Wednesday, September 24, 2008


..."well, some old lady kissed me on the cheek after an
AA meeting, and this is what happened."

First, A Social Comment:
I traversed my blog archives back to read number 1 (July 7, 2008), and read a few more of my early entries. It almost stunned me, to fathom how much we can learn about someone's life, if we read them daily. I mean...you guys (and me, too!) really DO open up to each other here.


Has the whole world taken on a new meaning? Well, not exactly, but I'll say this, it has never been more colorful. Blues, Reds, Greens, (traffic lights!), daylight, night-light (yes, it's true!) all colors between black and white, you name it, are all clear, bright, and the whole world looks like it's been through a laundry--including my socks! The stained glass all through the church have taken on new meaning, so vibrant are depictions therein. All things solid and unsolid are sharp, clearly defined, and definitely look...well, just BETTER! I just may learn the decorating business--no, not cakes and cookies, youse guys!

Of course, the reason for this world's prettiness--I am looking through brand new eyeballs. Now I've had both cataracts removed. As of Monday--in my eyeball--installed (med people use the term "implanted) are what's called RESTOR lenses, those expensive little 20/20 thingies --and yes, it IS spelled correctly (that's RESTOR...not "thingies!).

This I can also say, for both operations: They are fast (one hour), they are utterly painless, the very positive result is IMMEDIATE (I could read my computer as soon as we got home, first time ever without glasses...first time ever, without a fog-like overlay!).

It is truly for me a miracle, that I've just returned from a two-hour rehearsal where I could READ all the notes, for the first time in fifty years without glasses. Prior to several hours ago, I actually SAW all the notes, just could not decide if they were on a line or in a space. Non musicians may not realize the huge difference between a note on a line and a note in a space (e.g., I am a "note in space"!).

I have been praising my Higher Power these past few weeks, almost continually. Sure I slip a bit now and then (daily?) but after all, I'm a drunk--even if only rarely--in my head. Some of whom are reading this may be in agreement with a few of my close acquaintances, that they are in the presence of a "very sick man". Well, I simply believe some have not yet experienced the First Promise, that we are going to know a new freedom and a new happiness!

I know a new freedom and a new happiness. Most of the time I even ACT like it! I heard a guy say this morning, at a meeting "It pisses me off to hear some people (who, MOI?) tell me EVERY single day, 'Oh, I'm so happy, and serene, and praise God and love everybody', etc., etc."

I smiled because I DO know what he means, and how he 'feels', because I've BEEN there! (He is an 'old-timer' also, but a grumpy one--maybe happy inside, but who would ever know?!).

Ya know, my eye doctor told me that with these "new" eyes, I might have a problem with seeing circles, halos, around headlights, street lights, stop lights, etc. When I said that would not be a problem, he wanted to know why? (Well, I'm a pretty laid-back guy usually, and he knows this.) I said that I'm thinking of how BEAUTIFUL Christmas will be this year! Those billions of lights all over town will be blinking with halos, and heavenly points of light. He thought that good an attitude HAD to come from somewhere else...so I told him! (YOU all know from where an attitude of gratitude comes!)

And so, again I'm thanking and praising God today, especially when riding my motorbike. I ride along the streets before sun-up, and talk to God, and my Angel Flex, out loud. Occasionally I ask them to 'get me though' the next light--and they DO! Sometimes I'll ask to be allowed to get home before the heavy rains come--and they DO! I just enjoy miracle after miracle all the day long. So, what's to be unhappy about? Ha! That's what I say.

But the REAL miracle is that I do not drink any more

And I'm the guy who brought 6 quarts of vodka into my hospital locker when I was being chemically measured for dosage of warfarin (six days in hospital) for phlebitis. The one precaution I read was to "not alter your diet in any way, when using coumadin (warfarin)", so even then, I obeyed the rules, yayaaahss! "Git me to the Likker Stower, Ma!"

So the real miracle is that I do not drink any more.

I LOVE to fly, have a passion for that special feeling at takeoff, that slight bounce on landing, and even the taxiing to and from the loading zones. I love the pervasive excitement generated by members of the airline staff going about their routines. And yet, in those old days, I never flew with any of my wives...because it would be a pain to load two cases of quarts of vodka on the plane. But they fit easily into the trunk of a car. Bottom line was that Alcohol was my only friend, it took the place of God in my life, and I wanted it to be always within close proximity, within reach, and within ME, until I passed out.
(What a "fun" date!) Remember?

And the real miracle is that I do not drink any more!

THAT is the miracle, which for me allows all the other miracles to take place, e.g., sponsoring men, seeing some get well, living in a loving atmosphere with Anna, enjoying many friends at meetings around town (one of the GREAT benefits!) and reading your Blogs, and commenting. Life is a miracle today, and I absolutely insist on enjoying it!

God loves you all, and so do I...Blooong!



indistinct said...

Congratulations on your new eyes. You blog made me appreciate mine even more.

Glad your back, able to blong away!

In gratitude,


Mary LA said...

Such good news Steve!

I have had a number of eye ops and the newness of seeing lways feels miraculous.



Shadow said...

your happiness radiate through this post. i'm so happy for you!!!!!

Lou said...

You have helped me start MY day with new eyes...

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Oh I am so happy for you!!!! To have "new eyes" in so many different ways! I am just glad you're back! I think Christmas will be joyous too!
Eye send love to you-ball-a roni!

Mary Christine said...

So glad you can see! Imagine that! Without glasses. I cannot even imagine.


I agree - "The "Eyes" Have It".
"Eye" to life.
"Eye" to sobriety.
"Eye" to gratitude.
"Eye" to the miracles of modern medicine.
"Eye" to vibrant colors.
"Eye" to happy marriages.
"Eye" to blogging.
"Eye" to ...eye-ball-aroni!

Kathy Lynne said...

That's great!

Laura said...

And we love you too!


Anonymous said...

Your optimism is sooooo contagious! So glad the surgery went well for you!

~Tyra~ said...

I love your outlook on life, I hope to one day be as positive as you.

Akannie said...


God is good !!!

kel said...

Wow, you are SO positive and uplifting! Bet that bugs some people... LOL.

Glad it went well and you can see the world in all of its beauty.

J-Online said...

So that's where you've been! Glad everything went so well!

Syd said...

I had rose colored glasses on for a while. Now I see things in a more realistic manner, but I may still float on the pink cloud at times.

Anonymous said...

YAHOO! Steve-o's eyeballs are FIXED!! I am truly happy for you. Enjoy it :)

Zanejabbers said...

My Mother had catarac surgery in 1984. When she went in for her checkup the week after, the DR. asked to read to the smallest line on the chart.
She read "Copyright 1984." He laughed.
Good for you.

AlkySeltzer said...

People, I am overwhelmed by the love I've felt here today, the support, the humor, and the AA message(s).
Thank you all SO much!

ZaneJ., that is the 'best'! I'm going to use that in a week, for my own checkup. Thank you--and your Mother!