Wednesday, August 19, 2009



One evening a couple daze ago I walked right into an Office Max store--literally. A glassed door was sliding to open (so I thought) RIGHT-TO-LEFT. It was actually closing, RIGHT-TO-LEFT. I figured ya always walk into the right side of a doorway. And I did. Right into an ultra-clean plate glass windowed area. Just where I thought I should have walked. Big mistake. Prayer girl kept me from falling, The manager brought me a chair and an ice bag.

Another lady said, "The same thing happened to my daughter just three days ago!"

We got her name and address as a possible witness, just in case.

She stayed to support us, and talk, to keep me awake, I guess. I could feel the swelling begin to rise on my forehead. And it became reddened, the color of a summer Naples sunset. (Wow, Steve--wax a little poetic here why dontcha?)

Anyway, here's the story: As soon as Prayer Girl put her hands on my head, I felt the familiar high degree of heat from her hands go right through my head.

And this, I swear to you, is what happened in fewer than five minutes. My (forgot to mention) horrible headache disappeared. The redness became a "Florida off-white". And the swelling went back to a normal-sized "big" head--mine. (And we have a witness!)

I do not know what exactly happened, the cause. I do not need to "know" what happens. I feel and see and know the results. There were no prayers, no incantations, not even "holy" thoughts. We spoke about "normal" things, sobriety, the Steps. We chatted about the cute little Sony Cyber-shot, and the GPS which I had gone there to check.

And, everyone was trying to get me to go to the hospital. Yeah, right! that's just what I needed, a bunch of probing instruments investigating my inner bodily functions for three days--including my head. OMG, what might they find there?

So, we finally came back home. this was Sunday evening.

Tonight (Tuesday) Office max called,to find out how I am. Of course, says I, "GREAT!" And they will be sending me a $50 certificate toward any store purchase. HA! I'm going there tomorrow, and run into the other door. BANG!


We have a new prospective "mother duck" beginning to construct a new nest in the same rock bed as the one in June, immediately outside our front door. This means A LOT to me...it means A LOT of coming and going through the garage door for about eight weeks. Oh well, let Mother Nature and mother Duck do their stuff.

Fear not, I won't be blogging a blow-by-blow of this hatching process. Once was enough. Actually, I think the duck population here is looking for publicity, maybe they had a meeting. It IS known that ducks hereabout are looking for bread subsidies from a bill now before congress--and passage seems likely. --grin!

(Ooohhh, Steve, did you have to open that can of egg yokes?)

I suppose after reading this blog, that you KNOW the author is a "real" alcoholic (whatever "real" means!) named Steve.

What you may not know is that the author prays for Peace for ALL us Peeps, and that we show love for one another, and let's STAY SOBER today!


Shadow said...

finally you come out with the story. i was wondering and wondering... i'm glad pg was there to soothe and heal you.

and seeing the ducks are coming back, says to me you're a good host. i live by the 'if animals like a person, they're good people' philosophy...

dAAve said...

If you'll run into that door every day for 2 weeks, you can buy a brand-new computer! Absolutely free!!
Now, let's see. Where do the steps come into play in this scenerio?

Findon said...

Glad you are well Steve. The voucher should come in handy for the cybershot!!

Susan M DeAngelis said...

Does Prayer Girl do house calls? I'm glad to see you're doing better.

If you ask me Office Max got away too easy.

Tell me about the Ducks...


Gin said...


You poor thing! PG posted about your "accident", but I had no clue what it was until now. I am glad you are feeling better. Watch out for those glass doors, (unless of course you want another gift certificate)!

diane d said...

Ouch! Glad you're ok!
I would LOVE to have a duck build a nest in my front yard! That is so awesome!

Cat said...

Whoa - that sounds like it hurt - did you see stars or birds or ducks around your head like they do in the cartoons?

I am glad you were not too seriously broken, after reading PG's post about your head and her healing hands I wondered how it happened .

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

WOW a gift of office supplies for putting your imprint on their structure :) What a trade!

And all because they had clean windows.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...


Lou said...

PG is like having your own personal medical team. And she cooks.

Lucky guy, Steve-0-Hematoma

Steve E. said...

Yeah Lou, PG "cooks"!

I'm thinking about trying restaurant doors (for running into) because we like to eat out.

Susan M DeA, there are several "duck" blogs in the July archives. If I get a chance I'll dig out the URLs for ya.

Diane D...plenty ducks to go around--here in Naples FL

Atiyanna said...

Steve, it sounds to me as if your lovely wife has a healers touch. Bless you both.

Rhonda said...

oh my goodness...that coulda been bad had God not showed up!!!! ;)

Duck nesting is so sweet. We have Robins.

~C~ said...

guess its good to a have a hard head and a warm hand to get yoou through. Take care and be mindful of clear glass. It'll get ya everytime!

Madison said...

It's got to be a shock to think you're strolling in a direction and then hit a solid glass wall. I'm glad Prayer Girl was there to help you. Take care of yourself.

vicariousrising said...

Ooooch, Steve! I guess run-ins with doors don't stop when we quit drinking. (although this reminds me of a party I went to where a girlfriend of mine ran straight into her sliding glass door while carrying a tray full of jell-o shots. She thought it was open. It was quite comical to see, as I and a few others were inside and saw her splat on the glass, then slide with a dizzy grin down to the ground. Some of the jell-o cubes stuck to the glass. It was like something out of a cartoon. She wasn't hurt or even all that embarrassed, to tell the truth.)

I'm glad you are ok, but I worry about your stubbornness regarding going to the doctor. Be sure to take care of your precious self!

Tall Karen said...

God knew you were going to need lots of healing...so he brought you Prayer Girl! You are a blessed man! Grateful you are better.

Ed G. said...

Glad you wound up healthy and alive. I think it's not worth yet another career (Musician, Blogger, Hurt's himself with windows) - just doesn't seem to flow right.

Blessings and aloha...

Syd said...

I read about a similar thing happening at a store but the glass shattered. There was a huge suit. Glad that you are okay and got a gift certificate. Sounds like the goose egg ended up on your forehead.

Indigo said...

Glad you're ok hon. That was nice of Office Max. It's rare these days they even bother with a follow up call, let alone a gift certificate.

I haven't had ducks this summer, just various strays (2 of which have already been re-homed) and a woodchuck. Funniest thing, the cats don't mind the woodchuck and the woodchuck likes the cats. Go figure. (Hugs)Indigo