Monday, June 8, 2009


As a human, I have contrived on occasion to concurrently tell a lie and a truth. As an alcoholic, I became expert in that endeavor. A glance to throw you off, a few choice wordings, expressions, was my method, and I lied truthfully...regularly. This behavior led me to perform refined manipulations of whole groups of people. We now call that 'directing', and I was real good at that.

Story illustrates the "lie/truth technique":

Ezekiel was arrested and taken to court on the charge that he was stuffing horsemeat into the chicken cutlets he served at his restaurant.

Before passing sentence the judge wanted to know in what proportion he was mixing the horsemeat with chicken flesh. Ezekiel said, on oath, "It was fifty-fifty, Your Honor."

After the trial, a friend asked exactly what "fifty-fifty" meant. Said Ezekiel, "One horse to one chicken."

After being sober in Alcoholics Anonymous for a number of years, I find myself telling the truth with more and more regularity. And I have found that it is true (truth?) what is written in our Big Book, " We lied, when even the truth would have sufficed." And how true!

Here is an example of truth

...and Self-Centeredness (thanks MC)

Mother: What does your girlfriend like in you?"

Son: "She thinks I'm handsome, talented, clever, and a good dancer."

Mother: "And what do you like about her?"

Son: "She thinks I'm handsome, talented, clever, and a good dancer."

And if writing this blog does nothing else, it may help me to be more aware of that thick line between being honest--or not. I am in a habit of honesty for many years now, but to slip back would--like a drink--only take one lie, which would lead to another, and before time goes by, it is a chaotic life again, and soon--oblivion! I just do not need that any more. It's hard for older guys to lie, because their memories have lost some retentive power. I just cannot get away with it any more.

I think I'm going back to writing Sponsoring, Step Working, Gratitude and Love blogs again. I can put my heart into those topics. Besides that is where I AM these years!

Peace and LOVE to you, my Blogger Peeps!
Steve E

Two "stories" above taken from A. De Mello "TAKING FLIGHT"


Lou said...

I have heard the "truth" according to my addict for many years. I really relate to this.

dAAve said...

I've yet to explore in detail how I have been less than truthful all these years. Too busy, ya know.

Mary Christine said...

I think that young man illustration is perfect for self-centeredness.

Shadow said...

oh, that stretching of the truth, the careful avoidance of ONE fact that changes the whole issue... mmmm, nope, not good, i agree...

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Oh my gosh, this is SOOOO how I think! Sometimes I forget how sick I really am in my head, I'm glad I'm trying now to live by my soul not my head.

Banana Girl said...

Ah, yes, the truthful lie....I have a poem and will post it. Love this...J.

Cat said...

My husband has a friend who is working, most days on becoming sober - BUT when his friend calls after having not had a sober day my husband hears this is how he talks to him. He said to me it is as if God is giving him a gift of hearing himself - as he used to be - in this other person.

Truth will set us free...

Steve E. said...

Cat, I'm happy that you wrote that. My "feel-good" feels even better now!

Syd said...

The truth can be many different things, depending on how it is skewed. I think that rationalizing is the most prevalent twister of truth.

By the way, I did a little digging. Shakespeare may have had his issues too: http://michaelprescott.typepad.com/michael_prescotts_blog/2006/01/shakespeare_the.html
Who knows the truth?

Gin said...

Amazing post. That is one of the first things I noticed with my husband when he started drinking. The lying. He never lied to me before the drinking - NEVER.

clean and crazy said...

i love the awareness of stinkin thinkin here, so many of us are so eager to just let a little lie slip or be quick with a harsh word of gossip and there goes the insanity all over again.

Just Be Real said...

Sweet stevie....

Good on the lie truth technique. Great post. Blessings dear one!