Wednesday, March 18, 2009



What a Day This Has Been
What A Rare Mood I'm In....

...and something tells me to stop right there, before I begin to get into trouble. Please do not ask me why! However...this HAS been an awesome day for me--Wednesday March 18, 2009. It began in the usual habitual manner, got up at 4:40 AM, made it to the 6 AM, stayed for the 7 meeting. About 80 people attended the Big Book meeting at 7. And when they asked for any "annuals" (meaning sober anniversaries) I got to tell them, "Yeah, ME! 35 years". Prayer Girl, was sitting on the opposite side of the oval spaced chairs from me, and we both walked toward each other, and she gave me a medallion, and a B.I.G. hug--the kind bloggers would recognize! --and a B.I.G. kiss.

Yep, right there in front of everyone and God Himself...shameless was she! Embarrassed was he! Yet he (me) enjoyed it immensely, as y'all can imagine. But she is so young to be fooling around with an old man like me...and pretty, too! Prayer-Girl was smiling just like I remember her on her wedding day.

I got to sit with Don B, my sponsor--who I love--and stayed for the 8 AM meeting with him. Later, a fellow who I sponsor asked me to lunch at a Skyline Chili Parlor. Boyoboyoboy! Good! And even better, since he bought! We also got caught up with each other's happenings. And I only spilled a spoonful of chili sauce on my white shirt. Nobody even notices it--unless I turn around to face them -grin!

Next thing I knew, God wasn't finished yet with making my Sober Anniversary number 35 the most memorable I've experienced. No sooner I walked in the house from lunch with Ted M, than the telephone rang with a call from Denver, and I knew who that was before she said "Hello?" It was of course--well, how would any of you know?-- my very favorite "blogger-girl" on the line. Here now, I have to ask, How many of y'all have had "Happy Birthday" sung over the phone to you by the sweetest voice of Mary Christine? (Look it up: Marilyn Monroe sang "Happy Birthday" to Jack Kennedy, U.S. President.) Note to self: Steve, let's not get carried away here now, OK?? OK!

Anyway, it was wonderful to be remembered, especially by someone who I thank God often for allowing to be part of my later (blogger) sober life. Bless you, MC., I mean it!

Later, I had a violin gig at one of the thousand Country Clubs here. The occasion was Italian Night. Imagine, the day after St Patrick's Day, the pianist and I played 3 hours of Italian music. Oh, one of the things about that job, it was so easy to work. First, my stress level was at real low tide, because of the "happies" during the day. But MAINLY because it was the first time I've played with this guy's music since I had my eyeballs repaired, and new "Restor" lenses installed. I COULD SEE THE MUSIC! No guessing the notes or their meter.

And so, I began my blog tonight: "What a day this has been, What a rare mood I'm in...." and it's time for bed. I apologize for not reading and commenting on all your blogs Wednesday, but will try to play catch-up from now through Sunday.


Happily, In love and service,
Steve E.


Linda S. Socha said...

Totally awesome and what a day to be grateful for. I will share the smiles from afar....a wish a week of days like this one Steve

vicariousrising said...

I'm so glad you had a terrific day. You deserve it! GRIN!

Shadow said...

congratulations. you are awesome!!! an inspiration!!! big cyber hug to you!

The Real Gal said...

Hey Steve, yes this is the "real gal" here! Thanks for the visit and sharing! Appreciate your blog stevie! Blessings!

dAAve said...

That's some GREAT stuff!

big Jenn said...

Happy 35th to you Steve. jeNN

Mary Christine said...

I am so glad it was a wonderful day for you.

Prayer Girl said...

Me, young?
Me, smiling like on our wedding day?
What is it exactly you want to do or buy or where is it you want to go?
(You know, I usually say yes anyway. -VBG-)

You're right, it was a 'rare mood' yesterday. It was beautiful.


Cat said...

Steve happy anniversary and I wish you many many more! AS a side note I am really honored that you took the time to peek and comment on mine yesterday and I am so glad I thought to post the whole thing on the other blog. I will remember to do that from now on.

Much love to you and again congratulations on your success - I cannot wait to meet you and PG and others in June!

Ed G. said...

Sounds like a great day - thanx for sharing it.

I wish you another 35 years of days just like it...


Mark W. said...

35 Years!!! What a great start!!!

Just kiddin' :)

Super deal Steve - Much congrats!

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...


Love ya my friend!!!

Lou said...

You must have been exhausted! What a grand day. Congrats to you!

Findon said...

Happy birthday. Well Done. Thank you for your example. It cab be done and you are the proof.

Syd said...

Good for you Steve. Glad that it was an awesome day. Thirty-five years is quite something to have a good day over. As always, it's great to read what you write.