Monday, August 31, 2009


My Friend Duncan: Everywhere
I stopped were peeps like him.
This world is just packed
with good, nice people!

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Met fellow biker at rest stop with his lady. I told him when he's MY age, he should think about riding a scooter also. Guess what? He WAS my age, he was wearing a similar gold cross (big!), and so I said we have three things already in common. He asked, what's the third. I told him that "we each have pretty girls much younger than us, except mine is in Naples. (Boy, did HIS girl ever smile!!) And HE is from Ft Myers! What else?
Sadly, he is NOT an alcoholic. (If ya need to know why I wrote "sadly", ask your sponsor --grin!)


A girl who now lives in Charlottesville VA, she was with us in Naples for many AA meetings. And we ate "Mexican" tonight (Friday)...and became spectators at a spectacular country music offering under the largest tent I've ever seen. Hundreds, maybe thousands of people were there. Alice walked me there after "Mexican" and then we hit the 8 PM AA meeting.

Really a good old-fashioned "sharing" meeting. Yours truly spoke first--naturally--and gave them a large slice of my mind. So then I could listen through the rest of the hour, and try to learn something. I did not learn. Well, I learned a bit more about "tolerance" --grin! I just enjoyed the peeps and their "take" on things sober.

Tomorrow (Saturday) Alice is taking me on the grand tour, which includes a visit to Thomas Jefferson's "Monticello". that just could be another spiritual experience. We might check out the Farmers' Market, which is famous in these parts. AMENDED: "Tomorrow" never happened.


On the scooter, I decided (thanks, Alix) to ride some of the "Road Less Traveled", and it was thoroughly a fun ride...nearly 200 miles of much winding road, past pastures and through thoroughfares, "over hill and dale". At one point at a red light someone called my cell, but since I could not talk while riding, I picked one of those "closed" gas stations, to get some shade, and make a couple calls.

While sitting there, I saw this guy (See photo at top of blog) come out of the closed, empty, obviously out-of-business gas station, figuring he would ask me to leave. Well, he was one up on me...he asked me to STAY! Yep, stay, make my calls, enjoy the shade, while he admired my scooter.

We talked for what seemed like 5 minutes, but was more like FORTY-five, and just hit it off! As it turned out, he owns the whole corner, is rebuilding a gas station, "Super-Mart" and will sell motorcycles and motor vehicles. Young and really going places. We talked about my symphony 'daze', and when he brought me out a couple bottles of cold water--well, I just knew then, that he would be successful. "Who is kind to others surely will upon himself have kindnesses bestowed." --S.

That's about enough for this short (Ha! I don't DO "short") blog, for Monday morning, Eight days out from Naples.



A.Fob said...

I'm enjoying reading about your travels. Isn't it cool to meet random kind strangers?

Gin said...

Peace and love to you too Steve. Safe travels friend.

Shadow said...

this trip is sounding marvellous! keep on having fun!!!

Syd said...

Glad that you are enjoying the trip. Life on the road sounds good.

Tall Kay said...

It sounds like your trip just keeps getting better and better every day! Has it been 8 days already? Geez...where has the time gone? Keep on rollin...

clean and crazy said...

awesome post, glad you are enjoying your trip!! be safe many prayers for your safe journey!!

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Oh how I love random acts of kindnees indeed! What a great trip you are on right now....a journey of so many gifts and graces!


Prayer Girl said...

I'll use this forum to send my love and prayers. I love you and "safe riding".


Andrew said...

I look forward to coming home to read of your daily adventures. Thanks for stopping by my new blog. I hope to keep at it better than the one at wordpress.

Linda S. Socha said...

Fun post! Glad you are having fun with all these adventures!

John DeFlumeri Jr said...

Steve, Bottles of cold water are a real miracle. I discovered that I need to drink a lot of something to be comfortable and to feel satisfied, and that the "lot" didn't have to be beer or anything alcoholic. Sometimes I need the comforting feeling of carbonated beverages, like diet soda, but mostly I am fully happy filling up on tea, coffee, and or just water. Drink a lot, feel full from it, less inclined to think about a quart(s) of cold beer. It really works. Pass it on to anyone who it may help. If any of your readers want to email me ever, to talk about will power issues, I'll be glad to discuss it with them. I'm always willing to help someone with advice from my own experiences.
Sincerely, John DeFlumeri Jr.