Sunday, August 9, 2009

Don't Shoot! I am ME!

My Past Perception of Inter-Group in Naples


Wow! was that ever F.U.N. I was "host" for an hour (Sunday 8-9 PM) of chat with the topic "My Turning Point" on TSR "The Second Road". I realize now what it means to be "host". It merely means there will be at least one person residing--not presiding!--on line the whole hour --grin..(just kidding, A Miles!). It was a truly great experience, I certainly wish to thank A Miles and Jinx for inviting me

Wha'da'ya Know: INTER-GROUP IS "US"

Alcoholics Anonymous remains for me the only complete program for recovery for alcoholics of my type. At it's deepest, most devout, fervent level, AA remains for me the many-million-times, tried-and-true, one-on-one unselfish caring, sharing, helping, loving (please do not misinterpret this word "love") staying sober together and growing together.

Without this program, and my practice of the Twelve Steps, I will die. I know that. I have been there. It has been a long time, but I see people every day who remind me, even though they speak not a word. I see it in their eyes, and I either talk with them, or pray for them, or both.

For a long time--several years, in fact, there was enmity between Intergroup and the AA groups around town. This was brought on by, and a result of, some misadventure, or at least seeming misbehavior (which is just as bad) within the local AA community. So I, who had been raised in AA before we had local Intergroup, was predisposed to thinking Inter-group quite unnecessarily formed, that its purpose was simply to squander money from the groups.

A month ago I attended my first Intergroup meeting, wanting to see for myself what all the fuss was about. To my amazement, there was no fuss. There were no knock-down arguments.

I went back to my "cookie meeting" group to report (with a mouthful of Polly's chocolate chip cookies!) that--wonder of wonders...INTER-GROUP IS US! This group of good, sober peeps volunteer to keep AA business as usual moving in the Naples surroundings. These people are there/here to help the groups, in any way--the best way that they know how.

So it is not "they" and "them" but it IS "US". All us! Who would of thunk? Now that I know that, my next stop (after SC, NC, Virginia, GA, and WEST VA) is District (GSR). My group figured one meeting at Inter-Group was enough, and while I was still filled with AA "service" enthusiasm, they elected me GSR (Group Service Representative). First meeting for me will be in September. You will read about it here, I guarantee.

I could go on about other "things" but this is not a day to rant, maybe that day will never arrive--I hope not.

One thing though, our Inter-Group throws a lousy Beach Party--NO COFFEE! Ooops, that was yesterday's blog....

Meanwhile, that we all stay sober today, that's all I'm asking.

In Love and Service.


wolfie185 said...

Thanks for writing about my feelings for AA!! Greater Nebraska which is everything except Lincoln and Omaha doesn't have intergroups, so now that I am in Lincoln and a service worker I am sure I will get to experience it and when I do I hope my experience is as good as your's only with a big pot of coffee. It should be interesting, coming from a small district.

Tall Karen said...

Welcome to the District level of AA service. I am almost at the end of my 2nd year of service for my District. I am one of 4 DCM's in a very large District. We always have a big fuss over something. I hope your experience will be as rewarding as mine has been.

PS: I really want to be a delegate someday and go to NY for the Conference. Now that would be cool!

Shadow said...

if anyone ever expresses any doubts as to the value, the workability, the success of the aa programme, all i need to do is refer them to you. you are a walking, talking example and proof!

Madison said...

Those monkies come out of nowhere.

Gin said...

Hey Steve! Sorry I missed your hosting! Hubby is on a dry spell with the drinking which means he is out of his office and actually in the here and present. I can't really get on to chat with him around. I'm sure it went well. I am going to go through the archives later to read it.

Syd said...

I have learned quite a bit about the inner workings of Al-Anon by being the GR. I also worked hard to get our Al-Anon Information Service going for our district. Now we have it which is our equivalent of an intergroup. The wheels turn, sometimes slowly sometimes quickly.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Wish I could have made it to the TSR, I have a standing Big Book engagement that I cannot break, I'm sure it was fun and that the Spirit was carried and received in the chat!

I've been involved at district level and there are some wonderful people that continue to keep 4 districts in our area working together and meeting in fellowship quite well. I appreciate all the efforts made in the Inter-group office to assure that we always have a phone, literature and fellowship events available. It's wonderful!

Andrew said...

Grinning here at memories of a one year stint as intergroup rep for my home group a long time ago.

Rule 62 applied for me a lot that year.