Saturday, August 15, 2009


Here is how I picture myself about a week
from now, scootering through the ALPS of
the US, the appalachian mountains This
picture has nothing to do with tonight's blog.


Have become the
title for Sunday's blog:


So much I pray this may be allowed me--to be ever changing. I feel it, know it is happening. But I usually cannot point to it, and say: There, that is what is changing today. It just has to happen in God's way, in God's time.

Funny thing! Early in my days of not drinking (in AA) all I heard was "Don't drink", and "Go to meetings". Then one day it dawned on me that you had said way back then, "'OH! And you must change everything about you, all about your self, beginning with your thinking, all the way to your style of haircut".

Well, I thought "Change the things I can...and certainly I cannot change my thinking! So I'll start with the haircut". I figured I'd "work up" from there.

I am finally remembering--because I've heard it more recently--that when you long ago told me I must change "everything", you were serious. You even said, "If there's anything, ANYTHING about you Steve, which does not need changing, we will notify you." I don't know about YOU, but to me, this is strong, heavy-duty shit.

So, through the years, I was allowed one thing, then another, to be kept: such as I could keep my job (bartending), my hobby (daily boating in the South Florida waters), my family (their choice). Very little else.

I am grateful that in the meetings in which I participate, this same message of the necessity for change is pounded into each new person (and old person!). And, do you know, in the several groups I frequent, we are having very few drinking slips. A LOT of thinking slips, and behavior slips. I am finding that God, when I let Him, gives me the grace to make those changes in my actions. He does not make it easy, but He is thorough.

So yesterday, instead of changing how I think--IF I think--I got a haircut! Today I took my wife to SKYLINE CHILI PARLOR, for a Greek-styled delicious bowl of chili. Yes, it's good. And I went to ONE meeting instead of THREE. And I made a couple new blogger friends on here. So, I guess I'm not too old to change, to make some differences in my life, and possibly in the lives of others, in town and on the road.

This blog seems boring to me...I just could not get it "going". Tired is the word. But my point is that we never just stand still. Like the creations of nature itself, we are ever-changing...getting rid of the old, bringing on the new.....or we rot and die.

Bloggers, let us stay sober today, and stay away from Greek Chili. Okay?

I Love you all, believe me.



dyeve said...

wow..interesting blog..really amazing!

Shadow said...

oh gosh, i'm sure it won't snow next week. will it??????

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Skyline Chili in Florida, now if only we could get both skyline and white castle to build in SC too!

Yes Krystal's are available, but it's not the same.


Carol said...

I didn't think that it was boring in the LEAST.

Madison said...

There's something really boring about people who don't change. There's nothing really boring about you. Wonderful blog.

Rhonda said...

This made me giggle today;
"Well, I thought "Change the things I can...and certainly I cannot change my thinking! So I'll start with the haircut". I figured I'd "work up" from there."
I really love this post and how it's embracing the actions and thoughts we make to change.
And the pic is pretty darn funny too!
Take your parka!!!

vicariousrising said...

I love Skyline Chili. There used to be a place in Raleigh, NC called The Bulldog that made 5 way chili maybe even better than Skyline, but they have since shut down.

Damn. Now I want chili.

Anonymous said...

A greek chilly with that weather might be good!

Cindy said...

First of all, I don't think that you'll get snow on your trip. And, GREEK CHILI? Interesting.

Syd said...

I think that those days when all is right may seem boring too. But I'm so grateful to have them and it what I write has no drama, then I'm happy for that.