Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Serenity Club in St Augustine, FL

AMENDED: MY DEEPEST APOLOGIES: Don't know HOW my blog got all Fk'd up last night. I certainly am not "doing bad things". My sleep habits might need changing??? Four hours is not enough even when you're having fun--at my age--at ANY age! SO! I know what to do. If you arrived here before 9:00AM Wednesday, please give it another read...not that it's that worthy, but it HAS been altered a bit...a LOT! Thank you. Steve E


Our cat has Bulimia Nervosa. Really. I think he eats just for the fun of it--like me. Eating is just something I do to kill some time. I've killed LOADS of time in my day...ask my stomach--you'll hear the echo.

I'm staying in a flea-bag called Comfortable Inn tonight. Right across US-1 there is a nice, clean McDonalds. After the 8 PM AA meeting in St Augustine FL, I'm gonna git me a Burger! Went to a Step meeting at 5:30 PM, and will get to a 7 AM tomorrow before leaving this place. Don't yet have a plan for tomorrow...well, it's happening now, peeps. I'm "wasting more time" (if ya missed it, that means eating).

NOTE: Of course my Big Mac is meatless--isn't that what "milk-fed Angus" means?

My scooter has good brakes (front and rear ABS) but I have found they stop better (and faster) when they are carrying 300 FEWER lbs.

Meeting tonight (beginners') was kinda not good...one lady ranted for a blong time about her husband. REALLY ranted. And said SHE was not an addict OR alcoholic. Since chips were being passed out, she insisted on getting her "annual", said she deserved it. I just said "chips are not strictly AA anyway, give her the whole BOX!"

But it's not MY group....(sigh) No, they did NOT boot me out. But a few wanted to! It is not without reason that one of my email user names is trblmakr1@comcast.com Only special peeps are given that address, so now you know who you ARE!


I just left the chat room at TSR (The Second Road) and it is one of my favorite places to be, maybe "THE" favorite. I have been praised, I have been corrected and criticised (with loving care). I have seen people show up there with HUGE problems, and return most every evening for a while, and actually begin to get better! There is a certain group who "show up" with some regularity and it is quite freely a "say-what-you-think" place...with reservations. This is where several weeks ago I met.......

.........A "chat-room chatter" and non-blogger named nickswife, a one-month veteran of the chat room, was on my "visit" list. I will try to keep this "My Story", but if I slip, Ummmmm. I could see immediately that I had become an instant piece in this family puzzle.

Nickswife's family are caring, loving people--who "say it like it is". They do not couch their thoughts in riddles, or weak humor, (like I am always trying to). And it was a thorough pleasure to spend time with this example of a whole family, with in-laws, etc., all so happy, and so cheerful, and so KIND with one another. And they welcomed me--a stranger--as if I had been there all along. They will all be in my prayers for a long time to come--right there on my list, with you blogger peeps. (Key word is STILL "Love"!)

Wednesday might just become a "travel day"....Don't know how far I can go. Going to drop into a South Carolina city, but that is probably ten days away.

Peace, dear peeps. I really feel a oneness here, so just allow me space on this pink cloud for more time--please. More tomorrow.


Linda S. Socha said...

Peace Steve. Love and Joy...You deserve all three friend

Prayer Girl said...

This is a travel quiz question.

After reviewing your own blog, do you notice anything a little unusual?

If the answer is yes, you can continue on your trip.

If the answer is no, you better do one of two things.
Get a decent night's sleep OR
Turn around and come home.

Am I serious or just kiddin'???

You'll never know. :)

Scott said...

lol, ya crack me up man...

surely you can find a better sandwich than McDonald's? (although I must admit an addiction to their double cheese burgers lol) I love to find "hometown" local foods whenI am on the road, as I share your love of eating :-)

travel safely my friend!

Gin said...

Onward my friend.

P.S. Don't you just LOVE St. Augustine. I spent summers there when I was growing up and I have so many fond memories of it! Enjoy!

Steve E. said...

Gin:PG and I did our honeymoon in St Augustine...always enjoyed this place--and the AA here, so many visitors.

Prayer girl, Blog was amended. Thanks. ZZZZZZZZ!

Linda: if you read this right after midnight, you must have wondered what brand of scripts Steve was doing?

Scott, I was just too Hungry, and Tired to go looking. HUNGRY? TIRED? Hmmmmmmmmmm! Where have I read about those devils before?

(Sorry, Favorite Witch!)

Rhonda said...

hope your butt's not too sore.

hope you are taking in God's scenery and is meeting you where you're at...

peace bro!

Tall Kay said...

I remember that weight and stopping distance change the first time I carried a passenger on my bike. It's kinda weird. Be safe! Keeping you in my prayers today.

Listen and see if you can hear the bell while you're riding...it's cool when you do.

wolfie185 said...

Post looks much better today, late last night I was being to wonder what Micky Dee's had put on that burger:-) Love the picture of the club house, someday maybe I will get a chance to take a trip along the east coast and visit places like this. Hope your journey today was a good one.
Peace be with you!

Syd said...

St. Augustine is a great place. I have enjoyed every visit there. Enjoy the ride.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Did not see the previous post, this one was good, and I too am grateful for all in the program no matter where they hail from...

Peace to you too!

Steve E. said...

WOLFIE 185, I'm REALLY embarrassed about that. Thank god only a handful of us saw it. Prayer girl had to alert me...in a comment, no less!you read that piece of crapole?

LINDA...i wonder what you thought!

RHONDA, not sore butt.
"executive" scooter is easy on the bod, except for the BACK!

GABI, tomorrow's will be really good, there's is a "God" thing involved. I'm STILL amazed over an event, a happening.

SYD, I'm sitting here about an hour from you, but I need a phone #, to see if we can "do" a coffee.
Plan just changed, so now it is to get down there on return trip, like Labor Day weekend, maybe before or AFTER...

clean and crazy said...

you sound like you are having a blast, sorry i have been away for a while been busy, glad your doing great

Findon said...

Your very own road movie Huh. I need to staple my mouth shut soemtimes. Only last night a woman crosses shared against me so I inetrrupted. Never doen this before. She was saying how croos sharing had always been part of AA. No it hasnt I interjected, it never has. Boy that set the hearts a flutter I can tell you. But she had a pop at me in her share, right at the beginning and so I thought what the heck, Im not going to live with the resentment. So I corrected her. Such is life as Ned said. Keep safe on the trip.