Friday, April 3, 2009


NOTE: We are going to be away until Monday (three days) but I'm gonna try to configure Anna's laptop with my blog. Received some instructions last night by telephone, so it should work. At any rate, see you Monday morning right here, and maybe before then on a different schedule. I'm shutting my machine down for the first time in many months, hope it will not be traumatized! -Steve E.


Morning meeting called New Dawn (fancy that!) on Thursday had a business meeting. We have 365 meetings a year, and not one of them is on the Traditions. And so, a certain group of long-timers decided it is time. Motion seconded and passed to have one meeting a week formatted into a Tradition-of-the-month, informational and discussion.

Seems as if so MANY of our number know so little of our tradtitions, and even fewer know or realize the utter importance, the necessity, for these principles, to keep AA the program which keeps me sober.
When I mentioned that even our blog AA guys did the twelve Traditiond couple months ago, that did it...for me at least.

Most of the long-timers around here think not too highly of online AA, much less the blogging AA community. So maybe a few guys were shamed into realizing we must entertain ourselves with First Things First, in other words, let's get it on...for the Traditions!

Love all you guys, really!

In Love and service,
Steve E.


Syd said...

Good for your group to work on the Traditions. How about tackling the concepts sometime? Have a great trip.

Shadow said...

have a most wonderful weekend!

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Love you too Steve-o-Roni..be safe have a great time and look forward to you coming back!


Anonymous said...

Be safe Fiddle Man.

Atiyanna said...

I have to admit that I am one of those that doesn't know much about the traditions, although I do understand the importance of them. And because of this I want to learn more. A member of my group always says that the 12 Steps were created to prevent us from killing ourselves and the Traditions were created to prevent us from killing each other.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Cat said...

God speed - don't you speed!

Have a wonderful family visit and give PG a hug from me!

Ed G. said...

Sounds great. A good friend of ours 53 years sober says that the traditions have more to do with living today than the steps.

Just Be Real said...

Oh No! You are leaving me!! Just kidding! You have a great time Stevie! Look forward to your return! Will miss ya! Blessings dear one!

Mary Christine said...

Have a great trip.

Steve E. said...

Hey, all you people! You know how to make a person feel so close, so "a part of" your gang. I can never show enough of my love and gratitude, except by working our beautiful program, and helping others.

AND...AND...I found out how to get your comments, and maybe I can send some, I'll find out in a minute.

NOTE TO: Bruce S...Please contact me, fiddlemn@comcast.net