Thursday, August 6, 2009



For Tonight I do not have a blog. This day, Wednesday was packed full of activity. I realize it is difficult to believe that a retired guy "just doesn't have time to blog...but it is either "Blog" or "Sleep".

Oh, well, there's always tomorrow for sleep! Tonight is for Gratitude:

I am SO grateful:

That I got to be at an AA meeting with Prayer girl, her daughter, daughter's sponsor, and daughter's boy friend.

That meeting just "happened to be" on Step 1--Okay, God, You are still "doing it"

Boy friend knew nothing about AA, but got an earful of "Really good shit".

That we had a special "happy meal" at Longhorn's--GooooD!

Did not work in sun today.

I am now able to say, "The work will still be there tomorrow and Friday".

That I am being "allowed" to go on a solo bike trip August 22.

That I am surrounded with people who do love me, no fake stuff.

That I can love them, no fake stuff.

That early enough I'm finding out who is a true friend and who is not.

That I realize it is possible to love both, pray for both.

That I have hope for reconciliations between all those who have enmities between them--for whatever reasons.

That I am able to get to many meetings, which I LOVE.

That I am still teachable.

That young people all around me are getting sober.

That some are STAYING sober!

That I now know the secret of why I kneel every morning--FIRST thing!

That I do not have to recite a litany backwards (--grin!), in order to pray.

That I can meditate on these things and others, while going to sleep--in my own cool bed...in minutes.

Thank you ALL who might read this, and please know that I wish for you all:

A sober day.
And love in your hearts.



Ed G. said...

Sounds like a lovely day as part of a lovely life of growth and gratitude.

Blessings and aloha...

wolfie185 said...

Thanks for sharing, your day and your graditude, I always love these type of post!!
Positive energy back your way

Shadow said...

love to you too dear steve!

Madison said...

What a great AA meeting! I love that you kneel every morning and then live out a day looking for blessings. God has done something special with your life.

Mary LA said...

like a blog post to me! Take care Steve.Well it read

Gin said...

Good morning Steve. Great list!

Ann said...

Inspirational as always!! How can you go wrong with gratitude! Thanks for the post - now SLEEP!! LOL

Lou said...

I'm glad things are "saner" on the family front.
That is, if we don't count YOU..

Calli said...

Now that is Beauty !

love how you love your peeps Steve~

hugs and have a beautiful day today~

Akannie said...

Gratitude...a gift I choose every day!

Syd said...

It looks like a blog post to me. Lots of gratitude. That makes for peaceful sleep.

Di said...

AMEN! to the "no fake stuff."

clean and crazy said...

lots a good stuff here my friend, hey did you know that on August 22 it is the day for NA's world unity day prayer. the convention is in barcelona this year but the unity day prayer happens all around the world at exactly the same time. so it will be 12:30 pm my time (wichita time) if we are two hours ahead of you that would be 10:30 am your time, if you are driving you should stop to say the serenity prayer with the rest of us at the same time, it is pretty miraculous to feel that energy!! anyway it is just a suggestion. love the gratitude list it is quite contagious isn't it?!?

Tall Karen said...

BE grateful...so simple, eh? Thanks for reminding me that there is soooooo much to BE grateful for.

Carol said...

Thanks for your blog and your comments on mine.

Mimi said...

It's always great to hear from someone who is where I'd like to be- sober and happy!
Please visit me at http://wakeuphappyblog.blogspot.com/

garden-variety drunk said...

i love a good meeting and a great gratitude list