Friday, September 5, 2008



Hey, I'd just like to ask for some prayers today. This is early, though, because I'll need them Monday morning at 8:30-10 AM. Understand, I have no fear, just wish an extra cushion of assurance that everything will turn out for the better.

Ya see, it's like this. I play a violin. If you've ever played a musical instrument, and read notes, you'll understand what I'm saying. When playing in a concert or a church, the notes look fuzzy (as in wuzzy-was-a-bear!) and a note that should appear on a line, might look to me like a note in the space below. NOT good.

So, my eye-guy is going to do a cataract job on my right eye, Monday morning, and the left eye probably a week later (hopefully). He is also installing some kind of $2,000 lenses in each eye.

The reason I'm asking for your prayers TODAY, is because SOME (guess who?) people will be traveling to North Carolina, etcetera. And some do not Blog on weekends...and I need them all to pray if they will. So please pray, whoever reads this--not for me, but for my doctor! I wish to make sure God is with him Monday, that he doesn't stop off at Joe's Tavern on the way to the hospital. (On The Other Hand, if he needs a drink to 'calm the nerves', maybe a 'Joe's Tavern gig' would be advisable?)

I really believe in the Power of Prayer. It's why I call "Princess Powerless", well, I call her "Powerful Princess". We all witness that Power, again and again, as the miracles walk into our AA rooms. Some of those miracles leave, and some return. But just BEING here, for however long, is the miracle, to me. I am reminded of that God-Power as being only a thought away, all day, all night, all the time. It is a gift. It is mine to use. I must ask for it often, until it becomes habit. And all I must give back, is Thanks, and then Praise. I must install gratitude into my attitude.

I have never been afraid of surgical procedures on myself. Just always figure that God is in charge, as usual. And I appoint my doctor as my "Higher Power"-for-the-day. I will not mention this again, except to let ya know next week, how it went.

Nothing is truer than truth. Truth IS, I enjoy some wonderful gifts from God; sobriety, nature, chocolate, this AA program, you recovering people, my family, the world, and life, and love and chocolate.

I truly thank each of you for your Blogging time, your kind comments, your support...and truly, I love all you Blogger people!

And, believe me, so does God.

Steve E.


Shadow said...

you got it! prayers for the doc it is, including a ban on any taverns, heee heee heee. and when this is all done, the notes will be clear once more! good luck. i'll be thinking of you!!!

Lou said...

Count me in, Steve-O-Vision.
YOU are the inspiration for me.

J-Online said...

We'll be saying some prayers for both you and the doc in this house

Banana Girl said...

I,m in. I will pray for his steady hands and steadier heart. To have such confidence in another human being has always been such a challenge for me. You are so right about the immensity and intensity of the gifts of the program. I know God will grant all requests and keep you safe. My dad had this done four years ago and has never been better. He too had been plagued with the fuzzies. Now his vision is great, his hearing however..... Just a joke. Take good care my friend.

Mary Christine said...

Prayers said.

Zanejabbers said...

It's a done deal, dude. God Bless.

TraceyBaby said...

Good luck, Stevie B. Prayers coming your way. So refreshing to hear a guy talk about the power of prayer. And you remind me to pray more often than I do. (Fyi, you are correctamundo...my husband is not interested in going to Alanon.)

You know some people ask their doctors to pray with them prior to the surgery...food for thought.

Shall we call you the bionic man afterwards with those $2,000 lenses in your eyes?

Laura said...

Top of my list until Monday passes. I just had a cataract removed a few weeks ago....all is well and it will be for your doc and you too!



Prayer Girl will be praying for you along with all the others. Will be praying for your doctors too.

All is well and all will be well.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Consider it done! Prayers all evening Sunday and Monday morning, for you and for the doctor! I played clarinet for years so understand the need to see clearly (now that the rain has gone)!
Many prayers and hugs you're way!

Anonymous said...

Or you could just tell your doctor that you are an internationally read blogger who will post about the botch job on your eyes if he doesn't perform to the best of his ability ;)

Or I could just pray for you...yeah, that's what I'll do!


Anonymous said...

Consider both you and your doctor well prayed for. If it is any consolation, my Mom had the same surgery last year and is very happy with the results.....no glasses what-so-ever now and everything is so much clearer. So, look forward to a whole new moment of clarity!

Anonymous said...

I'll be calling you "Hawk eye" on Tuesday, Steve. *G* No fear! You're one of many in my daily prayers, I'll say an extra one for Doc! Take care and I look forward to new clarity for you. ;0)