Wednesday, April 22, 2009



Oh, thank you Prayer Girl for this award.
As you might have guessed, LOVE means
a whole lot to my sobriety, and my life, and
I love both of those. And I love YOU, too!

To me, the essence of God is love, and the
Essence of love is God. the two are ONE!

Thank you Anna at "OnePrayerGirl" (click here) for giving me The LOVE YA AWARD:

“These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."

If you've won it already, please just accept this as a gift!

Thanks to the following for blessing us with your openness in sharing your journey:

1. Wait! What! (Cat) Cat has been working to better herself, so that "things might get better". And things are getting better, and it's happening because of her deep LOVE for her family. Her blogs tell us of a great recovery program in which she refuses to just "give up". She has taught me it takes not only work...but LOVE, to witness a change in me and around me.

2. Vicarious Rising Perseverence mixed with a large dose of LOVE is what is helping VR to attain one of her goals. The world in which she is moving is a world of not what...but who ya know. And when combined with LOVE, she is gaining ground in her rather new profession.

3. Letting Go (Louisey) The outpouring of love from Louisey's blog is a daily reminder of how to get well, and how to stay that way. Mary Louise practices her program and her life with a LOVE that shows the way, to us all.

4. Scream Quietly (Indigo) Dear Indigo works through her life with courage, dedication to principles, and a 'relentless' but very gentle LOVE for the creatures in her world, our world, and us. And Indigo is loved by bloggers and many others, because LOVE is something which always goes around.

5. Haunted House (Rainbow) And Rainbow; wonderful people live in her house, and LOVE abounds there. From her blog, words of love come to us. Rainbow is ready to write "I was wrong" in such a loving way, she spreads messages of hope, trust, and LOVE everywhere. I know this.

6. All Who Wander Are Not Lost (Gabi) So well I remember receiving in an Email, an introduction to Gabi, who I knew would be friends to all of us. Just her name, Gabi, told me there is an outrgoing personality who carries the message with tenderness (sometimes) and LOVE (all the time). Thank you Kristin, for spreading the Gabi news of LOVE.

7. Within Shades of Grey (Calli) Artist, writer, reader, poet, LOVER of LIFE, free spirit--and she is good at doing all these things. Love drips all over her blog site and her gallery site click HERE (don't miss it!). She allowed me use of one of her paintings LADY IN RED as my desktop background, most beautiful, and I see the artist's eyes in the eyes of "Red Lady"...and LOVE is there. Thank you Calli...for being...Calli!

8. Jilli Java Garden of Eden (Kristin) Kristin is SO easygoing, I wonder if her life has always been ruled by love. She LOVES her husband, childeren, and her life. She is SO giving, and I can sense LOVE in all she work on these blogs. Dream of a coffee house (or something else) is never without a loving component of spirituality, faith, trust in God's Plan, His will. I value highly the words of LOVE which come to me from this girl.

9. AKAnnie's Weblog (Annie K) What can I say about our LOVING ANNIE? Only good stuff. She is not merely the planner ov events, but the shaker behind them. LOVE is a huge part of Annie's life. She reminds me of one who has few troubles--because she is "too busy" for that. (I hope I'm correct here!) And Annie, as all the others above her on this list, LOVES her programs and her Higher Power--and trusts. How good is THAT?

Oooops, I only had eight slots, but there are so MANY more. I will not sleep tonight, for thinking of those not on this list.

And please excuse if I've made some midtsakes! Also, some peeps who I would have enjoyed listing have made it clear they don't DO these things, so they are not listed...I could have put up at least fifty names and addresses!

Bless you all. God is LOVE. LOVE is God. The two are one! IMHO.

In LOVE and service,
Steve E.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Steve! And I am in such good company too!

You are the best of blogger friends.

xxMary LA

Anonymous said...

Thank you dear man. You are the poster child (adult) for the word LOVE!

Prayer Girl said...

You're welcome my love.


Syd said...

You're a good guy, Steve.

Akannie said...


Thanks for the lovely award. Hmmm...maybe I still think that if I stay busy enough and run fast enough, trouble can't catch me?? Oh, dear...that's old behavior, isn't it? lol

The aim of the Universe is joy. Doing things that make me happy bring me joy. God wants us to be happy, joyous and free. You guys taught me that. Living this sober way of life is the cats pajamas!

You are the busy one, you bloggin' bikin' fiddler!

Tick Tock, tick tock...50 days and counting....

Love and blessings, Anniek

Ann said...

Thanks for the uplifting words. I am definitely working a program and definity CRAMMING meetings right now.
Thanks - the encouragement is helpful...it sucks/it hurts/but I truly know that I cannot help him and I have to take care of myself.
Thanks again!

Shadow said...

a lovely award for a lovely person! congratulations!!!

Ed G. said...

Congrats on your well-deserved award!!!

Wear it with pride and in good health...

Cat said...

Steveroni you have honored me beyond words. Really - thank you so very much for your uplifting postings and continued support and encouragement.


( Oooh and congrats on your getting the award as well - you are much deserving!)

Rainbow said...

oh gosh..our face is red....thank you so much for the award, Steve...you da man! Lots of Love,

vicariousrising said...

Aw shucks, Steve. Thank you so much. I really needed it right now too.

And I cannot think of a guy who better deserved to get it or to have received it from.

I love you mucho!

Calli said...

Oh, Steve, Steve, Steve~ I am touched and honored to receive this most love-filled award, thank you dear man!
It will take me some time to put it all together...

You speak high praise to us all, we could get inflated by this - but we won't ;)

and thank you for spreading the LOVE, everyday.

~ Calli

Linda S. Socha said...

GREAT POST and GREAT SELECTION.. Your have some of the most wonderful blogs in your list Steve. You are a man of love and willing to share good news

Just Be Real said...

Congrats to one and all! Blessings!

Kathy Lynne said...

Dear Sir Steve E...I would never delete or reject a comment from you...well never say never...but although my examples included those 2 men,they were examples only....and actually perhaps it was easier to say I didn't because in reality I wouldn't, for just that reason so maybe those weren't fair examples and maybe I can't find any female examples because I rarely say no....and THAT is a problem.

Indigo said...

Love you too dear friend. You have the most loving personality. (Hugs)Indigo