Wednesday, September 3, 2008



OMG, here it is noon already, and I have not yet posted for Wednesday. Wrote someone last night that I had just 'run out of thoughts', sort of feel like, brain dead. So maybe I'll just 'pass' on posting today? (Question mark is bacause I know me, and some of YOU do also, -g-. Does the word "blong" come to mind?)

I got to attend two meetings this morning, 6 and 7AM, than went to a rehearsal for coming Sunday masses. I was so tired I forgot to take my violin. That only happened one time in 60 years of playing professionally.

My problem is not alcohol. Heck, I do not drink! My problem is LIVING without it, and staying "willing to grow along spiritual lines." My other problem is NOT getting up at 4:30AM. That's easy! My problem is getting TO bed before MIDNIGHT! Still have not figured out how to change (I know, that 'change' word...PHHHTTTT!!), how to change from being a 'night' person to an 'early morning' person.

The smell of coffee brewing, and sound of a rooster crowing, wake me like an alarm. But after the house is quiet (I'm not gonna say AS A MOUSE!) and the only light comes from a monitor, I simply lose complete track of time. So when I glance at the screen--usually about midnight--and I see all these undecipherable images, I realize that my head has been resting on the keyboard, and it's time to say my prayers for the people I've met, on and off-line, for my family, relatives, friends, and for the doctor who is SUCKING a cataract from behind my eyeball early Monday morning, the first of--naturally--TWO!

NOTE: I should be careful with the use of certain words, I saw what happened several days ago on the comments.....innnnuendos, etc., shameful! VBG! Doctor is also implanting a lens, as I understand it. I know, they wanted the money up front, maybe that's why he's special in my prayers these nights?

I would ask you all to pray for my doctor, and me, Sunday night in particular, and/or Monday morning. I DO believe in the power of prayer. It's hardly a belief, for I have SEEN it work:

Did I ever tell you all, that one of my sisters is a catholic nun. She told me just several months ago, that in 1974 (when I had my last drink) a WHOLE CONVENT at Mt St Joesph in Cincinati OH, was praying for me that WHOLE year! And I used to wonder--back when 'wondering' felt good--I'd wonder, "God, why did you give ME this gift of sobriety? I do not deserve it, I did not earn it, I'll bet there are some strings attached!!

Well, I found out, there ARE string attached. They are our Twelve Steps, most succinctly iterated on page 164 in our Big Book. Four short sentences state ALL twelve steps: "Abandon yourself to God as you understand God. Admit your faults to Him and to others. Clear away the wreckage of your past. Give freely of what you find, and join us." So, 4+0=12 is our equasion for today...

Well, my wonderful friends, that's Enuff Stuff from me for this "day off from the Blog". I wish a special welcome to one of my (and Kristin's) new friends, I'll just call her "G" she's on my blog roll, now she's got to 'get with the program'! -grin- Meaning, to blog more often, that's OFTEN! OK?
Her place is here, so pay a visit--she's nice.

And yes, I really love you all (See, I told you I am so tired, almost crying with Gratitude, for you all and for all the gifts with which we have been entrusted...not 'encrusted', damn it!)

Steve E. NOW, what do I 'name' this sucker????? Oh, yeah! OK!


Anonymous said...

Just couldn't help yourself, huh Steve? Couldn't keep yourself from the 'blong ;) I know, I know. This blogging stuff is addicting..."Hi, my name is Kristin H, I am a grateful recovering, blogoholic (NOT!)"

Zanejabbers said...

Steveroni, quite often when I start my daily post I just have a snippet of an idea and then my fingers get going. Sometimes so much comes out of what I thought was an empty IDEA CHAMBER. Those are just God Shots. I know some of you probably think, Shots hell, you used the whold damned ammo box.
Good Post for a "Shortie"

Shadow said...

our early mornings are staring monday. now that daylight is poking its head out a little earlier, it's back to walking our pups at 5.30. it'll still be dark, but at least the sky's lightish by the time we get back home at 6. my way of 'walking into the light'...

you'll be in my prayers on sunday and monday. all will go well. you do have someone looking out for you.

and now, off to bed!!! but what's the time there now i wonder. here's it's nearing 8pm and the time for cuddling with my non-furry and furry friends in front of the tv and to nod off has arrived for me....

J-Online said...

Well I was waiting for a post! Thank you. I will say an EXTRA prayer for you and your Doc.

TraceyBaby said...

K, are you psychic? Today the message I left on my MySpace page was "I want to be a nun!"

Sorry, just tired of men right now. lol

What is VBG? You and Heather with all your little initials....woosh, right over my head. ;o)

"I love you, man!"

~g~ ~T~

Anonymous said...

You really crack me up! Prayers for the doc to have an extra steady hand on Monday morning, God Bless!