Sunday, July 12, 2009


(I know that is unhealthy)

Just some Saturday night thoughts--no story tonight. I'm in a reflective mode. Cannot say more, because 'Big Brother'--actually, 'Little brother' is watching...

First a short one:

A woman at a bank asked the cashier to cash a check for her.

Citing company policy, the cashier asked for her identification.

The woman gasped. Finally she managed to stutter, "But, but Jonathan, I'm your mother!"

While I might think this is funny, how is it then, I fail to recognize God? God, Who is "Always and Forever" Everywhere? God, Who's very Nature IS Love?

Love is everywhere. Once I have found it...never let it go. I need not seek it, nor discover it, just recognize it. Louis Armstrong sings:

"I see friends shakin' hands
Sayin' "How d'ya do?"
They's just sayin'

---"What a Wonderful World"

And if anyone is in a praying mode today (hopefully, every day?) please pray for PG and Steve E, and for other bloggers who are being challenged these days, and for Mary Christine's safe return home Sunday to those foothills somewhere in the Rockies.

Join TSR (The Second Road) sometime today--it's easy. Then come back at 8 PM and join the chat. I'm tellin' ya, if I can do it...ANYONE ( or their dog or cat) can do it! And it IS fun, we'll be there as well as a few other regular bloggers, who shall remain unnamed for the sake of animosity...Say wha?


"It is a shame that ATHLETICS have become professionalized." Some may agree with Socrates, who said that 2,328 years ago, "somewhere in the foothills of Greece's Pindus Mountain Range".

And yes, you blogger peeps!
Peace to you all, I love you all.
Steve E


vicariousrising said...

I'm sending good vibes your and PG's way. Hope whatever is challenging you turns out ok. Keep grinning.

garden-variety drunk said...

in one of the meditation practices i learned, my favorite part is the prayer: "may all beings being happy and safe from harm"

Linda S. Socha said...

Nice post Steve. I smile every time you post. Love the encouragement.....
Hugs and prayers

dAAve said...

just passing through

Lou said...

Have a great God blessed day!

Gin said...

Sending you and PG my warm thoughts and well wishes. I am going to try to make the chat at Second Road tonight so maybe we can talk tonight. I hope you two are doing okay.

Shadow said...

prayers for all who are challenged. yes. i can do that. with pleasure.

Mary Christine said...

I am going to mass in a minute where I will certainly say a prayer for you & pg.

Prayer Girl said...

Humor, laughter - they are good.

You wrote about THE LAND OF THE LAUGHING very recently and this post, as do most of them, move me closer to that place.


~C~ said...

prayers always being said for yu and PG. Your a bright light the blogging highway of recovery. May you shine always!


A. Miles said...

Sending Loving Kindness your way.
Now can you send some sand and ocean my way?

Hugs and Laughter
~A. Miles

Ann H. said...

Hi Steve:

1. You and PG have my prayers. Double time.
2. I had been praying for God to un-harden my heart and show me love for a long time, and I got bits and pieces. Then I saw the movie Love, Actually (which was just ok) but at the beginning and the end was the evidence (they said) of love all around us, at the airport, reunion of people all around, kids to parents, grandparents, etc. Really moving.
3. I love Louis Armstrong. Especially when he sings with Ella. RW and I went to see a big band/swing orchestra last night. My fave...

Madison said...

I will be happy to pray for you right now and believe that God cares very deeply for whatever ails you. There is so much wisdom in asking for prayer. Have a blessed day!

Madison said...

I will be happy to pray for you right now and believe that God cares very deeply for whatever ails you. There is so much wisdom in asking for prayer. Have a blessed day!

Ed G. said...

Prayers deposited - please withdraw at your convenience...

Blessings and aloha...

Andrew said...

Sorry that you and Anna are going through a rough patch. Prayers for you and all others with challenges today, including Annie.

Zanejabbers said...

Hey Grineroni.

Tall Karen said...

Well, I've been thinkin about thinkin today as well. Ya know, I'm just full of the 11th Step right now! Here's something I heard that I thought you might like to get through a tough issue: "God gives us the knowledge and the Power to carry it out at the same time".

We have to get out of the fast lane in order to get quiet. Your knowledge will be found there.

Caution: Big Miracle Ahead!

Syd said...

I hope that whatever is going on in your life will work itself out so that there is peace, joy and love in your heart. Hang in there.