Friday, April 24, 2009

Cookie Meeting Plus Gratitude List


Last night's "Speaker-Cookie" meeting featured two long-timer guys. With about 80 years of sobriety between them, it was a surprise to most people that they just gave straight and VERY GOOD AA talks, and did not come downtown to "teach" us how to stay sober.

They are both from my morning home group which meets at 7 AM, and with them came quite a large entourage of "morning" people.

You see, the "Morning" and the "Night" people seldom mix, and so they were surprised to see ME there (my second Home Group) at night.

It is fun for me to be active in two groups. And I have something to offer each group IMO! And of course, my job is to tell a joke--to prove we are not a glum lot. It was a classic, 200 people laughed as I told that old one about the hypnotist. It IS funny! Maybe I'll blog it tomorrow, has anyone NOT heard it?


Items concerning my/our personal health do leak out now and then, e.g., when I ask for prayers, as for a surgery on myself or one close to me. But on the way home from last night's speaker "cookie" (Ummmmm yes, Pam!) meeting, I found myself looking backward again, just for the sake of "being grateful for" a list of health events.

I am SO grateful:

That after having two heart attacks at the ages of 34-35, I have had no recurring heart problems through the years.

That after suffering with phlebitis, and finally the stripping of veins in both legs, I've had only minimal problems since.

That after numerous 'close calls' during certain death-defying behaviors, I'm still alive, and everything works--well, almost everything -grin!

that after severe back injury about 25 years ago, I opted to NOT have surgery, and I've been relatively free of that problem since.

That I found a wonderful doctor who replaced my thumb (ball) joint with wrapped-up tendon (my own), and I have had no problem since on that score.

That when I have problems which produce severe pain, I know a woman, a healer-type, who lays her (extremely hot) hands on me and the healing is nearly always immediate, and permanent. Lady's name is Prayer Girl--I probably should not be blogging this...

That I am careful to whom I tell these things, because even though I make them sound supernatural, they have become quite the ordinary way of life here.

That, at the end of the day, isn't nature itself supernatural; birth, death, bulbs-tulips, acorn-tree, egg-bird, water-life, H.O.W.-sobriety, and much more, maybe everything?

That after prostate cancer two years ago, and the accompanying discomforts (I 'loved' six weeks of daily radiation--it was a chance to do nothing but read, or listen to good music for a period of time each morning).

That modern medicines i.e., periodic hormone shots have kept and will keep me alive and cancer-free for years to come.

That Medicare plus a supplement (AARP) pays those bills.

That last September I had my eyeballs repaired and Restor lenses implanted--and I could FEEL the love and prayers of this group as I lay there in surgery--and can now see well without glasses, for first time in fifty years! What a miracle! Thank you peeps, AA, for sobriety and thank You, God, for faith, Hope, and Trust that "all will be well."

That children being born in this century will experience such changes in their manner of living, that neither they, nor we, dare claim to have a clue.

That there is much more on my Gratitude List, but this "health" stuff is more than enough for now.

In LOVE and service,
Steve E.


dAAve said...

Medical technology is amazing. It keeps amazing people around a little longer too.

Joe said...

That is a great list, glad to see you here blogging.

(I don't think I heard the hypnotist joke.)

Lou said...

Miracles, indeed! Your life is blessed, thanks for sharing it this beautiful Friday morning.

Queenneenee said...

I too have had some awesome medical miracles happen. Pretty cool isn't it? I'm glad to be able to be grateful today. Have a grrrrreeeaaat day!

Prayer Girl said...

IMHO, a really funny joke can be told more than once and still bring a laugh. (That idea comes from me who can't tell a joke, but does appreciate one.)

Health is such a gift. When I look back over my life, I have been extremely lucky and have lots to be grateful for.

My most serious, life-threatening illness has been my alcoholism and thank God I found the treatment that works.

Prayer Girl

Mary Christine said...

I'm glad those guys could come to your meeting as AA members and not experts lecturing from the mountain top.

Selchie said...

Hi Lovely, gotta feel good for all the gratitude. Must say you're pretty sprightly for an old un. I still cant place your age in you seventies!!

Hope your having a great week,


Anonymous said...

What a super list Steve! Than you for sharing some of your history with us.

And I have not heard the hypnotist joke.

Ed G. said...

You're blessed to be a blessing and you wear it well...

Please-please-please-please tell the hypnotist joke (I've probably heard it but I'm old so it will be brand new again...)

Indigo said...

Wonderful gratitudes. There are those days I hurt in any numerous parts of my body from joints and bones that have been broken. Ironically I never complain. When I was asked why, I always tell them this is small potatoes. I'm still alive against the odds. To me that in itself is the greatest gift there is. (Hugs)Indigo

Syd said...

I'm grateful for being in great health. I saved all those brain cells that my alcoholic killed. Medicine has made great strides. I just don't know if it can save us from ourselves. Or the planet from what we do to it.

Shadow said...

wow, not many people would be grateful about the things you list here. but since you put them the way you do, i gotta agree... it's gratitude i hear.

Just Be Real said...

Well done Stevie. Love the grads. Blessings dear one.