Wednesday, April 15, 2009


(Click here, for) Jessie, I feel embarrassed,
and honored at the same time. Receiving
this award means a lot to me. It tells of
Hope--in the face of heavily tilted odds..that
Hope which God gives through His children,
one to the other. And it is here we get Hope,
and we give Hope... through our blogs and comments.
Thank you, Blog-Friend and More!


Man-o-war! The cars are still filling up the three-and-four-lane roadways at 5:30-6:30 AM, which are times I am biking to a meeting. So here I am, before many of you are awake--well, that would include me, even though I'm functioning! I'm surrounded by behemoths, riding through the fog of exhausts, and finally I do push my way through the mazes, to the front of the pack.

And I be the leader of all that behind me, and I'm happy as a Lark singing overhead. Yes, guys, happy! I'm on my way to an early morning dose of friendship, fun, laughs, sadness, reflection, serious moments: a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous.

During the AA meetings, when chairpersons suggest "turn off your cell phones", I usually do not bother. Nobody EVER calls me on my cell at 6 or 7 AM. Well, from now on, it will be programmed to "buzz, shimmy, and shake".

How embarrassing that was, to hear my cell loudly play Beethoven's great Ninth Symphony, while someone weakly and tearfully was sharing how she was raped as a child...by her father and two brothers. Well, I'm used to being a clod, but I felt a sorrowful sadness for the girl, who was spilling out her deepest, darkest, to a room full of eighty alkies.

The cell call was from a mother of a 31-yr-old 'child', a son who had just left jail, and was in need of his clothing--and his medications and cell phone, which she wished I would carry to him. She wanted to NOT SEE HIM. Mom was so tired of same-old, same-old stuff, time after time. So we made the pick-up, drop-off arrangements. I had not met either mother OR 'child'--a definite druggee (Whoopeee!), prior to this day.

Meeting lasted until 8 AM. I had a rehearsal at 9:30, then was contracted to play a funeral mass at 11 AM. All this was after 4.5 hours' sleep--it is catching up with me, peeps. Got home after noon, read a half dozen blogs, commenting in my sleep! Please forgive some of my stupid comments, if they do not make sense -grin!-delete!

After some phone calls, a nap (Ha! Now you got the secret!) and supper, here we are, 9 PM. And guess where? Blogging, of course!

Bess, the brain-tumor girl is home from the hospital, plans to attend a 7 AM meeting and I'll be there with a smile for her...well, that's what I DO! She thanks you for your prayers. She may have surgery at end of May, wants to finish school.

Tonight I have yet to file an extension for IRS taxes 2008, and set up two packets of music to play for weekend masses, plus another funeral...NEXT Wednesday. Since I'm the only violinist in our church of 8,000+ people, I'm just gonna figure out a way to play at my own funeral.

An AA musician (pianist/recording artist) here died not long ago. He had set up his own "Celebration of Life" music, which he had composed and performed (CD's) in a very large church. I thought it kinda weird. In fact, it made folks uneasy. I left, and became first in line for coffee, and goodies!

Peeps, I am SO fortunate. God has surrounded me these past years with many people who are supportive, giving, and loving. He has surrounded me also with many people who NEED support, giving, and love. And life has become one wonderful, giant, action-packed movie, in which I get to play a major part. You all are stars in my film of Life--that's what makes it "Wonderful"!

I promise...a more interesting blog Thursday. OK?

In LOVE and (yawwwn!) service.
Steve E.


Linda S. Socha said...

I especially love the last paragraph of your post. Well said!

Syd said...

Steve, you are busy with living life. Take care of yourself though and get some rest. Going on 4.5 h of sleep a night isn't good for anyone.

Mike Golch said...

Congrats on your award.

Rainbow said...

steve..you most certainly deserve this award.....i loved this post....i saw YOU in this post....your joy in life and in God shines through.....maybe you should write more of often with less sleep...just kidding. congrats on the well deserved award....keep those post coming!

Queenneenee said...

Haha, you're gonna play at your own service. That was some funny stuff. Your silly when you're tired Mr. Roni. Get some rest and stay sweet. I like helping those in need as well, there's nothing like it!

clean and crazy said...

I completely agree with Syd, you need to slow it down and take care of you, and congrats on the award!!

Just Be Real said...

Awesome and well deserved award there Stevie, congrats!
Now, with that being said.....Get Some Rest!! Blessings dear one!

dAAve said...

Stayin' busy.
Stayin' alive.

Shadow said...

gosh. he's does sleep... heee heee heeeee

Anonymous said...

4.5 hours of sleep is dangerous for you and those around you. Get to bed young man!

Ed G. said...

As one who has tried to replace sleep with blogging some over the past month, might I suggest...

Well, no, I like to blog too - I understand...

Blessings and aloha...

Thanx also for the news/update on Bess

Banana Girl said...

How could it get more interesting...Your simple amazing life is truly an inspiration!

Alive And Smiling (Jim) said...

Steve I don't know how you could post anything more interesting. I love hearing about your busy day and all that you encountered along the way. You are blessed to have such a wonderful life and you give so much of yourself to the service of others.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Hope that you got some rest, sounds like a full day! Thanks for the post it sounds like a pretty interesting life!!!


Steve E. said...

OK Peeps...I was planning on early to bed tonight, but a guy called, asking me to have a sit-down with him after an evening meeting. And (Nancy Reagan) I tried to say "No", but the word came out kinda funny--it sounded like "Yes! OK!"

But I DID hear your advices (is that word a derivative of "vices"??) and I'm paying attention, as you notice.

Realizing it sounds like a broken record, I cannot leave without letting you ALL know, that I am a grateful recovering alcoholic who LOVES you. Amen!

Lou said...

Your life is a giant, action packed movie? Ha,ha..I like that Steve-0-Leading Man.

A. Miles said...

Geez, you're solar powered.

You remind me of the Latin saying
Emitte lucem tuam, et veritatem tuam--
Send forth your Truth, Send forth your Light.

Just don't forget that rest helps cultivate the light,ok??!!

Steve E. said...

A. Miles...no way to reach you, huh? My Email is on "About Me" up above on right side. I don't DO spam, or BS

A. Miles said...

Um, I pretty accessible. We've actually emailed before. Does my email not show up?

A. Miles said...

For clarification, because your comment wasn't very welcoming, I don't have a Blogger account. My personal website is www.peacescooter.com

So I'm given the option, when I leave a comment here to use my personal Gmail address, a Blogger identity, an Open Id (don't have, Anonymous (why bother) or my name and URL.

In the recovery community, I'm A.Miles, many know me as Alix. I read your blog almost everyday.

Steve E. said...

If you're still there (somewhere), no, your name on the Email which carries the comment, is not shown as a link, don't know why. Please drop me a line, or not--fiddlemn@gmail.com