Sunday, April 26, 2009

It Makes a Difference! YESSSS!

Thank you MILE 191 for sending me this award, as it makes me look like I occasionally make a difference in someone's life. It is for what we all wish God will allow us to be used. Love ya, girl, and your blog. Keep Up The Good Work (KUTGW!)

(Sigh!) Another "Gratitude" meeting Sunday morning. I swear, if only people knew how much I LOVED Gratitude meetings, they would not choose that as the topic with such frequency.

I am grateful for people who make a difference in another life, or in others' lives. How great the reward must be for those who help others with no thought of self aggrandizement. (I learned that word yesterday!)


Yesterday was the first day in six months that I had arranged to pick up a driver-licenseless man named Gene. We were going to the 7AM meeting, and guess what, I overslept! This NEVER happens! So we were a few minutes late.

We then stayed on for the 8 AM. Both were good meetings, the kind Gene needed to hear, but experience has taught me that ya never know what another is going to "hear" in a meeting.

I have blogged about Gene in earlier months, and he has been again struggling this past year--and for about 24 years--to try and stay sober. But a long-term sobriety eludes him still.

After the meetings we went for breakfast. Now, this "breakfast with the boys" is still new stuff for me, but I'm willing to change--a little!

Gene seems this time to be more interested in staying sober. If he drinks again, he has SO much to lose (again!) and I'd be concerned if he'd live long back out there. He's in a halfway house right now, has another job. Gratitude? Maybe.

I'm reflecting that in the past I used to "tell him" everything he should be doing. Today, I just merely sat with him and listened. It's a lot easier that way, and maybe he likes it better also. Who knows? God knows, and only God will keep Gene safe this time--with Gene's cooperation.

We did not talk about love. But it is still there inside me, all this love, just pushing to get out, and DO things. That is one of the attributes of love, I suppose...doing for another, or others.

Good night!
In LOVE and Service,
Steve E


Just Be Real said...

Stevie, congrats on the well deserved award! Glad for your gratitudes also. Blessings dear one on this Sunday.

Prayer Girl said...

"God knows, and only God will keep Gene safe this time--with Gene's cooperation."

This is my kind of thinking too.

I do try to allow God to use me and I work on more listening and less talking.

I understand the LOVE idea. Sometimes it is so BIG and must come out. It does so in different ways. Sometimes it ends up in a poem.

Happy Sunday,
Prayer Girl

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you just need to sit there and share an omelette with another, ya know? I will bet you that Gene (regardless of the turnout) will look back on his relationship with you with great fondness and respect.

Scott said...

Gene is lucky to have a friend in you and I pray that he's ready this time...

Shadow said...

a perfect award for you! and yeah, sometimes it feels right, just to sit and listen, when at other times, you know you need to speak...

vicariousrising said...

SteveO, you are definitely someone who makes a difference in this world. Congrats on your award. :)

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Thank you for this post and the gratitude and great wisdom shared. You are amazing adn like Kristin said, one day he'll be grateful and thankful for his friendship. Thank you!!!

Steve E. said...

Clarification: "Gene" and I have been friends for many years, and I have seen him in-and-out of AA SO many times. I am not his sponsor at this time, but that could change any moment.

We do respect one another. He is one of few in whom I experience that friendship of NMW (No Matter What)! Maybe the only one -grin!

Peace to the Peeps!

Ed G. said...

Congrats on the award...

Thank you also for your service to another member - seems to be keeping you both sober, for now...

Syd said...

Steve, I'm catching up on the blogs. Glad that you were helpful to Gene. I 'm glad that you listened to him. Hope that he heard.