Tuesday, June 30, 2009


God is in charge!

Who knows..."only God knows!"

About the year 1940 an extremely low-bottom drunk arrived at the door of AA. A priest, Father Ralph Pfau became the first catholic priest to join Alcoholics Anonymous. His story is legend in our fellowship. His bishop (Indiana) allowed him to devote his entire priest-life to AA, to helping others.

Recently I met a girl, Darlene, who I had known 46 years ago as a "real alcoholic", who went berserk now and then. She was (is) a periodic, as we all learned in later AA meetings during and after March 1974. She cannot get to meetings--actually "will not" is more truthful.

Darlene asked me if I remembered listening to Fr John Doe, as he was called in those early days of AA. I had all of his AA talks on big and heavy vinyl records. One day many years ago I bought a set of his tapes to play on my new "tape deck"! So, of course, I did recall. Well, I do not even own anymore a tape player.

Darlene asked me if I knew where she could get some of his speeches--because she said Fr John Doe had been her only "sponsor" for lo, these many years. His 'messages' were what kept her from drinking. Ya know what? I found those tapes, heard she was visiting Naples this week, and delivered them to th house where she was staying. Darlene was not there, but I know with certainty, she will be one grateful person later today.

She has evolved into a very spiritual personality, and will praise God in gratitude for Fr John Doe, years ago, having his AA talks recorded for whoever wants to hear some lively AA stuff, the "old fashioned" way. She will also be grateful that God somehow allowed me to keep those old tapes, to Ha! FIND them in our house....and that He allowed our connection to happen, to do this slight bit of work for God's Greater Glory. AMDG

So, among the many mini-miracles which I have been allowed to witness this morning, this was one which I chose to blog, and in some way realize that I'll never, ever know "How God Works"...only that He DOES!

Love, Love, and Peace for us all, praise God!


Mae West stated she only liked two type of men: "Domestic and Foreign"


Madison said...

You're an inspiration. I think God works through people like you. I'm so glad that you are sober. Imagine what the world would be missing.

Syd said...

Great evidence that God does work in our lives. I don't understand it all and never will. I just accept.

Ed G. said...

Early in my sobriety, I heard a priest's story that really impressed me - wonder if it was him?

Blessings and aloha...

Lou said...

I recently got a tape from someone, and it took me 3 days to find a tape player! Finally, someone at work had an "old" car
(2001) with a tape deck.

Great story, Steve-0-Pack Rat

dAAve said...

The miracles shall never cease.

Tall Karen said...

LOVE these kinda stories! I have saved everything from sobriety...every card, every note, every flier, every speaker tape...all in a special box. Not sure why. Maybe I'll need a reminder one day of just how precious these things are to me. Or maybe someone else will need something in that box?

Findon said...

I really like Fr John Doe. I have his talks on my computer you can download them from xa-speakers. His two books are the books I pull out when I feel a sponsee has "qual;ified" to read them. Wonderful stuff. He had a real squeaky voice which was a surprise. The recording of him getting thrown out of the world convention is priceless.

Steve E. said...

Funny, I never heard of the "World-Convention" episode. Got a URL for that?

vicariousrising said...

Lord loves a packrat? LOL, I guess He loves all his creatures.

What a lovely gift you were able to give!

Rhi said...

I'm sure she was very grateful. You are an inspiration. =)
Hope all is well... it has definitely been a while.
Hope to hear from you soon,

Steve E. said...

Rhi, you will be (hearing)!

VR was always taught to never go out without 'packin'

Findon: A Fr John Doe guy, whaduya know!

Tall Karen. Always keep everything. Somebody else can throw it out some day.

dAAve: The greatest miracle was in finding the tapes...really!

Madison, you're GOOD, grrl! That's TRUE

Syd. Always the best comes from you. Thanks.

Ed: Could be, could be. He was before Fr Martin, of course.

Lou: Good friend, I SURE hope you can make it to convention next July 2010

Zanejabbers said...

Grineroni, that is what I call God Shots. I have two tape players. Never use them, but I have them in case I want to listen to some of my tapes. They are 1991 vintage.
I'm sure your old friend will enjoy the tapes you left her.

Carol said...

It's true, all we need is all around us. We are so blessed.It is always good to hear you, some day we will meet, I'm sure.

G-Man said...

It's a good thing that your trivia today wasn't, why W.C. Fields did not drink water....

Andrew said...

I found the Golden Books at a Franciscan Retreat Centre in the late '80's and devoured them. Then devoured Sobriety and Beyond and Sobriety Without End. I had forgotten about Fr. John Doe. Thanks for the reminder.