Saturday, April 11, 2009



Pre-Blog Comment:

A Good Friday celebration at our church was really neat--hundreds of people--and fun for me, because I got to play some of my favorite hymns from the "old days".

About Commenting

Bloggers, you have recently been extremely kind in your comments on my blog. I hope you are not all living on the same 'funny farm'. Wait...what! Let me look out the window. I cannot find it. Also I cannot locate a doorknob. There IS one door, but no keyhole. No locks, no knobs, no widows--Ooops! I mean WINDOWS! Dammmit.

I want to see the manager. This is no way to run a hotel. They even took the strings off my violin. Maybe they think it sounds better this way. Maybe they are right.

(Right about here, I'm expecting some rather caustic remarks by dAAve or Pammie or Anonymous....)!!!


Some few of you on occasion, have mentioned you'd like to hear the sound my violin makes. I tried to listen to it tonight, held it right up to my ear. Guess what? Didn't hear a thing, no sound at all. I'll try again tomorrow.

Steve, "What's the point?" The point is that we become willing to grow along spiritual lines...wait a minute! Here was the point--I hope no one is following this. I'm old tonight, and tired, but NOT DEAD! Well, "...we think not!"

Back to the point. Some time in early July 2010, I'm going to be--with 59,999 other alcoholics--attending the 75th Anniversary Celebration of Alcoholics Anonymous in San Antonio--yeah (sigh)-- Texas. It is quite possible some of us (ALL of us!) will be getting together for a breakfast, lunch or dinner, or 3 AM "Dessert Blast". This will be, for many of us, our first face-to-face meeting. And I'll certainly have my violin there, since I have "to practice these principles" of violin playing every day. And I'm always good for one or two tunes, it would not be boring. So count on that, 'cause I'm a'gonna fiddle, man!!

Hey, fellow peeps--I wish to congratulate us and thank us all for coming around here every, every day to read, blog, comment, Double Dip, post photos, teach, learn, share daily experiences, work the Steps, Study the Traditions, rant, paint, cook, travel, pray, support, receive support. We mostly just suit up and show up...
and get a sponsor and work the steps. This is the most beneficial computer experience I've known, and it only began--for me--toward the end of June 2008

I am truly indebted to all of you for the enrichment of my life. Again, I'm ending this busy day so full of gratitude, and love, for all that is AA, for all that is YOU, for all that is God. Amen.

In LOVE and service,
Steve E.


Ed G. said...

Lovely post Steve and, God willing, it will be great to see and hear you in San Antonio. I presume you're going to email me when your Colorado plans firm up this summer so we could connect then as well?

Thanx for sharing your gifts with me.

Blessings and aloha and happy Easter...

Shadow said...

right. so what you're saying is i need to be in texas in july 2010 to get to hear you play???? happy easter dear steveroni!

Linda S. Socha said...

It is about DESERVING... and you do and are music man. Thanks for sharing!

Linda S. Socha said...

Oh P.S. I would like to be the pink peep please:>)

Selchie said...

funny funny farm, gave me a smile. What more do you need?
Have a great Easter. Did you think about getting someone to record you playing violin and post it?...

Smiles, Selchie)

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Hmmmm San Antonio Sober...that'll be a whole new experience for me!

:oP ;o)

dAAve said...

Me? Make a caustic remark?
I suspect I'll be in San Antonio next year too. Looking for a violin player.

Prayer Girl said...

If you are living on a 'funny farm', then OMG, where the heck am I?

I knew there was something mighty odd happening in my home and my life - especially since you started blogging.

Gee, I think this might be a theme for a Sci Fi '55 Flash Fiction Friday'.

Getting real - loved your blog.
Loved those peeps, they looked good enough to eat or paint (beautiful colors).

Mark W. said...

God willing and the crick don't rise I'll see ya' in San Antonio!

As for the funny farm?

They're coming to take me away ah ha!!!

Mike Golch said...

Great posting my frind.

Lou said...

San Antonio is a great city! Maybe I will dovetail that with a visit to Mom. I've never seen 59,999 alkies in one place!

Syd said...

I might come to San Antonio too. It would be great to hear you play. The next time I'm in Naples, I'm going to see if I can find out where you are doing a "concert". I appreciate all that you write. It's straight from God to you, Steve.

Steve E. said...

Ed,better make your plans early, the hotels will really fill up after a September announcement.

Shadow...flight mileage is only 9014 miles or 14506 km. See you in Houston

Linda, thanks for your support etc., "Pink-Peep"!

Sara (Selchie) What a great idea! I'm buying a new laptop. What do I need to have on it, so I can "make my own" recordings?

Jess...see you there, maybe you'll find a resort for sale w no money down?

"Caustic" dAAve, bring baton, you can conduct ("direct", that is!).

PG, Mark, and Mike: I'M the one they took away, but as long as I got this computer, I won't complain. YEEE-HAAA!

Lou, there will be 60,000...I wrote I'd be "joining 59,999 alkies! Got it? Plus ONE! If YOU attend, there will be 60,001 is my guess -grin!

Syd, please just give me a call if you're ever in town. Of course, Anna is the Alanon (Double Winner) here, so she would have that info.

Mary Christine said...

I get to spend my days at the "funny farm" M-F, 8:00 to 5:00. It is usually not very funny, especially for those who need to be there, but thank God it is there for them.

See you in San Antonio.

Just Be Real said...

Peeps, I love Peeps!
Stevie, thank you so kindly for your encouraging words of late to me.
That is gonna be some celebration come July 2010!
Blessings dear one as always!

Zanejabbers said...

Having really lived at the "funny farm' once, I enjoy good humor about it. My friends refer to it as your days at the ranch - Macamemia Ranch. However, I was the one who took me away, ha ha hee hee ho ho.

Alive And Smiling (Jim) said...

Great post today Steve. I imagine it's great to gather with so many of the friends you've made here on the blog. Enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

Service? Do you give foot rubs?

My father played the fiddle for awhile. It was torture. lol

I just wanted to say thanks for nudging me along in the steps. I have moved forward and I am feeling much better!

xoxo ~T~

Anonymous said...

I remember the first day I met you (so to speak.) I'm glad you have stuck around. The blogosphere would not be the same without you (or Pam, or Lou, or Syd, or ....)

I will try to wander on over to San Antonio next year. If I'm not in Anchorage....

Calli said...

You Steve are so good to your people! You are a dear man with a tremendous heart, so full of joy and love!

stay that way!and *smile* as you make me smile each time you visit!