Thursday, September 4, 2008



Listen, I've just GOT to write a short (HA!) follow-up to my blog entry of this past Monday, Sept 2 . I remember thinking (maybe writing?) that I received an "instant" Step 7 relief Monday at noon, in a church. This is my first real true experience of that nature ("UN-nature"?). Well, I was not 'talking through my hat' about that. It is GONE, that problem of Pride wearing the garment of False Humility. Of course, I AM cooperating with God on this, but HE did the removal, just like if I deleted a file in my computer. One day soon, I'll have to 'Wash' my mental Hard Drive, and then Defrag it, maybe re-install the OS--to you who might be new to computing, those are NOT dirty words!

Here's the Blog:

A contractor Emailed me Tuesday regarding an annual event, a performance of THE MESSIAH in late November. Each year I play this job, and each year I'm the last man in the section (remember, "False" low self esteem?). Of course, I'm always knowing that I could play anywhere in the violin section--it's not a matter of being capable, just a matter of me, 'pretending to be Humble'!! Also, there is that matter of building a potential for resentments over time, yes? YES!

This year she sent a message to all violinists, asking which chair (in the orchestra seating arrangement) we'd prefer to sit, and I fired an "E" right back at her saying "I'd like to be the first violinist, for a change."

Today, Wednesday, she sent a 'seating chart' and guess what? I'm the Concertmaster! Now, understand, this is really no "big deal", except to ME, and only in regard to my new-found freedom "to BE me".

The ONLY reason I'm posting this is to show someone--anyone?--that it works, our program works! These steps really, REALLY work, if I but live them, integrate them into my daily behaviors. And I cannot just make them work for say, twenty years, then say to myself, "Well, those steps do work. So now I can forget THAT!" No, no, no! This is a lifelong task of growth. As we all know, the more I grow, the more I'm able to allow God to use me to do His work.

And after we stop drinking.......isn't that what it's all about?
Gratefully, Peace and Love, from
Steve E.


Shadow said...

well done oh worthy concertmaster!!!

Lou said...

Good for you, Steve-O-Maestro.

Mary Christine said...

Yay for Steve. But could you tell me what an "E" is? And a VBG too? You use a lot of terms that I don't understand.

dAAve said...

Somewhere I heard...
It works if you work it.

indistinct said...

Nice one, Steve-o.

My sponsor was telling me last night that not to use our gifts is another version of pride and ego. He mentioned that it's important to use what our Higher Power has given us. This was during a discussion of "just who am I anyway?"

I sang in the bass section for two productions of the Messiah. That was so much fun. For me, a wonderful experience.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh well, I'll answer the questions here:

E = Email
VBG = Very Big Grin

There's hundreds more. Go here:


J-Online said...

Well congrats Mr. VBG. I'm very happy for you!

Banana Girl said...

Concertmaster! Whew! Keep working it and who knows, we may see you on PBS. I am thinking Boston Pops here. Kudos and great work.

Zanejabbers said...

You just done right nice for yerself. Seriously, congrats for asking for what you wanted. ENJOY.

Syd said...

Good for you. I'm sure that it will be a great concert.

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

Cool. Yep, if you don't ask, you don't get. And there's never any harm in asking.

Glad it worked out. Enjoy!

TraceyBaby said...

What songs will you be playing, Stevie?

Gwen R said...

Life is GOOD~