Saturday, June 13, 2009

Which Way to GO?


I'm reading lots of your blogs, but finding little time to comment on the road--I'm just not a "one-word-type" commentor, or didn't ya know that -grin! I sure appreciate though, the support, and love shown me this week. Makes me feel still "at home"!
Steve E


Umm'Kay, whatama gonna do guys, when my wife tells me to do something, at the same moment, the sweetest voice in the world tells me to do the opposite? Girls are encouraged to respond also--puhleeze!

Here's the way it went down (my impeccably true version-grin!). I was driving in Illinois. Prayer Girl (Pray for her please!) said to me (en haute voice), "TURN RIGHT!" The voice of Flexis (GPS-GIRL) said in her sweetest song-of-heaven tone--she spoke right to me, softly. "Keep driving straight on this Freeway." I swear, when Flexis made those recordings for GPS, she must have been deep into the arms of her lover, for her words simply reek of moments thus sublime.

The steveroni Fairness Doctrine: With respect to PG telling me to turn the wrong way (and I did it--just as Adam bit of the apple!)...in some strange way it was a correct decision. One thing, I had to empty my...blad... I had to GO real bad. And so we came upon this field of endless colorful blossoms, actually an Illinois corn field -grin! And from there, relieved and renewed, I returned to get on the right road and resume driving.

My Guardian angel is named "Flex"and the GPS girl, a Spirit-sister, is named "Flexis".She guided us deftly and musically to our destination, a spot on a map. These places on the IL map are rather "country" in nature. Some have outhouses, some just use their neighbor's. ALL are busy growing next winter's veggies, tomatoes, and nary a one is concerned about a few ducks hatching eggs at their front door...or in their living room!

I left my cell phone in FL, and do not have ANY friends' numbers, which are all stored in the little gadget. So I feel a bit 'out-of-the-world'. I should complain? What makes a vacation, anyway? Well, I'm still trying to retrieve a couple numbers, I need my Peeps.

Remember, Don't Drink, No matter What! Be cool, No Matter What! If God does have a plan for me to do His work, I'm going to just do it.

So even if and when another gives me wrong directions--it's just God Calling with something new (or old?) for me to learn.

And yes, this is written with Love,
In the spirit of service, by
Steve E


dAAve said...

Even without your cell phone, God can call and you can answer.

Findon said...

Enjoy the road trip you two. Wrong turns!!! well who knows what could turn up. Take care

Gin said...

You having to choose between the GPS lady and PG - HILARIOUS! By choosing PG I would say you chose wisely. Loved that story. It had me giggling. Especially the way you described the two of them!

Mary Christine said...

What if your guardian angel's name is actually William, or Bruce, or Annette?

Anonymous said...


check your email.

Mike Golch said...

I'm glad that you are feeling at home.I am unfortunaly guilty of one word comment,and that other time it is hard to stop myself,and with that I'll shut up now.

Patrick said...

There are no wrong turns, just alternate routes to take to get to where you are going...


Prayer Girl said...

My Mr-aroni is sure one very wise man. He knew which voice to heed.

Even I know how easy it would be to succumb to our car angel's heavenly sound.

"Loving that man of mine",

Lou said...

I think you have something for the GPS lady. Behave yourself now Steve-0-Dreamer!

Kathy Lynne said...

enjoy your trip and remember this...always listen to PG

Zanejabbers said...

Grineroni, never ever take directions from an digital voice when you have your own hot mama by your side. Wise choice. Now for the next six months I will be wasing my corn with extra gusto.

Ed G. said...

If your experience is like mine, as long as you're not listening to the voices of the committee between your ears, you're probably in good hands (better than the ego).

Blessing, aloha and bon voyage...

Catvibe said...

aw, you're so roMANtic!

Carol said...

Yeah, I'd say you were right to '(think of the song) love (and obey) the one you're with.'

Am I the only one who hates the GPS woman that tells you what to do? She annoys me! (I may have trouble with authority figures)

Calli said...

wondered where my sweet friend disappeared to...Flexis huh? nice!

did you ever see the film 'A Good Year' with Russell Crowe? love the scene with the little car and the GPS woman's directions...so funny!

have a good one and be safe on the road!


Linda S. Socha said...

Sounds as if you are up for this great trip Steve. Have a blast

garden-variety drunk said...

That's too funny- I have a name for my GPS as well. I call her Maggie and sometimes have elaborate conversations with her, like "Are you sure Maggie?" "Dammit Maggie, you've got me making 4 right turns! Let's just go straight." or my favorite "ahhh...the cars are coming straight my way. this is a one-way street. you could have got us both killed and it would have been your fault."

yep, fun times with GPS : )

Syd said...

They are a "corny" bunch I guess in Illinois. Sometimes it's good to leave the cell phone and all the worldly contacts behind.