Saturday, April 25, 2009


AMENDED: Alix asked me to "be brave" and write my story for TSR. So, my first excursion onto the site TSR (The Second Road) is "My Story" See if ya like it. Click HERE! Thanks.

The Hypnotist

He was a wonderful entertainer, the hypnotist. People around the world wondered, "How does he do it?" He played the finest theaters, to the finest audiences in all the finest countries. His artistry was in demand.

One such performance required that an audience member volunteer to assist him, enhancing the credibility of his presentation.

He called for a volunteer. No one accepted. He asked again. Nobody came forth. He got on one knee, the audience laughed. He begged. Silence. He became irritated. People in the balcony became restless.

Finally, the hypnotist said simply, "Since not one single person wishes to aid me, I'll just hypnotize the whole lot of you." And with that, he took out his shiny gold pocket watch with a long shiny gold chain, and began to swing it back and forth in the fashion of a pendulum. Heads began to move, in time and rhythm to the gold watch, back and forth, to and fro--suddenly and accidentally his beautiful gold watch went flying to the floor, broke into a hundred or more pieces, and he said in a stage whisper, "Oh, SHIT!"

It took more than three weeks to clean up the theater.


I am a member of the Naples Group of Alcoholics Anonymous. As the group librarian, I am charged with the pre-meeting telling of a joke each Thursday night, to "prove we are not a glum lot."

I enjoy this part of my service work immensely--so I guess I cannot call it "service". This was the joke two nights ago April 23. The peeps seem to like the jokes, all of which are old standards, from my bartending days.

If you've heard this joke before, or if ya just don't like it, please don't tell me -grin!

In LOVE and Service,

ATIYANNA, my favorite Witch (Click HERE), has awarded me the "LOVE YA AWARD" and if you visit her blog, you might notice that I am in such company as I do not deserve. Thank you Atiyanna! Ya know, an award like this means so much to me when it is bestowed by someone worthy of trust, of faith, of LOVE! Thank you once more, (kiss). Steve E.


Ed G. said...

It just doesn't get any better...

Mike Golch said...

Ed G said it best! great one.

Atiyanna said...

It was very well deserved my friend. Love you lots!

Prayer Girl said...

Love the photo.

Love you,

...and by the way, you made me laugh "again".

Shadow said...

oh man, that IS funny....

Findon said...

Perfect. Just perfect.

dAAve said...

I wonder if he replaced that watch.

Anonymous said...

I have NOT heard that one! And it was a good one :)

Joe said...

It appears that I have not heard any of your jokes!

Funny, thanks.

Mary Christine said...

I enjoyed reading your story. Nice job. Perhaps I will get off my a** and write something...

mile191 said...

Hello dear friend. Lovely post.

I have an award...given to me by Cornnut32...and I pass along to you, for making a difference in my life...

Thanks. Happy weekend ! ♥