Tuesday, August 18, 2009




Monday I had a "regular checkup" doctor appointment. There is one medical problem which has worsened considerably since the last visit. I had decided to not mention this to the doctor (Like shhhhhh! don't tell my sponsor!).

You see, I have a scooter trip planned, and I was pretty certain doctor would say, "No. You cannot go". I did not want to let you bloggers know I was too old, too sick, too this or that--to behave like a forty-year-old. Well, Peeps, I "bit the bullet".

For several months I have been planning (in my head) to get on my Suzuki motor scooter and just "ride, ride. ride". To justify the fulfillment of this desire (whim?) I decided to take to the Blue Highways (colored "blue" on street maps), stop in towns along the way to anywhere, and visit meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous. As my evolving "dream" inched closer to reality, I realized I'd like to visit blogger peeps along the way for coffee and possibly a meeting.

The next inspiration to hit me, was that I might stop in for a face-to-face with the Peeps at TSR (The Second Road) "Where Everyone Knows Your User Name". TSR is fast becoming my favorite place (Blogs and Chat) to "hang out" on the 'net. Of course it is recovery based, but not "all AA". I thoroughly enjoy the diversity--I had to "learn" that.

Then, a couple weeks ago I learned that one of my granddaughters was to have (did have!) a baby August 11 (can you say "Great Grandchild"?) in North Carolina.


The 7AM AA Monday meeting's topic was "Let Go And Let God", a familiar phrase in most recovering minds.

So, on my ride to the doctor's office, I actually said this: "God, if the doctor tells me to stay home, I will consider that it is against Your Will for me to go, and I will just let people know what happened. My trip only matters to me, after all. Everyone has their lives to live." I--still so full of myself--continued fighting this great ego-deflation thing. I mean, how can YOU all NOT be completely immersed in my doings? Hmmmmmm?

Confession: I did ask God to please allow me to go--but don't tell anyone...Okay?

A GREAT PEACE CAME OVER ME. Peeps, this was "huge" for me, to finally realize exactly what "turning it over" means. Ride or not ride is insignificant, I begin again to see that God's Will is what reigns always and forever. Praise God Who knows what is best for us all....


1. Doctor said, "Go, have a 'God-good' time. Be careful out there!"

2. My wife Prayer girl does not wish to "ride" for a number of personal reasons.

3. A. Miles of TSR sent two beautiful saddle bags for me to use. May God bless Peeps like A. Miles and Jinx (of TSR), not as much for the welcomed saddle bags, as for the prayerful thoughts behind every act they perform to be nice to a fellow human. I learn from these people. My thanks and prayers are for and with you and yours, J., and A.

4. Let us seek to do what is the next right thing. I know what that is when I become still...and know that He is God--not me. Also I can see things when I'm looking through a non-drugged mind--and yes, I believe "Pride" is also a drug.

5. I'll get to hold my (very Irish) first great grandchild. I SO desire to be given that spiritual moment.

6. Please God, bless us all, and Love all us Peeps!
I love you, Bloggers!
And I will stay sober with you today...



Anonymous Drifter said...

I'm so happy for you and wish you a wonderful and safe trip!

Gin said...

Steve this is just wonderful. I felt so much peace and happiness for you when I was reading this. Ride on dear friend. Wish I could be there, but I will be in spirit.

vicariousrising said...

I'm so excited for you! I hope you take road photos to share!

Check out my exclamation points! LOL

Dulce said...

What a shame I do not live in the States and you paid me a visit.
Take the bus if you can't ride, the trip is worth doing!
Have a nice "getaway" and please take your laptopp with you somewhere in the scooter so we can keep in touch.
God be with you.

Shadow said...

well, happy travels. you're all geared up and ready to go it seems...

Cat said...

Be safe. I am sure that those you touch along the way will be grateful they have met you. Like I am.

wolfie185 said...

Great news Steve!! Thanks as always for bring things back into prespective. I am getting a bit frustrated with God right now, wanting to know answers to questions that are not meant to be answered right now. Letting go and letting God is something I have to well aware of right now. I am doing the footwork and need to remember to let God do the rest but damnit I want to know HOW. Thanks for your sharing and caring, like I told Gabi, you are a meeting between meetings that really helps me.
Staying sober with you and the rest today.
Peace Love and Light

diane d said...

Great!!!!!! It sounds like an amazing trip!

Syd said...

I'm glad that you are cleared for takeoff. Have a good road trip. I'm sure that I'll hear whether you are coming to a meeting at a place near me.

Ed G. said...

I love how we figure we can better manage our lives by lying to the people (e.g. doctors) who we hire to help us. Congrats on getting through that, learning the lessons and, doing it "clean".

Blessings, bon voyage, and aloha...

Pete Hoge said...

may the Holy Spirit keep air in
your tires.


Anonymous said...

This is great and exciting news! Being a newbie to recovery and in the throes of Step 3, I am just uncovering the power of Letting Go and Letting G-d. You have just given me a great example of how important it is to do that (even if you do add a P.S. ~ I did the same thing regarding my recent prayer for G-d's will to guide me to my next job ~ I PS'd for the answer to come it Italian...it did)

May you ride safely and enjoy where your journey takes you. Squeeze that great-grandbaby and have a good trip. ~Kar

Patrick said...

Keep the rubber side down and be safe.

Madison said...

Stay safe. I wonder if you'll be blogging along the way.

Lou said...

You sound so happy and grateful. The trip will be great!

Linda S. Socha said...

I am grateful for your joy in this day Steve....Thinking of you as old is definitely NOT something I have ever done. Go with the wind and love friend. Your happiness today should light the way!