Monday, July 6, 2009



IF a girl--who never speaks to me--walked up to me and said, "Steve, my husband has his sober anniversary tomorrow morning at 7 AM meeting. Could you be there? My husband would like that very much." I would answer either, "OK."...or..."I don't come to meetings on Sunday morning."

Well, I approached a girl who has actually been unfriendly to me, who never comes to meetings on Sunday mornings, and asked her, "My wife will celebrate 24 years of sobriety Sunday morning at the 7AM meeting. Would you mind being there?"

The girl smiled, and said, "Sure, I'll be happy to come...I'll bring a card...Thanks for inviting me."

OK, Peeps, THAT'S the kind of person I'm trying to become, one who unhesitatingly puts myself behind me, and "becomes the other person" in order to please them--and God. Ya see what I've been writing about?


Met a fellow Sunday ("accidentally" sat next to him at the big 7AM gig), sober ten days. The next day--Monday--I was given the privilege to do the First Step 'lead' for the Beginner's meeting. Sat next to the same fellow--this time not accidentally -grin!

For this meeting I had prepped myself Sunday night, using a Big Book, our 12 X 12, and a few other readings, so as to better present Step One to these new peeps. And it came off real well, or rather "satisfactory". Then it became time for Eleven-Day-Old guy to share:

Well, you all know what happened. 11-day-old opened up, and "en sotto voce" (softly spoke) to the group assembled. His words inspired, his story appropriate, his observations acute, his advice succinct, he held us spellbound for ten minutes!

Hearing his "wisdom" after all my poor preparation, well, it humbled me. No, I did not say humiliated. It made me realize that some times the beginner would be a better chairperson than the long-timer, especially for a beginner's Step One discussion.

We Live. We Learn!
Thank You, God, for all of us!

I love it.
I love you!
Steve E


"Before borrowing money from a friend...decide which you need most".


garden-variety drunk said...

what a great story. i've found the same thing- leading a meeting and then having the newest newcomer totally floor me with their perspective on something I fumbled through. a humbling process indeed

Lou said...

This is great! We just never know what we will hear, and what lessons we can take from it.

Gin said...

Lovely. I'm sure it was as beautiful as you describe. It probably took you back to the day when you were in his shoes. Loved the chat too Steve. I will be back for another!

Prayer Girl said...

Oh, this is why I try to listen, listen, listen - in order to hear the gem or string of them that God may put in someone's mind and mouth. And I never know from whom it will come.

For me, this is not always so easy. I have to remember how important it is to work at suspending preconceptions and judgments of others.

Love you,

Shadow said...

you are worthwhile imitating... really. you have given me so much with your positive attitude, upbeat words and loving attitude, i can only say, tongue in cheek, when i grow up, i want to be like you!

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Good stuff!

g-man said...

Don't ask..
Don't get..

Seek, and ye shall find!

Syd said...

Great stories. I like listening to newcomers. Often times they are in a lot of pain but other times, they really are most profound.

Cat said...

Steve what a good story it helps me reflect on myself better.

Tall Karen said...

Step One is all about drinking and what it was like. There is nobody who knows that better than the newcomer! Thank GOD for newcomers who help me to remember that this is the only Step that I have to practice with absolute perfection (page 68 - 12 x 12)

I love the pictures you draw...it helps me to hear.

Gledwood said...

I'm intrigued... when you give up drugs, you stop taking drugs.

When you give up drinking... you MUST continue drinking SOMETHING, else you'll die from dehydration...

... so my question to you: when you stopped alcohol, what did you drink from then on..?

Calli said...

That is an awesome story my friend! Sometimes the newness and rawness of an experience allows one to just let it out and speak with unexpected eloquence.

Yet, you, I know for fact are a wonderful teacher to your peeps. I could just see you in your mode at a meeting. I must admit, several years ago I attended meetings with an old boyfriend of mine, and also supported him by going to the meetings for spouses and family members. Though this did not remain a part of my life, I have all the respect in the world, for you, for your sobriety and for the love & wisdom that you so generously share.

much love~

Carol said...

I agree about newcomers. In passing, a few months ago, I was talking to someone who said 'we don't want to do the thing that will help us' and there is not a day that goes by that I don't use it.

Mary Christine said...

We never know what God has in store for us.

Zanejabbers said...

Thanks for both stories. I love it when a newcomer really says something and not just trying to impress. That is why we call them the most important person in the room I would imagine. Thanks grineroni.

vicariousrising said...

Great stories!

Ed G. said...

Great story - been my experience a time or 2 as well..

...and, I've also been "schooled" by newcomer on how to stay sick...

God has had a lesson in them all for me...