Saturday, June 20, 2009




Fellow at an AA meeting received his 24-hour white chip Thursday at noon. Friday at noon he went up to get another. Naturally, the group members figured he drank again Thursday night--he told me he has a dozen white chips so far! Well, no, he had not had a thing to drink, he just wanted to get a chip every day for thirty days, so he could at least get "that far along" for once!

When I was asked my thoughts on that, my first temptation was to say, "Absolutely not. Those white chips serve a function in AA, and it is not to fill your pocket with them."

Then I finally did answer that, "You know, if it takes thirty little white poker chips to keep a guy sober for thirty little days--well, let it be so! What harm does it cause AA, or the group, as long as his peeps know what's up. He might just end up with a sponsor and thirty days of a head full of AA."

And so they decided to let him be, with a chip each day--my guess is that he will get tired of "faking it" before a week is out. We are not God. I learn something new every day. And I'm now even more "...willing to grow along spiritual lines." (One of my favorite sets of Big Book "six-word-phrases". Another set-of-six is "We absolutely insist on enjoying life.")

Went square dancing tonight, on top of another mountain, included with a really interesting and thoroughly enjoyable dining experience--country-style! Well, I danced with Anna's sponsee, because Anna has a sore, sore big toe. Complete honesty begs me to divulge that my legs lasted about ten minutes. Is that what age has done to me? Or is it blogging? Hmmm? Well, also I was wearing sandals, not your usual clogging gear.

It is after midnight, and we leave early in morning, so that's it for tonight, Peeps!


There are as many molecules in a teaspoonful of water, as there are teaspoonfuls of water in the Atlantic ocean.


Does anyone remember these words to a ditty?
"If the ocean were whiskey and I was a duck,
I'd swim to the bottom and never come up."

Guess you can tell how tired I am. -grin!

Peace, and Love, from
Steve E


garden-variety drunk said...

love the daily trivia. water is amazing and is my new favorite thing to drink. i remember learning all about the awesome things about water and thought, it's just so perfect, thanks G-d!

Just Be Real said...

Sorry Sweet Stevie do not know the ditty! Thank you for the beautiful picture once again dear one.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

If nothing else, it may prove that the poker chips aren't magic.

Isn't it hilarious the gymnastics our heads will do to figure out just one more idea of how to get it done from our own mind?


Well I'm praying he'll figure it out!

This trip and your blogging about it has been a blessing ... shared!

Andrew said...

lol...my father used to sing that song. I heard a radio program and that song was considered the first real country song as country music evolved out of folk and bluegrass. Now I have to google and track that down.

Nice to see the road trip is still such a joy for you.


Carol said...

It is ALL so wonderful. Blessings and Peace to you.

Syd said...

The view is inspirational. It sounds as if you clogged along. It is a vigorous dance.

Lou said...

Dancing in sandals? Steve-0-Jig, be careful you do not injure your toes.

You are having one jam packed trip!

Ed G. said...

I think 10 minutes is about all we're good for these days.

Blessings and bon voyage...

Topspin4854 said...

Missing my "ODD" dancing partner. All we have to remember is that we are ODD. GOT IT?????!!!!! Does that make the other people even? I think I'd rather be odd......

Love, Me.