Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Continental Divide in Glacier National Park. We visited our college friends who live in Libby, MT...

What BEAUTY as the sun rose over these mountains.

Anna was so frightened, driving on the narrow one-lane mountain roads


When drinking I suspected I was the only person in the world. Sober now, I realize there is no one left to read this.

The day I stopped drinking, that was the day my troubles began. That was the day I realized I had big problems.

When finally one day I quit trying to make good things happen, good things just happened.

The day I changed...everything changed.

Our house is paid for.
We are broke.
Our neighbors have money.
We are paying for their houses.

Blogging is good for me.
A blogger said pull out weeds by root.
Make room for grass to grow.
I pulled weeds today.
Hurt my back. Wow!
Blogging is good for me.
Pulling weeds is not.

I love my Suzuki bike.
It is almost one year old.
I've laid it down only five times.
Only one collision.
Pickup truck failed to make right turn on RED.
Right on his tail, I did not fail to do so.
Bike is old for its age.

I love riding in small planes.
I love riding my scooter bike.
Riding bike gives same feeling as in plane.
That same rush, gravity pull and thrill.
Plane 0-60 in ten seconds.
Bike 0-60 in 2.5 seconds.

My desk is a mess.
I might have to clean it up.
Papers and book piled high.
Some sliding off onto floor.
Q. Where will everything be stored?
A. Wherever I cannot find it.

I love Alcoholics Anonymous.
I love the people there, my true friends.
(And the bloggers...I cannot find the words...)
I go there every day.
My bike knows the way.
My bike is on Step 4.
My scooter has a Harley for a sponsor.

I love my home.
I love my wife, her family.
I love my family with extensions.
We agree on everything...always.
I just wrote a lie...old bad behavior.
God, I thank you for everything!

I've got to go to bed soon.
Or my wife will say, Why are you getting up so early?
And, in order to keep peace,
I'll just have to get dressed, and stay up.

Stay sober today with me and with each other, OK?

In LOVE and Service,
Steve E.


Linda S. Socha said...


Shadow said...

your scooter has a harley for a sponsor???? you're too funny!

steve, this is a beautiful post! so soothing to read! thank you!!!

Just Be Real said...

Stevie, I love these pictures that you include on your blog that go along with your awesome stories. Thanks dear one!

Selchie said...

very lovely. Have a great day.)

Queenneenee said...

My desk is horendous(SP?)I probably got you beat-Not that this is anything I should be bragging about! Have a great day Steve

Ed G. said...

Must be something in the blogosphere today...

Lovely, thanx...

Ann said...

Beautiful - I definitely plan to just for today!!

clean and crazy said...

awesome thoughts today steve. As for your desk what I just did was get a glass bookcase that belonged to my g-ma and I filled it with all my clutter on the desk, it is right behind me now and my desk looks like i know how to organize!! I just put it all there and closed the door viola!! so if your scooter has a harley for a sponsor what do you have?

Prayer Girl said...

I practice being satisfied - a wonderful way to live.

I am very satisfied being in the amended section - in any section. -Grin-

Love you Mr. Steveroni,
Prayer Girl

Linda S. Socha said...

I love Prayer Girl;s comment. What a great reminder.

Syd said...

Great stuff Steve. I'm glad that your bike has a sponsor. What's step one for bikes--Admitted we are powerless over who rides us and that our destination had become unmanageable?

Banana Girl said...

Mountains, narrow roads, and serenity.....sort of familiar on a variety of levels. LU J

dAAve said...

"When drinking I suspected I was the only person in the world. Sober now, I realize there is no one left to read this."

I love this one the most.

Steve E. said...

dAAve, that was mine also!

Syd, step 1 for bikes is ..."powerless over judgments of others..."

Thank you ALL for your wonderful comments. That anyone even reads these blogs makes me feel honored and humbled, all at once.

Zanejabbers said...

Me thinks you bumped your head on one of those "laying down your bike". GRIN. Harley for a sponsor - thats a good one. A calm piece of poetry.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Nuff said

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Great post, it makes me smile and think aobut how true it is that we do end up with our problems once we stop drinking, but once we do;life gets amazing.

Mary Christine said...

I'll stay sober with you today.

Hope said...

I don't like driving on narrow mountain roads either. If you could see me you'd see me leaning towards the middle of the road while I sit in the passenger seat. Dearest one loves to gaze around when we drive through the mountains. So we came up with a great solution. I drive when we go through the mountains, so that I'm closer to the middle of the road and he gets to gaze to his hearts content.

Rainbow said...

awesome post...moved me in a tender way....had to laugh about the Harley....I've been to AA meetings...awesome people there...yes I had a drinking problem...in my 20's...goes with the territory, I am told. But I no longer drink...ever. I pay homage to you Steve...one heck of a post....

judith ellis said...

Love is such a beautiful thing and you write of it so well. Thank you, Steve, for your honesty and truth. Blessings!