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Home, to me, means comfort. Comfort, that is, with people, sounds, surroundings, the feeling touch of things, food, temperature, smells and sights. At a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous anywhere in the world--I am "at home". And that is truth!

In my church building, or any catholic church, or any synagogue, temple, or church--I am "at home". That is the truth!

After a lengthy motor trip, when I cross back over the line of the county where I've lived for 44 years--I am "home". And that is true! (NOTE: I used to stop the car, get out, and down on my knees, say a blessing, and kiss the Collier County sandy soil. That really impressed the children--and me!)

If I walk on the beach alone, or in the woods, or even along a busy highway--it is "home" to me. True!

And riding my Suzuki "Bergman" 650cc Executive Scooter, I am definitely AT HOME...True, True!

After I tread the Twelve Steps (yes, twelve of them!) which lead up to Dr Bob's (AA Co-founder) House in Akron, Ohio, I hear those wonderful, consoling, heart-heating-beating, spiritually-laced words, spoken
with real warmth by a greeter at the door: "WELCOME HOME!"--I know I am "home". How true!

And...and when I am in our own home, in whatever room--or outside--I am so very comfortable--for it IS "home". That's right!

In AA meetings, in churches, in Collier County, Florida, on the beach, in the woods, along a busy highway, in Dr Bob's House, at my own residence, on my beautiful fast scooter...it is not the place which "is" home. It is ALWAYS the PEOPLE! That's where Home is, among God's people, God's peeps! It is certainly--as I have found out--a "WE" program. LIFE is a "we" program!

One other place--situation--where I feel so much loved and as loving as in any of those other scenarios, is when I am commenting or blogging with my lovely peeps, here in my beloved 'sphere. It is where I find I can BE helpful, and can receive help, for my disease and my soul, for my head and my heart!

In LOVE and Service,
Steve E


Anonymous said...

(waving) Hi Steve!

Lou said...

Welcome home, dude.

Findon said...

Lovely. My home is the county of Yorkshire, which is a special place, God after all is a Yorkshireman. To play cricket for this great county you had to be born in Yorkshire. Therefore no man would allow his wife to go out of the county when she was near to giving birth. If she was caught short, as it were, you would see mad yorkshire men, driving back to the county at great speed, whilst shouting to his wife in the back, " Hold on just a few more minutes. We're nearly over the border"

Just Be Real said...

Home is where "your heart" is Stevie! Welcome Home dear one to your comfortable home! I love walking in the woods and would consider that home also! Blessings!

Steve E. said...

(Looking through binoculars and waving) "Hi, Kristin!"

Lou, I guess home is where it's AT...

Findon, that IS the funniest! Thanks!

Just Be Real, I hope we all find our way home (actually, I'm still trying) but they tell me it's in that same place where I can find God--deep down within myself. "May we find Him now..."

Shadow said...

home is indeed different... special...

Indigo said...

Moving so many times and leaving everything behind years ago. I was pondering where was home, where did I belong. I came across a quote and then went in search of the actual poetry it was from. I've include the words here for you.

If Home is Where The Heart is ...
by John McLeod

If Home is where the heart is
Then may your Home be blessed
A shelter from the storms of Life
A place of rest,
And when each day is over
And toil put in its place
Your Home's dear warmth
Will bring its smile
To light the saddest face!

I realized it didn't matter where I rested my head, what earthly belongings I had - Wherever my heart was, I was home. (Hugs)Indigo

A. Miles said...

I think the toothpaste is empty.

Hey, a Bergman huh? Makes sense. Nothing but the best.

Rainbow said...

Hi Steve...it's "us"! We are back posting...have missed everyone so much. I read your story at TSR, made me cry...just a little...cuz we like happy endings. Your courage and tenacity are amazing. thank you for sharing.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

In June a local group here is hosting Dick A, a film maker and fellow from Atlanta, GA he will be talking about Enjoying the Gifts of AA and there will be a "showing" of his latest film "Dr. Bob's House Full of Miracles" on the history of AA.

House full of miracles is what I pray for.

June 13... I'm betting it's going to be AWESOME!

Steve E. said...

INDIGO, you are SO thoughtful, I really thank you for the words!

Alix, "toothpast", featured on tomorrow's "rant", I mean, blog!

Rainbow, I'm so glad you're back! I can write you one note, and see three returning smiles! How good God IS! I mean that.

Jess, I have a copy of House of Miracles--VERY good, CD and VHS.
June 13, ya say? We eill be in IL, eating BBQ in Annie K's back yard that day! And we'll certainly think of--who was that again? -grin!!!

clean and crazy said...

oh wow, great post, you know i just spent some time with a sponsee who feels so lost in the world and has never felt like she had a place to call home, i hope to one day see her where you are today in this beautiful place we call home. thanks for the hope today.

Ed G. said...

Steve - thanx so much for helping make a home for me...

Syd said...

I'm glad to be home but I feel pretty much at home wherever I go. It's a good feeling.