Thursday, March 5, 2009


"WHO? ME?"


Since I live in a sort of 'tourist' area, we get lots (LOADS) of northern visitors at our AA meetings. One of six such visitors at this morning's 8 AM meeting introduced herself as being "from DENVER." Well, my ears perked, and I scribbled on my business card, "Do you know a blogger friend of mine--in AA--a girl named Mary Christine, who goes to meetings somewhere around Denver?"

Chairs and tables in this room are set up in a large circle. While walking all the way around the spacious area to deliver my note, I was thinking "Well, the worst she can say to me is..."No!" Guess what? She said, "No!"

Since she was sitting directly across from me in the room, it was quite a walk back to my chair--and the meeting had started, of course. When she shared (don't even recall her name) she mentioned that her brother is also an Alcoholic, that he was in Naples (here) during January. Don't forget, there are literally thousands of us Alkies now in this county.

Again however, my ears perked, but I thought, "Naw, the strange messages I'm receiving--in my head--are totally without merit. Steve, don't even GO there." Being the ever-obedient servant -grin...I WENT there!

The lady had walked over to the coffee warmers and I got up also, and met her at the urn marked "REGULAR"--at least she knew what to drink...only 100 proof for this girl!. What I whispered to her (this is rude, for someone was sharing--sorry) sounded completely stupid to me right as I was saying it (that happens a lot with me!). It sort of went down like this: "Ma'am, if your brother is named Jay, and he lives in CHICAGO, then I am his sponsor, and your mother, who lives here in Naples, has moderate Alzheimer's Disease, And your mother just loves me!" (Never met an Alzheimer sufferer who I didn't like--and who did not like me! Maybe because there is no judgement taking place in either court?)

She looked at me in utter disbelief, nodded, and said, "How do you know all that?" It all happened to be true, what I had told her. Really weird! PG equates our use of the word 'weird' to mean God. It turned out that her brother Jay had suggested she go to our club while in Naples, and that she might run into his Naples sponsor, me.

At first I thought along the lines of "the devil made me do it!" Then I realized it was another of what Zane calls a 'God Shot'. I hope she comes back to the morning meeting, but I don't know why. Her brother Jay DOES call me, by the way. We talk on Sundays. Wait until I tell him what happened here this morning...

Whatever God is up to, I have not a clue. But His ways seem ever stranger to me, as I learn more and more how to follow His will. I hope you enjoyed my true story from Wednesday morning 8 AM AA meeting in front of about 55 witnesses.

Winter is coming to its end, I'll bet you guys can see little pink "baby-bee-sized" buds on trees.

My Thursday begins A/C (After Coffee) with meetings at 6 and 7, and the day will end with a "cookie" meeting at 8 PM. I'll have to tell that joke.

Stay sober today with me. OK?

Steve E.


clean and crazy said...

awesome "God Shot" what a thing to be grateful for, the small world we live in!! How cool though you figured her out in two tries!! I bet she will be back, and remember it is not for us to know just to trust the process!!

Queenneenee said...

yes, God shots are the best aren't they????

Shadow said...

you're amazing you know. how you manage to meet all the people. i guess it all starts off with opening one's mouth... maybe i should try that....

Lou said...

Some call it weird, I call it Steve-O-Roni!

Anonymous said...

And since the universe likes to play these games of synchronicity, my guess is that she will go back to Denver and promptly meet Mary Christine. Just wait and see...

Beloved Dreamer said...

From one alcoholic to another(now sober).
Very moving but how, how do you stand those AA meetings.
Moving thoughts. Well done.


Syd said...

Glad that you met this person. I'm always amazed at what a small world this is. You've got good deductive powers and a few God shots too.

Sundays Child said...


I did a google search "aa recovery blog" and yours came up at the bottom of the first page so it was the first one I clicked on. (Of course I wouldn't pick the FIRST one at the TOP of the page, that's waaay too easy!)

Your story made me smile, I have heard these events called "Godincidences" too, as there are no real "coincidences" in life, are there?

I look forward to reading some of your older posts. Take care and thanks for blogging!

Julie Andrea

Mary Christine said...

That is the BEST story! It made me truly "laugh out loud!"

(and not one soul in my "real" life calls me Mary Christine - even though that is my real name.)

Faith said...


Linda S. Socha said...

So....Love your approach!

Zanejabbers said...

Thanks for the "God Shot" story. It also falls into the 6 degrees of separation theory. Yep, I joined you in another day of sobriety. Thanks for the invite.

Cat said...

I think you found your real purpose somehow through your journey - you really are a treat!

Alix said...

"God Shot"
I'll use that. Dig it.
They happen to me all the time!