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This is a true happening of one year ago. Following is my blog from July 25, 2008 (It is in my archives on sidebar) This is a slightly edited version. Please read the UPDATE at the end, for the good news we all love to hear. steveroni

Friday, July 25, 2008

POLLY'S COOKIES...and "K"....

I spoke at the AA "cookie" meeting last night for about 20 minutes here in Naples, Florida......and--the cookies were DELICIOUS.

And the "cookie girl" (An anonymous sweetheart named Polly H!) gave me a little doggie bag, for home use. Which brings me to the SECOND part of this blog. At home was my sober (23 years) wife, Prayer Girl, in the living room, speaking in low tones to a girl who God had dropped into our laps--well, our HOUSE--for a one-niter.

I'll call her "K". She is from a northern city, age seventeen, passing through Naples, an admitted "person with a drinking problem" and a real darling, intelligent girl with a magnetic personality. And she is a drunk! Also neither PG nor I had ever met her before. How she arrived at our door, clean and pretty, with bag in hand, is a mystery only God knows whereof. Well, we know a few specifics, but the enigma was for certain a working of God.

And so, as you might have guessed by now...the three of us enjoyed non-stop, wonderful, nearly all-night conversations learning of each other--eating Polly's (Ummmm!) cookies, with an amount of ice cream thrown into the mix.

"K" agreed to join my early-morning schedule, and so PG brought her to my 7 AM meeting. God was with us this morning. K was surrounded by a gaggle of girls (I had alerted some of them beforehand and at the 6 AM meeting!) and she told us that she enjoyed her first AA meeting...But...YOU know.

"K" smiled often as only the newcomer--and the old-timer--can do (hiding all the BS which is lurking behind the facade) and I noticed her attentiveness and "saw" her listening to each one who shared on this, our "Step-Day" (Third Step! How wonderful is THAT?).

It has GOT to be impressive to a serious, first-day someone, who gets a little silver chip, for first-week, etc., and then witnesses sixty-five people at 7 AM on a Friday morning, laughing at themselves one moment, talking next of their life-and-death disease, and then laughing out loud...and then, oh my! Talking about God...and Prayer and Meditation! A bunch of CRAZIES?

"K" found understanding, love, and PEACE in that room this morning, and as I write this about our experiences the past twenty-four hours, it's all I can do...to not cry with happiness. I love you ALL.

Posted by Steve E. at 2:51 PM Friday July 25, 2008

JULY 26, 2009 SUNDAY

UPDATE: "K", our niece from Virginia, had her last drink five days after that 7 AM meeting in Naples FL, one year ago yesterday. Her One-Year Anniversary will be July 30, 2009. She now is age 18, attends a drug-and-alcohol-free Christopher Newport University. I have just talked to her on the phone. ("K" is SUCH a sweet, spiritual girl.) She has the same sponsor she started with, they spent yesterday at the beach. Please Pray for "K" that her journey will be traveled with God at her side. Thank you!

As we live this Sunday, stay sober, and be happy!
Peace and Love is for you all, Bloggers!
Steve E


Tall Karen said...

One of our greatest gifts is to see another alcoholic find recovery, especially a family member! I'm praying for K and a year of sobriety!

Great follow up with a happy ending. Thanks Steve

Andrew said...

This is what it's all about, isn't it?

dAAve said...

Peace, bro.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Good story! Great story! You have no idea how glad I am that you "made a different decision" last week.

I know this is selfish, but I figure I'm willing to share...

I really want as much of your stories as I can get.

I believe fully that God works through you, because I experience Him in your words.

Mike Golch said...

Great posting,Uncle Sam is going to show up on my blog with a thank you to you and a link back.

Carol said...

Thank God it can happen that quickly and youngly. But I don't believe that it is ever easily. One day at a time. Love to you all.

Ed G. said...

What a great story - I hope it continues to a life-long journey of love and service...

Blessings and aloha...

Syd said...

I'm so glad that K is doing well. What a great thing that she is sober.