Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Name the States


Most of you who read this already know that in a couple weeks I will be riding my scooter (alone) up the east coast from Naples, FL to somewhere north of Miami to St Augustine, Jacksonville, and to a final destination...Richmond Virginia. I'm leaving either August 22, 23, or 24 (Sat, Sun, or Monday.)

After 2 weeks--for the return , I plan to follow I-85 line to Charlotte North Carolina, then to Charleston, South Carolina. From there, back to home, Naples, FL. I have no route planned for that. Maybe through Orlando ("around" Orlando?). I'd like to "do" Mt Dora.

A lot of this ride will be on the "Blue" highways. My GPS will take care of that. And, of huge benefit is that time is not critical. I'm gonna get there when I "get there".

If you are a new reader, I am just coming off my Freshman Year of blogging. And I'm learning. Still learning. BOY, am I "learning". Sheeesh!

For this upcoming scooter trip, I have to admit to a little fear, mainly in my lack of planning. I know I have to get a list of dealers for my Suzuki Scooter, I'll need an oil change. I AM getting a GPS, a couple saddle bags (I think?) a jacket with "armor" (pads around shoulders, elbows, etc.)...and I 'want' a nice tiny camera--I'm looking.

Also, using my laptop, I'll find AA meetings wherever I stop. Have to buy a newspaper to find out where I am??? --grin! (Yesterday's blog!)

So if any Peeps between Naples, FL, Richmond, VA, Charlotte NC, Mt Dora FL, are interested in meeting a sober guy on a scooter, let me know, at fiddlemn@gmail.com. That is the address I'll be receiving mail on the road also. If anyone responds, I will send you my cell number, in case you want to alert me to an AA meeting along the way.

Many years I scoffed (?) at those who said they wished to "find out who they are". Well, I think it's about time for me to trudge that road. I hope to return in several weeks "with a whole new outlook" on life. (sigh)...ANOTHER one? This all sounds so selfish to me as I write it now. But I am praying that God will ride with me and guide me along the way to unselfish happenings.

Another purpose of my ride is to meet a few blogger-friends face-to-face, take my enthusiasm to meetings, and blog my daily thoughts--BIG deal, huh?

An unexpected treat is that I shall visit and hold my first Great-Grandchild. (It) is being born right about.......NOW!

ADDENDUM: 8PM First Great Grandson named Michael Patrick BORN

Peeps, I'm hoping for some spiritual recovery here, so if you feel so inclined, please add me to one of your prayerful thoughts through the day.

"Let us be sober today.
Let us have some peace today.
Let us love today."

NOTE: As "Riding Day" gets closer, I'll letcha all know more about my plan which has not yet been formulated.


Rhonda said...

Oh my this sounds fun and a great time to reflect...
take pic's for us when you're on the road.

Mike Golch said...

sounds like fun to me.Congrats on the first great grandson.

Carol said...

Don't forget to pack the Ibuprofen, you might need it! How many miles will you cover in a day?

Andrew said...

If you want to meet my friend in Lancaster, SC which is about 45 minutes south of Charlotte, NC let me know, and I will try and set it up.

You are an amazing man.

mitch said...

congrats on the grankid

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Mimi said...

That would be cool of you to link me on your blog. Thanks! I can always use more friends/followers. By the way, there was plenty of alcohol at the party, and I did great. You can read about it on my blog. Thanks again for your comments!

vicariousrising said...

Congratulations on your great grandson!

I'm so excited for you about your trip. What an adventure!

Anonymous said...


I am new to the blogging world, both reading and writing, as well as to recovery (7 months, 8 days). I am in Sarasota ~ so a virtual "neighbor". I have a friends in Jacksonville in the program if you're looking for a meeting there. Just let me know and I can get you some numbers/e-mail's.

Sounds like a great adventure. I'm actually planning on one myself soon...though a bit further away from home.

Best to you.

Tall Karen said...

Dang...I wish you were heading west young man! Ooops...I meant GREAT-grandpa!!!! The only thing better than being a grandparent has to be becoming a GREAT-one! Here's to the GREAT-ones! Congrats!

Ed G. said...

Congrats on your g-g'son.

I just realized that our oldest g'kid is now 16 so it won't be long now for us either...

Blessings and bon voyage (planning)...

Lou said...

We will be on the virtual road with you, Steve-0-Heirs.

Shadow said...

you sound like a little boy going on a trip, all trepidation and anticipation.

Steve E. said...

Wow, I sure appreciate/need all the support. Thanks you bloggers.

Lous, where in the world do you get thoe things like
"Steve-O-heirs"? It is getting so I'm looking for them. Should have started a collection months ago.

SHADOW, I do, I DO--feel like that kid. Maybe I AM!

Carol, no Ibuprofin, I believe they sell that in every town I'll visit. Hmmm? Figure from 50-300 miles a day. (Actually, I have not figured ANYTHING --grin!)

Andrew, we'll be in touch. Thanks

Mimi, OK.

CHEF KAR, I'll be in touch with you. Thanks!

Rhonda, Tall Karen, Mike G, Mitch and Anonymous. Hope everyone's listed...you know, perfectionism?

diane d said...


Oh, your trip sounds wonderful!!!

garden-variety drunk said...

Have an amazing time Steve! That sounds like just the trip to clear the mind, connect and reconnect. I'm not sure why, but my connection to my Higher Power feels so much stronger and close when I'm traveling. (Actually, I do know why and that's because I rely on G-d in all my affairs).

Syd said...

So you're coming to town. You'll have to blog about what meetings you're going to. Maybe you'll be a guest speaker at one or two. Glad that you will be making the trip.

Robin said...

Congratulations to the great grandfather!
I am looking forward to your stories on the road!

Patrick said...

Be careful out there, especially on a scooter. You do know as soon as you get on that thing you turn invisible...trust me on that one.