Monday, June 22, 2009





Our "rescue cat" Burt (rescued about 12 years ago--by yours truly--from under a pile of wood next door, during a cold, drizzly rain) has grown from 4 inches (with tail) to over 14 inches (not counting tail). And was he ever happy to see us home in Naples.

His care-givers are excellent, and they should be, with daily boarding rates nearly equal to a "Super 8" Motel -grin! However, Burt is now sleeping peacefully at my feet--waiting for my signal that it is supper time.


Update on future flock of ducks: Momma Duck has now laid 9 or 10 eggs, and is setting them. Ducks incubate for about 28 days. Momma Duck spread heavy film of 'down' over eggs--while we were gone--to keep them warm while she is at the bar having a drink--water--with the boys. From the looks of her and the sounds she makes when I come near--this momma means business.

When I explain to the folks that this could grow into something 'big', people assume I mean to slaughter the ducks when they become eating-sized.......and maybe dress, and sell them. Thay DO make great Christmas gifts, and are a pleasant switch from thanksgiving turkey.........well?

I love to eat meat, especially poultry, steak, pork, fish, lamb, and 'other'. Ya know, I believe that when I eat green stuff, I can hear the leaves talk, squeal and cry, as they are being mutilated--all those trillions of protons, neutrons and electrons...and especially the quarks. How do I know that each of these particles are not complete, self-sustaining universae?

I have an angel named Flexible (Flex). So how do I know its name is not Georgia, or Bruce? How do I know my name is not Verle or Bubba, instead of Steve? How do I think I'm gonna get OUT of this dammm blog without making a complete ass of myself?

I plead "TIRED", your Honor!

So, let's get on with the only piece of value on this blog:


American lawmakers are estimated to have passed 35 million laws designed to enforce the Ten Commandments.


Q. Why were the San Diego pro football plyers called the "Chargers"?

A. That's not "Charge" as in Light Brigade...but charge as in "Fly now, pay Later!" Their owntime owner, Barron Hilton, 0wned Carte Blanche charge cards.

Just do not have the time to read and cmment tonight...maybe tomorrow. Please forgive me, Peeps.

Peace and Love though, really, to Y'all, from
Steve E


Ed G. said...

Welcome home...

...help me, I'm commenting and I can't shut up...

Thanx, I needed that...

Shadow said...

that kitty in CONTENT. the picture says it all...

love your duck family-to-be. will there be a bit o hunting from burt's side you think???

and although i love a good duck every now and again, i'd never want to pick one to do it....

put me on a farm and i'll be vegetarian!

Just Be Real said...

So glad that you both are home. I bet extremely tired. Appreciate the updates with the animals. Rest up Sweet Stevie.....

Blessings and ((((hugs))))

Gin said...

Burt is adorable! I'm sure he is as thrilled that you are home as mine are that I am. They are like children that haven't seen their parents in a long time and wondered if they ever would again. Welcome home!

G-Man said...

Kind of late for ducks on nests ain't it?

Lou said...

Burt is so handsome. Perhaps he would like to have a tryst with our beautiful (and almost virginal) Louise.
Maybe Burt wonders how one is "almost" virginal..hmm..Louise will get back to him.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Yay home, and YAY DUCKIES!!!!!

I get the "jumpin' snoopies" just thinking about baby duckies!

Catvibe said...

Oh the kitty was so happy to see his parents, and what a beautiful kitty he is too!

Mary Christine said...

Nice kitty. Bruce.

Anonymous Drifter said...

Would have loved to have seen a picture of the ducks.

Syd said...

You crack me up. Especially about eating the ducks for dinner. Welcome back. I agree with Ed. I am commenting and can't seem to stop.

Steve E. said...

Ed G...Please don't "shut up" or "shut down". OK?

JBR and GIN, I always ALWAYS love hearing/reading your blogs and comments!

G-Man...Ducks in Naples Fl do not use the Gregorian calendar--or ANY calendar!

Anonymous Drifter, and
there WILL be pictures of the "Duckies" when they no longer look like EGGS!

Love you both, really, and have great respect for you both. Whooopeee!

This is Bruce, signing off!

Prayer Girl said...

Yes, Bert is ever so happy to be home - all around the house and on the porch - in his jungle. He is a lucky kitty and we're his lucky owners.

Yes, I'm lucky too to have had such a wonderful trip with hubby and to now be back in my own jungle - hot, muggy Southwestern Florida - but it's home and I love it.


clean and crazy said...

awesome post, i love reading the comments here as much as what you have to say!!

Cat said...

Welcome back Steve - now rest up!

si tu veux said...

Hey friend. Just checking in. Love the post today....and your comments. take care.

Zanejabbers said...

Help, I've fallen and I can't shut up.

vicariousrising said...

I'm tempted to get on your case about eating your vegetables. I'm an omnivore myself.

But you seem to be pretty healthy, so I suppose I should mind my own p's & q's.