Saturday, August 22, 2009


Come on in and get connected.


Well...here I am, sitting in a Starbucks, blogging. for several weeks I have been trying to get online here. A friendly corporation named ATT has been working hard for me, to keep me from gaining access to the Free Starbucks Internet access, two hours each day. Finally, they succeeded in getting me pissed off enough to make some calls and complain (covered with sugared maple syrup), so now I'm set for the next couple weeks.

It is time for a list, maybe an "I have learned" List. Okay,


That respect for each other is VITAL in our attempts to help one another.

I've learned: Forgiveness is God-like. Anything less is NOT.

God is in charge, always and forever.

Because of that I now know what is peace.

What love is.

That I now know Who is the God of my understanding.

Where that God is.

To appreciate gifts I have received from others, even when they are not aware of it.

What goes around DOES come around, both good and bad.

To anticipate with happy expectation, the unknown where I am riding

To let God be m guide, to listen to that "voice inside".

That when I am full of music, all is well

Music in my head, that is...full symphonies, I can "play" at will. Love it!

AND I have learned to have compassion for those who are in distress in their family life, their work life, spiritual life, their health, mental and physical lives.

Let us pray that we all stay sober today, No Matter What.

So Peeps, Peace be with us all.
And may we LOVE one another.
Seek God's Will, and God's Power.
And if it is "right"...DO it!

I am learning that we only live once. I have heard that expression for three quarters of a century...and it finally is making sense.


Findon said...

Great lessons, especially the last. Enjoy the coffee Steve.

dAAve said...

Starbucks has this effect on people.

wolfie185 said...

Thanks Steve!!! I will join in on your prayer.

Alice Audrey said...

Kudos on all the enlightenment. Makes life a little easier to take, doesn't it?

I'm looking forward to your PhotHunt stuff when you get back.

Next time you drop by my blog, could you do me a favor? You've to a comma in place of the . between blogspot and com in your link. It's making it not work right.

Dulce said...

I love this post of yours and your 55 as well!
I am glad you've found all that in your path of life...
Seems you've already gone?
You can visit my blog...U know? I still post and miss your delightful comments

Dulce said...

Hey Dear Steve
Looking back at my older posts! Thank you so much for that...
Yes, that is-was- my beloved Brother.

Calli said...

Very nice Steve! I agree, God is in charge, but we were also 'blessed' with 'free-will'...so he made us co-creators...and do you really feel we only live once? send me an email on that one! I am very curious as to your thoughts, Mr. 3/4's of a century ;)...xo~Calli

ps~ love this, "That when I am full of music, all is well"...

beautiful, my friend~

Brother Frankie said...

nice steve..

yes took a while for att to understand the importance of blogging at starbucks for me. starbucks is my office, my recroom, my counseling center and my i wanna hide from the world spot.

nice meeting you, great blog. love the pic.. i wanna buy a print.

be blessed
Brother Frankie
A Biker for Christ

Ed G. said...

I love your list.

It might be interesting (for me) to hear a story elaborating your Starbucks experience - I've flirted with doing some of my blogging there in the future...


Brother Frankie said...

ed g, starbucks is an awesome place to people watch. the atmosphere at some of them is friendly and calming..


Syd said...

Glad that you are technologically ready. It helps to stay connected!