Wednesday, August 26, 2009




After what some insomniacs might term "a good (four hour) night's sleep", I found myself at a 7 AM meeting in St Augustine FL. You know how it is when I (we) say to myself, "I'll just skip this 7 AM gig, there are more important things to do, gotta get on the road, etc.

Well, you've probably guessed already, that the meeting I got to was SO good, it was one of those "knock-your-socks-off" meetings, topic 9th Step and responsibility.

I'm so wiped out on "How do I stay sober for the next five minutes" meetings. I needed one "just for ME" meeting. This one filled the bill. The best that St Augustine had for me, and I was blest to have got myself there. I just KNEW God was pushing this morning. So whatever happens the rest of this day for me, will be tainted with responsible spirituality.

Sure I must change, peeps. I have to remember though, it is GOD Who will be changing me. All I have to do is cooperate. Sound easy? It AIN'T!

I have a disease which included in its diagnosis a growing spiritual cancer. This began long before I was a drunk. and this malady kept growing and stayed with me long after I stopped drinking. And we have found a cure for this cancer--discovered nearly 75 years ago (actually, before that!). That answer is our wonderful, lovely, Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

God IS taking care of us. God DOES love us. God DOES want us to care for, and love each other. God IS watching over me on this trip, and seeing that it is a worthwhile happening, and that I am blest to be out here, experiencing different peeps, and differing viewpoints (although not too different!).

In fact, TWO people in St Augustine asked for my email and blog address. And for once in my life--I remembered to get THEIRS!!!

If this happens to become my blog for Wednesday, I'd just like to add here that sobriety for us all is my prayer for today. And God, if You can mix in a little love, tenderness toward others, sanity (for me!), Peace, even a bit of "happy?"

ONE FUNNY: When asking the construction office on the road, if they might know of a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous, the lady directed me several miles down US-1 to a corner, where, she said with a straight face, "On the right you'll see a STROUD'S LIQUOR STORE. And on the left, you'll notice an ABC Liquor Store...and that's where you'll turn. To the RIGHT!" Then realizing how she was quoting me directions, we BOTH laughed!

It is still WEDNESDAY...6 Hours later...I am sitting in an unnamed berg, "he" tells me it is Watersboro, SC. Stopped here to get off the road, I was fatigued...read: ZZZZZZZZ! So I pulled into this little motel, asked the manager if I could pay for an hour of Internet time, because I'll be moving on after that. He said, "NO!" Told me I can use his access for FREE!

PLUS, right now he is making me the second of two (I can't have more!) ESPRESSOS with milk! He said I'd need this to stay awake for a few more hours riding. I could not have been more surprised, how nice he is/was. PLUS a beautiful PEACH, I mean, a prize winner!

People EVERYWHERE just go out of their way to be nice to me--my "whole outlook" on my fellow mankind is changing RAPIDLY. So, it is another clue for me that God is here on this trip, guiding my steps, even as to where I get off the road to find a coffee, and Internet Access. Praise You, my God (as I understand You)! You are caring for and showing Your Infinite Love for ALL your creatures.

If any of you peeps are suffering tonight with ANY thing, mental, physical or spiritual...please PLEASE join me in letting our Higher Power handle it HIS way...not mine, or yours. Especially when it comes to staying sober. We CAN do that today--if NOTHING else. Right? Amen.


This will be my Thursday blog, posted earlier than usual. Okay? Sorry i cannot get to write many comments, but I'm trying to read as many as time allows. I love you ALL!

Wonder if the peep who reads this blog from Columbia, SC, would contact me: fiddlemn@gmail.com please. I'll be there in about two weeks or less, and have a question about the university there. I'd sure appreciate it. TIA.
Steve E


Carol said...

Our posts must have passed each other in the air waves. I'm grateful to be feeling better today and I'm glad to read that you are having such a pleasurable start to your journey.

Gin said...

Steve there is so much happiness and peace exuding from this blong. I can tell this trip is doing wonders for you.

Syd said...

So are you at Walterboro, SC? That's probably about 4 hours from St. Augustine. Just curious. Your journey so far sounds good. Enjoy all of it.

Prayer Girl said...

I don't know where you are, but I love you.


Cindy said...

Now Steve, it's not as far away as you might think...Nebraska is just a bit to the west...and north.
LOVE reading what you're writing!

wolfie185 said...

Thanks for giving credit where credit is due. God provides for our needs great and small, and like you I need to always remember to give credit where credit is due, the miracle of getting a free cup of coffee from a stranger and gain new respect for the human race, awesome.
Have a safe and blessed day.

Shadow said...

enjoy your espresso!

Just Be Real said...

Really glad you enjoy these meetings Stevie!! Glad you found the "me" meeting for yourself! We are an ever changing world. Hope you are feeling refreshed today!

nickswife said...

Continued safe travels, Steve! We read your 1st 2 blogs outloud at the dinner table last night and were are all honored to have been a small part of your journey.

Ed G. said...

Blessings and bon voyage...

linda said...

"God IS watching over me on this trip, and seeing that it is a worthwhile happening"

no truer words were ever said dear man...if I could, I would quote your words left on Linda's blog, which entered my heart and led me here. I know about the dragon you have fought, perhaps long ago I know not, having read but a few things here...

but TWO espressos WITH milk must mean something good!!

I have yet to figure out if that voice is mine or "His" or a great eagle in the sky who speaks to me when I have ears that hear......or rather a heart that listens...

keep on keeping on...much power mixed with sweet Spirit, to you this day.

Cat said...

Steve your raod trip blog posts are inspirational and uplifintg... the pages are oozing goodness!

Dulce said...

I'm so happy to be able to know about you each day.
I love the way you are living this experience and kind of envy you...
Thanks a lot for being there all the time... :) Yours

Anonymous said...

Steve, I just back to town after having been away for a few days and didn't get to wish you "God's Speed" for your trip. After reading, now I know you are on your way and not just MIA at the 7am. I am going to look forward to reading about your exploits. Have fun out there!!! 7am Smiles

Susan DeAngelis said...

Steve, your posts are making me smile -- so much energy and serenity.


Rhonda said...

So happy to see God working in your riding adventure!
Thanks for the encouraging words to let God be God in my life tonight.