what you are doing).

Syd said...

Every time I read that book I find that more is revealed. I've heard many people say that. It is a wonder to me.

Lou said...

I see a lot of people in church who forgot why they are there. Thankfully, I don't let others motives worry me anymore.

Gin said...

Ahhhhh Steve. I just love you more and more as every day passes.

Steve E. said...

Gin--I'll take that. But NO PEDESTALS please. I am afraid of height.

That is...unless it is in the safety of an air-pressurized cabin, with at least three Jet Engines outside the windows--where I can SEE them --grin!

Bless you.

diane d said...

Steve, thanks for stopping by my place!
Congratulations on the new great grandbaby!!! How wonderful!!
Your words hit the nail on the head for me. I, too, tend to forget the most important "why" of things....God!!!

Ed G. said...

...and, when you get bored and complete with the 12 steps and 12 traditions, we have 12 concepts (including 6 warranties) that could help entertain you!!!

Blessings and aloha...

Gabriella Moonlight said...

What an amazing post, and you always, always, delight me in your posts...I am so glad that you are here in the blogosphere too dear Steve...

Steve E. said...

Ed G. Howdy!

Ed I'm surprised you didn't throw in the TEN COMMANDMENTS while you're at it --BIG grin!


OK if I just settle for the PROMISES?

Also, believe me, this is NOT a lot of fun!!!

July 31, 2009 12:55 PM