Tuesday, March 24, 2009


OK. I've received several notes which objected to my

ealier picture of Big Teeth, etc. So here is the actual
(yeah, right!) picture of my dentist and assistant -grin!
Now that all the comments are in, no one is left to be


For fifty years I have avoided dentists until it was either make the appointment--or die. And so I ended up with lots of teeth missing--one-by-one...gone! Well, at least I don't know where they are-grin!

About forty years ago a dentist friend in Naples loaded my mouth with gold, so I could receive six different AM radio stations--in my head! Women tried to abduct me (yeah, Steve, in your dreams!) for the gold I would cough up one day. Guys called me Fort Knox, then shortened that name to Old Fort. Well, you can guess what that sounded like: "Hey, ya old fort"! (See?)

So, although my teeth are all 'in there' like as in 'permanent partials'--they are glued in and onto "other" teeth, the few remaining. I have had a dozen root canals, lovingly named by dental assistants as RCs. The permanently-glued teeth fit right over RCs and an unknowing soul--if interested--might say, "He still has all his teeth." In a way that's true. Because I bought and paid for them.

My latest dentist is a 'high-end' guy, he also has a law degree, is young, has a family of five to support. His office is located on the second floor overlooking the bay of Naples. Each 'workroom' is equipped with the absolute latest in 'stuff'. That's all I can call it--STUFF! Little things go into my mouth and send out beeping signals in different tones, each meaning something BAD. I tell the nurse what actual musical NOTES the beeps are making. She is unimpressed.

OK, the beginning. Upon entering the office, I am offered orange juice, coffee, a sweet roll, or bottled water. This the eighth time I've been there, so I know the routine. Have breakfast, Steve! I'm then ushered into what could be the "captain's lounge" atop a cruise liner. The ceiling-to-floor and wall-to-wall picture window is really a painting...wait! NO! it is Naples Bay. Hundreds of anchored boats--all kinds and sizes, mostly B.I.G. are swaying in the light morning breezes, many of them worth millions.

Gazing at this beautiful scene from the comfort? of a dentist's chair, I watch the birds, hoping some of them would be there when I left the place. In order to give me some good financial luck! The assistant dental lady asks me what channel I'd like to watch? I say none. Next she brings in an iPod, shows me how to use it, and, through the finest of Bose headphones, I'm listening to Beethoven's great Ninth Symphony. I mean, this place is HEAVEN!

I've been needle-stuck in my mouth hundreds of times, but never with not even a slight hint of a prick on the gum, until this morning. The dentist, a church friend, told me he will do a procedure he NEVER does. Knowing how un-wealthy I am, he is going to do two fillings UNDER the gum line, and save me thousands of bucks, as in RCs and partial replacements. I think that's F.I.N.E. Really! (When I was age 15, a filling cost $3...now a single filling goes for $300. That's with TV, remote, iPod, Bose heads, a picture window, and totally painless procedures.

As I left that office I thanked God for loving, caring health-care people, that I could pay them, and that two hours seemed like 15 minutes--in a dentist's office "RC" chair.

Also, the two tooth aches which I've been harboring for 5 months, are miraculously GONE today! They were getting bothersome. I never told the dentist about them. Thank You, God!

Ya know, AA says to take care of our health, so that we are then free to help others. It sure makes sense. Ill health is part of that ..."seemingly hopeless state of mind and body..." from which the first 100 in AA recovered, according to the first paragraph in the Forward to the First Edition of the Big Book.

Let's all stay well--and sober, today...together! OK?

In love and service,
Steve E.

Pam, that's IT! I'm quitting blogging. Now, and forever.
Hereafter, I shall keep my blog and name, etc., but I will just link to your blog. Because since last July 1, you have said everything I wish I had written. Every single friggin' DAY! OK? -grin!


Linda S. Socha said...

Thanks Steve

That is a scary photo!

Shadow said...

i'm so happy for you... but i still gotta come across a dentist i like, heee heee heee

Findon said...

I've been with my dentist for 30 years, mainly, (only), because he has never caused me any pain. When I first went to him I asked him to ensure the mouthwash had no alcohol in it. It doesn't. 10 years later he asked me why and I told him. Nothing more said. He's a great guy.

Just Be Real said...

Stevie, I love reading your posts. I too hate dentist and end up afte ten years with at least a few RC to do. My most recent DDS plays 1960's rock music as he drills away. Intersting the fillings under the gum, who would of thought. Glad you are feeling better! Blessings dear one!

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I had a great dentist when I was in Michigan, and I had attila the hygenist (least that's what I called her) the funny thing is, even though it felt like she was ripping my mouth apart, my teeth were in REALLY GOOD shape and I always felt that there was a thorough and complete job done on me afterward.

Not that I wouldn't pray for a bit more gentle and kind treatment, my tolerance was high for the results I got.

Think how much better it could have been had I been willing to admit how much it hurt or how scary it was?!

Banana Girl said...

Are you my absent twin? Just last week the periodontist...how's that for fancy...told me to go to another and then they will collectively determine the fate of my mouth.... Ah, the joys of dental work. Loved your story. I am going to brush my tooth. J.

Cat said...

I am going to leave your page open on my computer at home and encourage my husband to check his email...(is that wrong?)

He finally went to the doctor for the first time in 15 years last month, so maybe I should not be too hard on him, I mean whats another couple of months?

Ed G. said...

Nice post - glad you found good folks to take care of your health.

steveroni said...

Cat. In this regard there is no 'right' or 'wrong'...however, I must warn you, we alkies can SMELL A SET-UP a mile away.

I forget what you wanted him to see, but 'seeing' it (If it were me) would turn me right OFF! Could even lead to a knife-throwing contest. Because I'd "know" what you're trying to do...INTERFERE! And I could sense that every single time--even when you were NOT!

Get this:
No alcoholic ever got ambushed (other than by 'intervention') because I (we) already knew what was coming. I (we) just stood there and let the train hit me.

Cat said...

hahaha if that were the case my husband would have never stoped going to th dentist!!!

LdyRoxx said...

How'd you get my pic?? LOL I hear ya on dentists, altho my kid doesn't mind going.

Syd said...

I would probably go for more cleanings if those two were doing the work. Lucky for me I have only 3 fillings and all my teeth. I am a lucky SOB for sure. Must have been all that milk I drank as a kid and my fear of dental hygienists. Most promise castration if I don't floss twice daily and brush the gums, etc. I am good at following orders when faced with castration.

Zanejabbers said...

Sometimes it's just best if I shut my mouth.No, I gotta say it, it just won't stay in, "a little prick on the gums huh" chortle chortle chortle. By the way did you know the toothbrush was invented in Arkansas, yep, anywhere else and it would have been a TEETHBRUSH. badda boom.

steveroni said...

I just KNEW somebody would 'pick up' on that, Zane! There is an old song (actually, one of my all-time favorites of the oldies) "IT HAD TO BE YOU".....

Anyway, thanks....I guess?

Linda S. Socha said...

WOW Improvement.....I think:>)

Atiyanna said...

Your dentist almost sounds like a trip to the spa! Glad your toothaches are gone.

Just Be Real said...

Oh My..... what a picture of teeth can do.