Sunday, August 23, 2009


Saddle bags, courtesy of A Miles
TSR (The Second road)

Sunday I will be spending the day getting my sh*t together for leaving Monday morning. So probably no comments from me for a couple days. But I already have a terrific story to tell y'all on Monday--if the involved parties will allow it. So I guess you should be relieved--no comments, one quickie posting. More later in week. gotta learn how to use the GPS and new camera, guys. Thanks for reading my on-and-on-and-on writings tonight.


Imagine for yourself a young man, entertainer, musician, bartender, glad-hander, drunk, alcoholic. At home this extrovert became the complete opposite. He turned into an idiot, shaking, ready to live gloom-and-doom. This supposedly "happy" man-on-the-street, at home became a dedicated total and complete introvert, full of fear, paranoia, and alcohol. No doorbell nor telephone was EVER answered by this guy. I know. Actually, I knew him well. Well, actually, he was ME!


Flip ahead a good number of years, and you'll see a guy who DOES walk around talking to strangers, some believe him to be crazy, shooshing their children out of the way "of the madman" --grin!

And here goes this same madman, former "Mr Paranoia", riding fearlessly up the road to walk into strange meetings, in strange towns, and meet the same people I know and love, here, there, everywhere. I am confident that the same spirit of love and friendship which I experience in the rooms in Naples, will be everywhere on my trip. The same atmosphere of oneness which I find consistently on the blogs will be in all the rooms.

Several peeps have been a wonderful help to get me started on this trip, which will be Monday morning. A. Miles, who I met in the TSR (The Second Road) chat room, sent me two saddle bags to use for these weeks. They look brand new, and are fitted to my Scooter. She also sent some armor.

Okay, I didn't know what is "armor". It is shaped rubber padding which fits inside a bike jacket, strategically placed to protect body parts (no, not THOSE body parts, Zane!) which are most likely to sustain damage in a highway spill, i.e., shoulders, elbows, back, well, you know now also.

A friend at tomorrow's meeting is giving me a demon bell. This is a tiny bell that motorcycle riders tie under their bikes, and this bell-shaped metal piece, is supposed to catch and keep the demons as they stalk your bike. I'll take any superstition that's been working for a long time. I had never heard of this practice.

I'm going to have to leave my violin home, it is just of too high a value, to take out on the road on a scooter, it's worth about TEN scooters. I dislike leaving it home. No, PG would not sell it--well, I'm almost sure--but it will be difficult to start playing again after 2 or more weeks "off".

As of now, my tentative itinerary looks like this, with no time table:

Orlando FL
St Augustine FL
Jacksonville FL
Charleston South Carolina
Columbia SC
Charlotte North Carolina
Richmond Virginia
Charlottesville, VA
Norfolk VA
Newport news VA

Return via alternate route TBA

Peeps, I plan to take you ALL with me on this jaunt...just hope I can find the time to write.

Peace, and Love, from

Why not live soberly and enthusiastically today. Let us pray for troubled peeps who may be in minor depressive modes today, that God will give them the gift of SERENITY


Findon said...

Sounds like great fun Steve. Have a good trip and stay safe.

Dulce said...

DaY 0. Countdown almost over... and off he goes...
Perfectly equipped you are!
I am so happy for you I really hope you live one of those unforgettable experiences and then return telling us about it as in a diary.
This is going to give you lots to write.

Gin said...

Steve enjoy your trip! We'll miss the comments, but
the stories you will have in return will more than make up for that - I'm sure!

Susan DeAngelis said...

Ah, it sounds like so much fun, Steve.

I can't wait to hear all about it.

:) Sue

dAAve said...

Drive carefully.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Oh yay Oh YAY Mr. A-roni is goin' on a journey of the heart, a journey of the spirit, a journey of the 4th dimension...

I'm praying that God will flood your journey on this Road (we all know the destiny you have...) with miracles, Awesome experiences and stories that last through lifetimes and legions! Safely and Serenely you go!

Tall Kay said...

I'm so grateful you got a bell! The legend has it that it is even more protective if received from someone else. We all have bells on our bikes here.

Your excitement is contagious. Have a wonderful journey of being in the now...cause that's where God is. I'm jealous :o)

Ed G. said...

Blessings and bon voyage...

wolfie185 said...

Wow you are finally ready to "head out on the highway, lookin for adventure and what ever comes your way" come on any road trip diserves humming a little bit of the classic Steppenwolf song even from a classical musician like yourself, doubt if Bach or Vivaldi could relate as well :-D
Like others I look forward to reading about you adventure, your experiencing the recovery of new people, the meeting of fellow travelers and meeting of blog peeps. Like you said this is also a testimony of how recovery works, I was like you in a lot of ways, very insecure and introverted but we have been given a gift from God to now be friendly and of service.
Have a great and safe trip!!!
I will help keep your prayers alive.
Blessings to you my friend.

Alice Audrey said...

Have a great time on your trip. Don't worry too much about the violin. Yeah, it's a pain to get back into it when you haven't played in a while, but it comes back quickly enough.

Syd said...

Hey, you're coming to this neck of the woods. That sounds great.