Tuesday, March 3, 2009


ECONOMY CLASS ............................................ FIRST CLASS
What'll it be, guys and grrls?

Quote for today: "Tonight I am living in the now and am full of gratitude.
--Prayer Girl

Many of us, members of Alcoholics Anonymous--new or long-timers--sit in the meetings and enjoy them. I love the fellowship, the friendships--well, the camaraderie--as it is so different from just a few days (or years) ago. People smile at me, and before long they smile WITH me! How enchanting this all seems.

I listen to the stories, to the sharing, and once in awhile I even HEAR some of it. And THEN I think, "What the hell! I'm getting out of here before they have me distributing wilted flowers and collecting money in front of Walmart".

Then as my head clears I begin to notice that some AA members seem to know what they're talking about. They have that certain air of knowledge, even sometimes wisdom, and impart a certain and confident validity to their words--when speaking about our program. And I ponder, "If only I could think like that, talk like that, be happy like that--without drinking!"

Soon I want what she/he/they HAVE! Some time later, I become "willing to go to any length to get it". And I learn what "it" is they are talking about. "It" is what "they" have! Fancy that...duh.

Also, through a few rather unhappy experiences, I discovered another kind of AA program, practiced by another "kind" of member. This is the program which is basically, "Don't Drink, attend meetings, but do not become involved in service work, step work, or that sponsorship crap. And be SURE to tell others How It Works. Oh yeah!" (Why am I smiling right now?)

Some drift in and out (of AA) and are always "trying"--they say. What's there to TRY, when there's so much to DO!

It surprises me how many "trying" (Hey whatever fits -grin!) members complain--in meetings, and after--about those who seem to have "got it". They complain about the coffee-maker who didn't show up (he has the flu), the world, the financial markets, even complain about the government (well, I might join them on that -grin!).

These members seem unhappy about life in general, their own shaky sobriety in particular--if they even recognize that truth. In a short time can be detected a Prideful self-centeredness which has not been taken away from some or which has returned. Some of what I've described above is "me, too" stuff...of course! I AM Mr prefekt, ya know -grin!

(...who of us is without shortcomings, step forward--WATCH OUT! Let's don't trample on each other in the stampede. Careful of the dog poop there! -grin! Too late! Oh, ya say it isn't "dog"???)

So I find this second type person likely does not have a strong sponsor relationship, and/or does not live this new way of life which I have found in our beautiful TWELVE STEPS and TWELVE TRADITIONS.

Are there only these two types of AA members? Of course not! Are we each one unique? I've always voted for a tad of uniqueness. However, I have chosen "First Class" over "Economy Class". I want to go with, be with, enjoy life with those who have taken and are taking the steps. I pray for those in "Economy Class" and help out when asked. Maybe they will come over and get on the life-saving boat--it's actually become for me, an "easier, softer way". Who would ever have believed?

I'm glad you did not gamble (and lose) that I'd forget the men and women who are depressed, or maybe who suffer from severely low self-esteem. You and We are not the cause of our problems, but we have found a solution! Notice--NOT the answer...the solution! It is that "God could and would if He were sought" (not "caught!").

And if we humbly ask Him, He WILL remove these character problems of ours.

So I hope it is plain to see
Why I'll pray a lot
For those who're not
Taking the steps with me.

Mary C's blog Monday mentioned "Big Book Thumper". Well, I'm certainly one of those, but I did not set out to BE that. It just happened. In fact, while reading Mary Christine's blog "MISSION", I found myself constantly saying, "Yes! That's ME! Yes, why didn't I think of that?" I learned here--again--not to be ashamed of being Roman Catholic, or of loving my church, my family, my AA program, my blogger friends, my COUNTRY, and my God with passion. And thanks to Mary's blog, I've decided I am not here to debate ANY of that!


The following can be found more or less stated in our Big Book, p 55, the only page THIS BB Thumper knows, without looking it up to make sure! -grin! Since my belief IS that God --the Great Reality--is deep down within EACH of us, "for that is the ONLY place He can be found"...I have the right, the pleasure, the honor, of serving--of loving--you ALL, now and Evermore.



Gabriella Moonlight said...

You know this also brings to mind that great turn of phrase, "if I'm lyin' I'm dyin" and in AA that is no more true. I have found that staying strong in AA also means sharing what I have everywhere I go...not just AA, but in my life too! Thank you as usual for such a strong and wonderful blong!

Shadow said...

economy, first, whichever, as long as you're on the train!!!

steveroni said...

Shadow: Thanks! That reminds me when I was playing second violin in the symphony, and friends would ask why aren't you playing first?

My stock answer was, "Hey, it don't matter where I sit--so long as I'm in the band."

Scott said...

lol nice post, thumper :-)

Syd said...

I hear you on this. I see it in my meetings too. And those who work the steps seem much happier and much easier with their life.

By the way, I left something for you over at my site.

Banana Girl said...

You must check out my post...written prior to reading yours. Once again, my friend, we are on the same wavelength, bandwidth or some karma force...man i love this program..and your blog.


Prayer Girl said...

It had to be 'First Class' for me when I came into AA or I would have ended up dead.

I do believe lots of members can be in the Economy section and stay sober, grow spiritually, and carry the message. But I'm not one of them. God bless all of us on this plane of a ship.


Lou said...

Steve-O-Wordsmith, I cannot tarry today, as I must visit the wise one you quote, the lovely PG.

Zanejabbers said...

Yup, those seats in economy class really pinch the nerves. I'm not a big book thumper, but I do know what it says. I have worked the steps, still do, I have been of service continually for the first 15 years, and then needed to slack off. And ya know what, there were others that jumped at the chance. I am still of or in service, I just can't do it for everything anymore. I'm proud of that. I do what I can and leave the rest for those that can.

Femin Susan said...

Your blog is breathe taking. It has a great appeal.
I like your blog……

Cat said...

It is true - do the work - reap the rewards!