Thursday, July 16, 2009




My 7AM meeting Thursday was interesting--to me. It is speaker plus discussion The girl speaker told of how being a GSR (she is new at it) was so good for her. A whole new level of activity which many AA members do not realize exist. She mentioned her service several times, and how it has enhanced her program--immensely!

Well, it came time for me to talk--I couldn't hold it back. I told the roomful of alkies that for several years I had been "considering" "trying" service on the District level (as if there are 'levels' -grin!). Just like the guy who sits in back, and says "I'm just here to audit, I don't think I'm a real alcoholic." That's the way I was about being a GSR (General Services Representative). So I told them I had received that final "push" I needed this morning, and I was going to ask my Home Group if they'd like me to assume that office.

Please understand that I have been in AA service in the past, many years ago. This is simply a return to service, filling a certain emptiness in my life, and that of my group. And so I am familiar with the benefits...

We have not had a GSR for several years. I do believe it is a necessary function of AA, so that a group knows what is going on around the counties. Also so that the other groups know what is going on in MY group.

Well, I'll get to the punch line here. The chairperson of my group--the "cookie" meeting--was in the room. Polly is her name, maker of the best chocolate chip cookies in the world. She shared and during her short speech, she yelled out at me..."YOU'RE HIRED!" Of course, everyone laughed because they knew I had just talked myself into a job which not many are standing in line for, GSR.

Just wanted to let you all know what is happening to this old guy, who seems to never want to quit. I have seen not a few, but many, MANY guys stay around for my length of time, wither, dry up, blow away, and die. Not drunk...but not really happy.

I want to be happy, I want to live, I want to do what our Big Book tells us..."We absolutely insist on enjoying life." So long as God gives me health, and after, I intend to live my life for Him...so much of my life was pure sewage. Alcoholics Anonymous is the way I can best do this, is the way I see it today.

Tonight at that same "cookie" meeting I get to tell the traditional weekly joke, and this one is really funny. I may blog it the next time I'm too tired to sit without laying my head on the keyboard. Two hundred people will be there...I hope there are some cookies left after they all dig in--lots of our peeps there are from treatment centers--but that's another blog also.

Let's all stay sober--with me. We did a good job of that yesterday.

Peace, you all!


We keep up with things here: The standard biblical punishment for adultery was to be stoned in the marketplace, or wherever. More than half of the national population now think that sounds like fun.


dAAve said...

I was a GSR for 3 years. An experience I more or less enjoyed.

FYI to your trivia -- I was stoned in many marketplaces for many years.

Carol said...

My experience of service beyond the group is that it is a great way to meet new people, gives me a new way to grow my program and that it involves very little 'work'. My term as GSR is up in Alanon but now I'm working on the CoDA convention which will happen in November! Hope you have fun with it.

Lou said...

I'm confused. You go to two cookie meetings?!? The alkie bakers must be busy down there.

Mike Golch said...

when I workerd thrid shift I have been know to take in an eairly meeting or 2 myself.

Andrew said...

Good on you Steve for seeing a need and stepping in!

Keep at it!

Madison said...

I know a man who just turned 94 years old, bought a brand new car and drives to church with his family every Sunday. His sister sits in the front seat next to him. She's 100. His cousins sit in the back seat, 86 and 89. After church, they all hit the Golden Corral with their walkers. They make a commitment to keep going, have fun, stay involved. I like the way you're thinking. Live out your whole life, all the way to the end. Why shrivel up now?

Steve E. said...

Sorry for misunderstanding. There is ONE "cookie" meeting each week, Thurrsday at 8-9 PM. But some of us from the "cookie" group go to other meetings oof course...i.e., 7AM daily. OK? Lou?
Lou? You still up?

Prayer Girl said...

Some people talk about:
"pushing the envelope" -
I think you are:
GSR? - what next? I dare not ask. :)

Who knows, maybe someday I'll try getting out of my comfort zone AGAIN!
BUT, PLEASE, not just now.


Tall Karen said...

"We can be doomed to an alcoholic death and never pick up another drink". Quote from Sister B this past weekend. Scary, eh?

I have learned more about love and tolerance in our monthly GSR meeting than anywhere else I have ever been in AA. I'm part of the 10% who does the 90% of the work...for fun and for freeeeee!

in time out said...

Hey Steve. Mile here. I am going to be gone until August 12th. I will try to find computer time and check in with you. Love and hugs. Thanks for the support.

Over in my closet I am doing the blog Carnival for July. Come check it out. Say hello to PG. Love you both!

Sierra Wolf said...

This can't be ... I make the best cookies ! (at least in Kansas :))

Shadow said...

enjoy the gsr'ing... i expect you're going to have a ball.

Gin said...

Have a wonderful Friday Steve.

Mary Christine said...

GSR is absolutely the best service position. I loved it the couple of times I was GSR. Maybe I'll get to be one again after I retire?

Ann said...

Congrats on the GSR position - next DCM, then chairperson, then delegate...LOL!!!

Cat said...

Service has helped me reach out and open up.

Have a great weekend

Hope said...

I'm a brand new GSR.
So far, so good.

garden-variety drunk said...

I've never been a GSR but you've practically sold me on becoming one. Also, we should definitely get a few cookie meetings going around here

Just Be Real said...

Stevie congratulations on your new position whether returning or now, well done!