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Last night we went to a benefit dinner for an AA girl whose cancer is in remission, but her medical bills are NOT. So, a group of friends are raising $100,000 to pay off her long-overdue account.

Seventy people attended this beautiful dinner, in a beautiful setting, surrounded by beautiful people. Almost all were members of Alcoholics Anonymous or Alanon. During conversation at our table, talk turned to reciting a brief anecdote relating to our present or former profession. One of the alcoholics, a spiritual older lady, began to chronicle a moment in time from her working days. Among other occupations, one of hers was as a masseuse. Now here is the way things happen in Naples, Florida. This was her story:

I was an on-call masseuse. One late afternoon the phone rang. Upon answering, I heard a voice say, "Hello, I'm Bill, and I need your services." I recognized the voice but could not place it with the name Bill, so I asked, "Are you a friend of Bill W?" He responded, "No, but I do know the President of the United States." My next words were, "I'll be right over".

Can you imagine my shock, awe, and joyous surprise, as when the door to his place opened, there stood Rev Billy Graham!

I wanted to kneel and receive a blessing from this holy man. Billy assured me he was not a saint, just another frail human being with a message. He was a client of mine on three other occasions--this man who could fill a huge parking lot with 20,000 vehicles, just by showing up. And that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

WOW! Other stories at that table held our total attention as well. What a great evening everyone shared last night. I am continually reminded of the immensity of this gift, God's Gift, Alcoholics Anonymous, and what it means to me. I am in a wonderful program, which I love. I can sit at dinner in a beautiful place, with people I do not know really well. And I can be at such ease, to have this feeling that we are all in one accord. That with God's Grace through, with, and in each other, we will finally know true peace, true love. That IS the real meaning of life, is it not?

Let's stay sober today. Okay, Peeps?

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Linda S. Socha said...

LOVE the Picture. I am wondering where you found it. I have a dear friend in the profession

Lovely Post Steve. I felt as if I were there at the dinner with all of you.

Yes ...we are all looking for love and care

dAAve said...

have a good weekend

Madison said...

I thought for a minute that you Bill Clinton was on the prowl. Billy Graham - wow. Amazing story. As for the reason for the gathering, I hope that the cancer survivor negotiates with the medical providers. To be left with that kind of medical debt is crushing. You're a good person.

Tall Karen said...

I read Billy Graham's "HOPE for Each Day" meditation book almost every morning. Very inspirational and spiritually gifted man. Thanks for sharing this story. I love this kinda stuff! Sober people in AA rock!

garden-variety drunk said...

happy saturday- what a wonderful event! hope they raise all the money she needs

Cindy said...

Wonderful post, thank you! I've always loved BG! I used to watch his Crusades when I was in HS...would send for the bible studies and books. Loved him!

Ed G. said...

Thanx for sharing the story...

Blessings and aloha...