Friday, July 10, 2009

Fourth Quarter



Even in grade school--although I was shunned as a baseball player--I had an edge on playing football. I could lob a pass whole bunches of yards, with fair accuracy. I could fire a short-yardage pass for a quick few yards, or a score. I loved it, (the girls loved it, too!), and, at age of 12, I felt good for the first time since age 5--before I had entered that horrible slice of time called "school".

The guys found out I could throw a football pretty good, and connect to a player at a designated spot, but then came the problem. Fearing injury to my "musician" hands, my parents would not sign for me to play football in high school. Those dreams of being finally accepted by my peers melted into nothingness. High school head coach personally approached to ask me to work out with the team. When I told him I played a violin, he called me a "Sissy", referring to the lowest form of life on earth (if you're a young man, age 14).

So after that, and for 60 years more, life happened. And my life is now in the fourth quarter. The game has not ended, there are passes ahead, yards to gain, downs to play. Every football game is decided in the fourth quarter.

Finishing the game is a matter of heart as much as talent because everybody is spent and this is where desire has to come to the front. You learn a lot about a player and a team in the fourth quarter. Also about life, what is needed to keep the engine purring, until it sputters and dies.

I am learning a lot about myself in the final quarter. There are still blue highways to ride, mountains to climb, sunsets to silhouette, colorful sunrises and flowers to admire, birds and animals to speak with, and peeps to meet and greet.

My very life I owe to Alcoholics Anonymous. I'd so like the time and energy to devote the first part of this fourth quarter to attending meetings up the east coast and into the midwest of U.S., God willing. To this end I am considering a solo trip--exciting to me--of 1000 to 5000 miles, riding my Suzuki scooter.

NOTE: I wrote "CONSIDERING!" OK? But each day I grow more in the belief this can happen. All doctor, dental visits are due within next ten days. And I now have a genuine U.S. passport--which will get me in and out of the state of Georgia -grin!


Prayers for me now, please. I need them. Thank you.
Steve E


Q. Isn't the Cape of Good Hope the southernmost tip of Africa?

A. Nope. Cape Agulhas, 90 miles away, is 32 miles farther south.

Source: L. M. Boyd's "CURIOSITY SHOP"


Mary Christine said...

I would worry about you on a trip that long by yourself.

vicariousrising said...

You make that trip, you need to swing by Saratoga Springs and say hello.

Gin said...

I can only imagine the stories you would have to tell after a trip like that. I'm sure it would be AMAZING!

Anonymous Drifter said...

It's wonderful to have goals. I'd mention this desire to your doctor and see what he has to say. You'll be in my prayers.

Selchie said...

sounds like a cool idea, i dream about road trips, maybe now the girls are bigger....
My wishes are always with you,

have a lovely weekend,


Madison said...

I say triple the fun and take a sober person or two with you. People are gifted in differnt ways. Isn't it too bad the social aspect of school makes kids feel bad? Football is such a short career. Playing the violin lasts forever. I think you made a great choice. Wish I could hear you play.

wolfie185 said...

Go for it if the Doc says you are able. I like the idea and think it would be a wonderful spiritual experience, plus all the meetings and people along the way, but then again I have a bit of biker in my blood and would love to take a soft tail on the same trip. If you to decide to go, you have a place to crash in NE if you come this way. The freedom recovery offers us is to fulfill our dreams if we have the means.
Steve your post really give me hope for the long haul, some days when I am fretting about about differant things your sharing your long life in recovery helps me know all will work, to be patient, to keep on doing what I am doing and God will provide, you are an older timer when I can't talk to one in person.

pat said...

OMG I finally can leave a comment. Happy Saturday Steve.

Steve E. said...

OMG Pat can leave a comment! Glad to see you back...computer recovered?

Come back again some time. Mae West would say, "Why dontcha come on up an' see me some time???" -grin!

Ed G. said...


Send me in!!!! Send me in!!!!

...wait, I already am in...

Good luck in your game - I'm always worried when a drunk like me takes on any solo endeavor - but, I hope and pray the flex is up to it...

Blessings and aloha...

mile191 said...

Hey, hope you are okay. Hugs to you and thanks for all your support and love. You are really helpful in my healing process and I appreciate you. Thanks. Love this post, Don't Give Up. I needed that thought. So simple, yet so courageous. I am working through stuff right now, but I am doing okay. I will be me. Hugs, Mile191

Andrew said...

Prayers for you Steve. I feel the same way about being in the 4th quarter.

Mary said...

Your fourth Quarter sounds exciting!
I think it would be fun for you to make that trip. Is there any possibility somebody else will join you?
Will you visit friends?

Rachel said...

A couple things...

It was nice to catch up on your blog a bit. I've been so busy I have a hard time commenting on every post I love, but you touch my heart. Your metaphors of football and life speak volumes and brought a tear to my eye. Thank you.

I think you can tell so much about a person by how they live their "4th quarter" in life, and the thoughts of my grandfather I recently lost came flooding back.....he was just crazy enough to go for a 1000 mile trip with you too! haha!

Syd said...

It sounds like Bill on the road, except that he took Lois. Life is full of adventures and I don't need to seek them out. They just happen on a daily basis. I say if the spirit moves you to a broader horizon, then listen to what God has to say and do that.