Thursday, September 25, 2008


The Queen's Tiara


One of my favorite bloggers dreamed she was a queen, complete with name, and it got me to remembering:
Queen Tia D'Amico, is that like an Italian Tia Maria? Sounds good to me.

In late 1960's I worked in a bar and a tradition was, the bartender was allotted two bottles of beer to carry home at the end of his shift, like 3 AM. (See, I WAS a "night person!)

Well, just about that time the "screw-off" bottle caps were invented. I figured if they screwed off, they would screw ON. So I carried home two 12-oz. bottles of Tia Maria every night for a while. (Only one of them ever made it all the way home.

Maybe that was the beginning of my present addiction to Hershey Bars?

After sobering up, it took me several days just to figure out how much I owed the bar owner (The 'financial' amends of Step NINE Ughhh!), and much longer than that to pay him back. I'm so glad those days are behind me now.

Wonder if many of us even consider those 'financial' amends any more? People I work with do. Well, some of them, and they are the ones--you guessed it-who stay sober, and are happy, and free...and joyful! (For some reason I don't like the word 'joyous'. Now, JOYFUL I can buy. Oh well.)

We who have done our best--with counsel--to work this part of Step 9 appear serene, and untroubled. Could it be that, having made financial amends, we're now so poor, we don't have all those savings to worry about these days?

NOTE: Tomorrow's (SATURDAY) blog may be a bit macabre for some, it is about suicide, and people I know. Let this be a WARNING

Peace, and Love,



Princess Powerless said...

Yo Steve-o!

I had some financial amends to make and I did so. Some of those stories are the best... I love imagining these wonderful AAs going to these people they cheated and saying, "I stole x dollars from you and I would like to write you a check every month until it's paid off. Does that amount sound right?"

I've heard that amend story from the other side, too... Man, do some normies get their socks blown off.

What a wonderful program we have, huh?

Hugs to you, Steve! PP

J-Online said...

I still have so much work to do. Looking forward to tomorrow's post too!

Mary Christine said...

It took me 15 years to get my financial amends made. But what a feeling it was to have it behind me!

Lou said...

Very interesting, Steve-O-Moola. I never thought about financial amends. Thanks for teaching me something (and they said it couldn't be done!).

Shadow said...

mmm, financial amends. now you've got me thinking...

~Tyra~ said...

I am not on Step 9 yet but when I think about making amends financially, it would have to be to my very own family. I used so much money that should've gone to bills on alcohol. Right now we're in the process of trying to fix some of the mess I made.

kel said...

Unfortunately, my son sisnt work steps to get clean, and does not attend any meetings. It concerns me for his long term sobriety, but it is HIS sobriety, not mine. It would b e nice if he ever saw fit to make financial ammends to me for all of the money and jewelry, ipods, video systems, cell phones, etc. he stole from me while he was using. {{sigh}}

I love that you already know what you will blog abut tomorrow, I never know what I will blog abut till I open up my blog.

Thanks for sharing.