Thursday, April 2, 2009



Meeting this morning was on "Sponsorship". I've probably been to 500 meetings on this topic. Suddenly during all the 'same-ole, same-ole' sharing I was inspired to approach the subject without even mentioning "Sponsorship"...and it seemed to make a lot of sense (not to the 87 people attending--but to ME -grin!). So I said, I am Steve, I am an alcoholic:

"I play a violin.
I am VERY good at it.
One day a fellow told me about his grandfather.
His grandfather played violin just like me.
I asked at what school he learned?
I asked who was his teacher?
Oh, he taught himself!
One thing I know about his grandfather.
He don't play like ME!"

NOTE: For newer people who might not have understood the analogy, the grandfather without a teacher, is like the fellow who is trying to stay sober without a sponsor, and he will never be as happy, free, and as 'sober' as if he'd had a sponsor. Get it? -grin!

NOTE #2: Yesterday April 1, I played for the old folks at a Retirement/Nursing Home. About 40 of them, through dinner and a little "musical, sing-along-type" after--you know what I mean.

Well, I knelt down in front of a 97-year-old lady in a wheelchair, so I could play right near her. She opened her eyes, pointed at my violin, and asked me, "Do they let you keep that thing in your room?" 10 hours later, I'm now still laughing.

Also got to play (it was not planned) Happy Birthday for a little old lady. She had asked me to play it for her. I found out later, her date of birth was April 1, 1908, she is 101 years young, and she whistled and sang with me--IN TUNE! I'm tellin' ya gang, what JOY I experienced cannot be explained in any words I know.

You and I, we ARE staying sober today, right? OK!
Pray for me.

In LOVE and service.
Steve E.


clean and crazy said...

yes i will stay sober/clean with you for another 24. how funny, so did you tell her yes to the question about the violin? and if so did she ask what else is in your room?

Just Be Real said...

Stevie, so inspirational. I also appreciate your explanation on "the grandfather" part. Blessings as you go out into this days world.

dAAve said...

YOU whistle while you work!

Lou said...

I used to go into nursing homes, and do testing for a company. It was easier than transporting the people out. I learned so much from the old folks there. But mostly I learned not to waste too much time sleeping, because the day will sure when I have plenty of time to sleep.

Nice post.

Shadow said...

oh, you are in my prayers whenever you need to be!!! and no matter your subject matter for the day, you always inspire. somehow. you have that touch...

and thus, you have to collect something i left for you on my side...

Prayer Girl said...

I am comforted by the fact that in the busyness of our lives, passing like ships in the night, I can always know what's been happening by reading your blog.

I'm pretty sure I missed the 97 year old asking if you were allowed to keep your violin in your room.

I always pray for you!
Prayer Girl (wife-aroni)

Ed G. said...

Thanx for your lovely post - what's with 55?

Blessings & aloha

Cat said...

when I was in highschool - years ago - my first job was at a nursing home and some of my fondest memories of human beings are from that time...

Syd said...

How great of you to go to the nursing home and do that. I'm sure that you made their day. Thanks for sharing this about sponsorship.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Please say that when we meet, you'll play for me too! :)

I love the experience you just shared...

I was just listening to "Come from the Heart" by Kathy Mattea, and then "Where've you Been" by the same on YouTube.com.

Music and Love moves mountains!

Hope said...

You are sweet.

Findon said...

Well all that joy you bring must be as a result of all that sponsorship and sponsoring for one thing at least. Good guy Steve.

Mary Christine said...

Why are you counting the words in your post?

Gwen R said...

Come over and see me...

Just Be Real said...

Thinking about you Stevie!

Atiyanna said...

I always pray for you my friend.
Love and Kindness,