Sunday, March 29, 2009




Saturday, got to attend two AA meetings. Played violin all through the 3 PM Vigil Mass. I have some really beautiful arrangements which are obbligatos to the music liturgy of the whole mass, and I get to do the same thing today, Sunday, at the 10:30 AM. That will be after two more AA meetings. What a wonderfully spent weekend!

It was almost three years ago. I had been playing mass for about a year. The choir director and I had become good friends. We even shared private stories. One day I confided to her about my 'situation' with the catholic church--not being allowed to receive Holy Communion. She listened. The following Sunday, she abruptly stopped playing the communion hymn, grabbed me by the arm, walked me up to the altar, and we both received the host. And it was a huge emotional, spiritual and moving experience for me. It was the first time I had received the Host in over forty years! We both stood on the altar steps and cried...in front of 1,300 church members. No one but she and I knew what had just transpired. A soul had been blest and energized! Me.

She--her name, Jane--was one of several who played a prominent role in my return to the church of my 'yoot'. Every chance I had, was an opportunity to deny God. I was really a tough cookie for God to allow the many miracles He brought about in my life. Never give up. Never despair.

Of course, the biggest miracle was the gift of God's grace to stay sober, the gift of the Twelve Step Program of Alcoholics Anonymous. That gift was wrapped into the same package with all you members of AA. Without the patience, tolerance, and experiences of you peeps, I would have passed out, and passed on, many years ago. Because, as you all know, "I" had to become "we" and "we" had to become "all of us in cooperation with our Higher Power, God".

This week I have a couple violin gigs, plus "a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and a little bit of everything else". That quote has a history:

Each morning--about fifteen years ago, when I would ask Joel (a retarded client), "What ya been doin', Joel?"...his answer was--for five years, every day--"Oh, Steve...a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and a little bit of everything else!"

I loved that guy--he taught me so much about life. The simple, uncomplicated life. The life of peace, acceptance, dependence, not CO-dependence. His soul now rests. He now has great knowledge, and great peace.

Today--again, finally--I'm hearing the birds sing, the pattering of a slow rain, and I can smell the roses, even the TULIPS!

In HUGE GRATEFULNESS, love, and service,
Steve E.


Prayer Girl said...

It is a miracle what a difference a moment can make. Jane's leading you to the altar has resulted in so many blessings for you and many others.

I am happy for you and grateful to her.

Prayer Girl

Mike Golch said...

I've used a litle bit of this and that for a while as well.I hope that you weekend is going great.Mike G.said that!

clean and crazy said...

you sound like you have a great deal of gratitude today, always a good place to be, grateful I stopped by again. enjoy your wonderful weekend.

twodogsblogging said...

I had a similar experience with the church. My college adviser was a Jesuit and I asked him about a certain sin and he said if one committed that sin, they would be excommunicated. A few years later I went to an AA retreat run by a priest and asked him the same question. I told him what the Jesuit said. He muttered, "Damn Jesuits" and told me that what he had said wasn't true. He gave me absolution.

Just Be Real said...

Stevie, what an awesome picutre and thank you for your encouragement. Your post is very positive. Blessings dear one!

Syd said...

I'm glad that Jane was there and did that. What a great and God-inspired thing to do.

Ed G. said...

I just caught up on your last 3 posts so I'm glad you got past your funk and this community worked for you.

As I'm still finding my way here, I'm just beginning to see where and how it might work...

I suppose that's just the "this and that" of this moment...

Love, peace & aloha,

Sober Steve said...

"A little bit of this and a little bit of that" what a simple way to look at life. I get to tied up in the complexities of life for another to be little.

Wow two more meetings today, I only made one all week.

steveroni said...

Sober Steve, I could make only one meeting a week for my first whole year.

But the point IS not 'how many meetings', because I'm ALWAYS a "good guy" AT meetings...it is BETWEEN meetings that count. How am I working this Program in "all my affairs"?

Ed G. hope this doesn't sound rude--but you wrote "where and how it might work..." Well, "Where" is "HERE". "How" is "Honesty, Open-mindedness, and Willingness"
and "Might work???" It DOES work, I see it working MANY times each day.

Thanks all, for your understanding remarks, comments! Love, Steve E.

Lou said...

As usual, I'm late to the dance. Glad you are feeling better. Somehow I don't believe you are one to be down for long.

Mary Christine said...

Steve, I think Ed meant blogging....

Cross talk.


steveroni said...

Mary, so did I...mean 'blogging' -grin! Maybe I was misunderstood...heaven forbid -grin!

(More crosstalk) Sorry!

Wait a minute! who said ever that crosstalk is BAD?

Selchie said...

Lovely post, tulips are my favourite flower, beautiful pic. Glad to see you're chipper as ever. Always uplifting to read your blog.))

Ed G. said...

Oh gawd - cross talk - we're probably going to be sanctioned by the online AA polizia!!

Steve: point understood and taken. But I still will be confused for a few weeks/months/years/decades until the blogging thing becomes familiar or someone tells my how to pick up y'alls chairs and clean your ashtrays. I might still be drinking if I'd not been allowed to do such jobs at my early AA meetings.