Saturday, July 4, 2009



Sunday July 5 1985, PRAYER GIRL had her last drink of alcohol. Several distilleries closed down, laying off thousands of workers. Havoc ruled on Wall Street. President Reagan issued a proclamation that the US government will begin taking over the liquor industry, to soothe unsettled national fear and nerves. The world was in panic. Should PG drink again, all would be well, that sense of ease and comfort in the world would come at once. The globe would be no longer restless, irritable, and discontented...

24 years later, the world is still restless, irritable, and discontented.

NOTE: This will be my blog until Sunday night. Thanks blog-friends, for your understanding.



That Prayer Girl is happily sober 24 years Sunday July 5, 2009

That Prayer Girl has stuck by me, loved me, through these past 18 years of that sobriety

That Prayer Girl is "PRAYER" girl

That God answers her prayers, and mine...in God's time

That God put in front of me again today a man who wanted what we have

That God allowed this person to "listen"

That I realize "being grateful" means being useful in God's world

That by being very involved in Alcoholics Anonymous is for me the best showing of "gratitude" which I can imagine of

(I'm grateful to Mary Christine for showing me it's all right (legal!) to end a sentence with a preposition even though it irritates me to do so)

That an eight-months-long misunderstanding has been reconciled

That God will, when asked, melt two cold human hearts in one fell swoop

That God does not mind if I silently and happily weep

That God does for me daily what I cannot do for myself

That I can practice "acceptance" to become more "acceptable" to you Peeps and finally to God

That I realize it is not too late to get back and work on family love and unity

For many friends in many rooms of AA

For (God loves you, too!) my friend-Peeps here on the blogroll

For those who for some reason are not yet ON my blogroll

To God for giving me Flex, my Guardian Angel

For God allowing me to SO enjoy life here on earth. I never imagined such fun really existed, outside of the movies.

For being shown that I can recognize things which I am grateful for


PICASSO defined art as "a lie that let's us see the truth."

SO grateful, SO happy, SO sober today am I...and I wish the same for all the blog-peeps everywhere, and for you, my special peeps right here:

Peace, and Love,
Steve E

Trivia from L.M. Boyd's "Curiosity Shop" Page 77


Rainbow said...

Both of you are wonderful, caring, loving people. PrayerGirl...congrats on this awesome celebration of sobriety!! I wish you love and peace, always!
Rainbow and gang

Anonymous said...

This is great Steve! The whole post :)

Happy birthday to PG. She is an inspiration.

Prayer Girl said...

Your blog lifted my heart, put a smile on my face, caused me to laugh, and generally made me feel great.

Thank you so much, my wonderful hubby-aroni. I am truly blessed with 24 years of sobriety, a husband like you, and more other things than I could put in a simple comment.

Love and gratitude,
Prayer Girl

Lou said...

Enjoy your day Steve-0-Multiple Grateful!

You and PG are a match made in Heaven..maybe Flex's doing.

Tall Karen said...

Aww...this place is just all love gushy! How sweet! What a joy to see the both of you so happy in AA and sobriety. I'll catch PG on her page. Love the gratitude today!

garden-variety drunk said...

Thank you for such an uplifting post. Happy 4th!

Mike Golch said...

Great posting!Now ovwer to wigh Paryer Girl Cangrats on her soberity.

Carol said...

How very wonderful. And Brave--I didn't realize coming into sobriety had the financial world effects that you describe, no small act indeed. It's been fun to read you two and I'm grateful for your comments.

Mary Christine said...

Happy Birthday Prayer Girl, and happy 4th Steve.

Gin said...

Beautiful tribute to PG. I can always feel the love between the two of you when you write something about each other or comment on each other's blongs!

Catvibe said...

Wonderful. :-) Much love to you StevEroni!

Ed G. said...

Happy all...

Robin said...

Very uplifting post!
Congrats with 24 years of sobriety of Prayer Girl!
I got a big smile on my face when I read your post, it's sweet the way Prayer Girl and you are talking about eachother.

Syd said...

I'm glad that you and PG found each other. The world is a better place for your union.