Saturday, July 18, 2009



5 AM in Naples FL

Early Friday morning, in the dark, I sneaked out to check if there were any movements of concern in the duck nesting at our front door. Did I really hear a "peep"? YES! There were several peeps (not YOU "Peeps!) as the ducklings were hiding under Momma Muscovi.

I spoke gently to the 'family' and told them I'd be right back with camera in hand. They waited patiently. For I knew they would soon be gone. Several eggs did not hatch. I believe she chose poorly her incubation place, upon--and in--rocks (egg rocks--coincidence?).

So now they are gone, it is Friday night. And you know what? Neither Prayer-Girl nor I have even thought of using our front door throughout the day. Already a habit has been set! Probably never use it again? NOT!

Is it not interesting that we have avoided use of our front door for 30 days, because of the hatching process? And it's non-use has already become a habit?

Is it not coincidental that if I stop drinking for thirty days, one-day-at-a-time, I may well stay sober?

For years--only because it would mean a change in my thinking--have I fought against the use of phrases like "Do ninety meetings in ninety days", and "Bring the body, the mind will follow".

These sayings were not in common use when I got sober. I did not hear of "90 in 90" until I'd been sober ten years, and then thought it ridiculous. Working six nights (bartender) I would have had to turn away from AA if 90 in 90 were a rule in those days...no daytime meetings in Naples at that time, either.

Well, those recommendations now make a lot of sense to me. Imagine, it took God, speaking through a DUCK, to get it through this numbskull the benefits of HABIT. Habit-forming behavior! How important that is to many of us alcoholics, who did not receive a blinding-flash-of-light-spiritual-type-experience. We did not receive that instant release from our compulsion-obsession, and so we accepted it slowly over a period of days, sometimes months.

This duck sat on those eggs day-after-day-after-day, until it happened, the release of her babies from their confinement. So my alcoholic desire was released from me after days of sitting, not on eggs, but on my HANDS!

From this Momma Duck I learned the meaning and the reward of persistence. In thirty days I learned appropriate defenses (from taking a drink), daily practice of being satisfied, humility to do the job in front of me no matter what it is, and this duck also taught me again how to give love to someone outside of myself. Momma Duck denied herself many of her natural luxuries, just to do as God intended, sit on those eggs until their time had arrived.

She taught me that when I speak loudly, (she) the listener might become offended, defensive, frightened, or just "tuned out". She taught me that when I speak softly, gently, she listened, 'smiled' (well, you know!), was unruffled, and might even have heard what I was saying -grin! (Just like at AA meetings!)

I should be as true to my God as is Momma Duck, and I'd be a saint. She did more than her "job"...she took on the work of teaching a human how better to live. And I begin thinking now that all nature has lessons for me, if I but open my eyes, my ears, my mind, my heart.

And I'd better hurry, for time is gushing, rushing downstream to the dam below...see? Do you SEE? Already I forgot to observe nature, which is unhurried by time or seasonal passing. Nature is the teacher par excellence of patience, unhurried in it's march of praise to God, its Creator.

Peace, and Love, Peeps!


Q. Didn't Roy Rogers once make a gay movie?

A. What's a gay movie? In 1952 he starred in a film called "The Gay Ranchero". But it had nothing to do with sexual preferences.


Zanejabbers said...

A lesson in duckology? Glad she hatched, new life is a wonder to observe. Thanks for the picture.

Mike Golch said...

Great photo.Funny how the term GAY has changed over the years.

garden-variety drunk said...

Those ducklings are positively adorable! How wonderful to watch the full cycle from egg laying to hatching

Tall Karen said...

What a great analogy on disciple. I've heard that if you do the same thing over for 21 days, it does become a habit. The good stuff can become habit just as easy as the bad stuff...

We alcoholics need 90 days to 'get it'! Thanks for the duckology of the day (I like that) teehee

Prayer Girl said...

God was so good to urge you out the door when He did to snap that perfect picture.

Mama was done with birthing and anxious to get her ducklings out into the big world to live a duck's life so quickly that there weren't many opportunities to catch a pic.

Love the lessons learned from nature. Mama duck taught me much too so that may be my next blog.


Jess Mistress of Mischief said...


And it is amazing the lessons we learn from nature! God built this entire world to teach and support us but we insist on "making it better!"

I love that God does work with that too!

Just Be Real said...

Fuzzy wuzzy ducky! Great picture Stevie!

Syd said...

Those ducklings are really cute. I like the analogy. I've described alcoholism in meetings before..."if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it might just be a duck".

Robin said...

Love the picture!
Indeed we can learn from nature!