Friday, September 5, 2008



Last night I attended a Big Book 'first meeting'. Judy recognized a need for a 6 PM Thursday time slot, so she brought her coffee pot, etc., and invited people to "suit up and show up". Judy, who I have known for 25 years--she would hate me for this--is the 'founder' of this start-up, and we do 164 pages, one sentence at a time. Rather than read out a whole chapter, we do a lot more dissecting, which some like, and some do not. This first meeting we read a half page of "Forward to the First Edition"--you know--the one which begins, "We of Alcoholics Anonymous, are more than 100 men and women who have recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body."

Actually, I've learned there were 87 members at that time, and many of them got drunk...but ya know, that's what alcoholics DO--DRINK! That's why we're HERE. "...to stay sober..."!!! Right? And to help others! Right? (Let's DO-IT--that 'other' four-letter word!)

So twelve of us gathered for this first session, and we sure hit it off! I'll be back next Thursday. Later, at the large (150-200 persons) 8 PM 'cookie meeting' I found out that two from our 'start-up' meeting were speakers at the 'cookie' meeting and another was chairperson, and three more were attendees. Wow, since I get to so many meetings these days, I'm finding that so do lots of others--winners!

But I'm gonna tell you all a secret now. My FAVORITE meeting is right here on line with YOU AA Anonymous bloggers. I would NEVER have figured that I could come to know so well, and care so much for others, having never met them, face-to-face.

Of course, I can 'hide' here a little of myself. OTOH (On The Other Hand) in the course of writing my thoughts...I can be EVER more truthful. And I am CERTAIN, that even though my (and your) comments are nearly always most agreeable, there is loads of help and support going out from these keyboards every hour of every day. I have learned to trust you, and--in a fashion--bare my soul to you on occasion. You are SO kind, caring and loving, in return.

After all, Who is in charge here? Why--wouldn't ya know?...GOD! And I see Him working through your Blog entries, and comments, time after time. I am so grateful He has allowed me to find this place, which is like another 'home'...another meeting, another whole world of God's gifts.

At this 'new' meeting, I met a girl interested in our blogging community, and she has now posted, for her first time in any place on the Internet. Her name is Prayer Girl--and I know for a fact, that is not a misnomer. She is a wonderful person, God has smiled on her and showered her with many gifts, which she may divulge in time--or not. If you have a moment, please welcome Prayer Girl to this wonderful "other way of AA life". God blesses you ALL, and me, too. And He loves you all, and so do I,
Steve E.


Shadow said...

my blog, since í started it, has and is my daily meeting. and here i've received support and advise, given with love and care, that pulled me through hard moments and here i am today. grateful and sober. thank you for being a part of that!

Mary Christine said...

Your new meeting sounds wonderful. When I go through the big book with a sponsee we go through everything, including the front and back cover leafs!


Steve, thanks for the helpful directions you gave me as I get started with my blog.

I have been reading your blog and visiting some of the blogs you frequent for a while now.

It's another exciting new adventure for me.

Syd said...

I like book studies. We do that in Al-Anon as well. And I've been to a few BB studies as well.

I appreciate that you are here to share your E, S, and H with me.

molly said...

glad you are in blog world

i'll go say hi to the new blogger..

i've come very much to depend on the blog sober world and see it as a sort of home group

your post reminded me of this big book study i like very much.. http://www.ppgaadallas.org/study_guide.htm

i learn a lot by studying in that way.

have a good weekend

Anonymous said...

Sober blogging has enriched my life in ways that I can't even explain. I look forward each and every day to my time in front of this screen. I am so grateful for the people I have met and will continue to meet as this community grows. I think Bill W. (the PR man that he was) would be proud. I will head on over and say howdy doody to our new online friend.

J-Online said...

Thanks for introducing us to Prayer Girl! What a great addition to our little blogging community

~Tyra~ said...

I love going to the early risers meetings on Mondays because that is when they do the more intensive study of the first 164 pages.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

I will make sure to ramble over and say hello to the newest member, so many have made me feel so welcome. I too attend a BB study that does it one paragraph at a time and I am so grateful for their shares and insights each and every word has meaning. I am grateful for the Blogosphere too!

indistinct said...

I'm glad your here Steve!

recoveryroad said...

I like reading about new meetings and getting down to it. Great. Thnaks for that and have a good day, matey.

Princess Powerless said...

Welcome, Prayer Girl!

And good on ya, Alky, for carrying the message both IRL and online.

The only meeting format that has ever bugged me is a Big Book one I attended a few months ago... They read the first 164, but they allow interruptions to share on specific passages and to look up the definitions of words. Ick.

Luckily, I live in the Land of 10,000 AA meetings and I don't have to go to a meeting that rubs me the wrong way. :-)

Big hugs - PP

TraceyBaby said...

Does this include us Ala-Aers? heehee

Thanks for the love fest....I'll take it!

Your support is appreciated and you add a nice spark to the 12-step blogging community, Stevie Baby!

*Muah* ~T~

Kathy Lynne said...

Wow! One sentence at a time...that sounds cool. And are you saying I'm not the other kind of "babe"? I suppose I'm not but I do enjoy being the babe of early sobriety. This blogging thing has really been key for me. I express myself so much better with the written word..I stumble over myself when speaking..so I've been able to hash out issues and feelings and memories and plans and the feedback from other bloggers has been instrumental not to mention their shares on their blogs. It's inspiring. Grateful you are here:)