Sunday, April 19, 2009



October 26-November 2, 2008, Prayer girl and I went on what was my first cruise, a seven-night sailing aboard the Freedom of the Seas. On the balcony during dark nights, I sat gazing out into the blackness beyond the deck railing. Far across the rolling sea I saw a hotel of lights, sparkling like stars on the water's edge.

It was another passenger liner heading the opposite direction. And I thought to myself, "So this is what's meant by 'Two Ships passing in the night'"...what a sight! Six thousand people here, and just across the water, five thousand. Two complete cities noiselessly passing each other in the night. I could write a blong on that, but for an occurrence of Saturday morning:

The following is about two strangers passing each other like ships passing in the night. Stopping only for a bit of chatting, each was allowed to delve deeply into the psyche of the other. Each was allowed to be helped by the other.

At an early morning meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous I met a guy from Cleveland. He and I talked for about 20 minutes. In that short span of time we learned a lot about one another.

He knows more about me and my life in a few minutes than my brother or sisters know about me in 65-70 years! We treated ourselves to 20 minutes of non-stop talking. We were two ships passing in the night. We well might never see each other again.

But while we were talking, establishing a thread of friendship, I could sense, could feel, the Presence of God or something Spiritual arising around us. All other chatter in the room was beyond hearing, it was like we were in a vacuum, trading thoughts of recovery and sobriety.

And there, a certain happiness arose also between us. I found myself smiling, even after I got on my scooter outside, and revved out of the parking lot. God is truly a Good God. He allowed me to enjoy these moments of a happy, chance meeting, and an opportunity to gain another small piece of self-knowledge.

What a difference a few choice moments can produce in the lives of two men. Two men who together simply reach out and let their lives be touched by one another, responding with honesty and openness.

HERE IS THE REAL MIRACLE: This kind of "chance" meeting happens millions of times a week, all over the world in recovery societies, in AA. This is definitely a WE program. I cannot do it, but we can. People meeting each other, sharing, learning, helping, enjoying, staying sober together--this is the essence of AA. This is why I am here.

I am certainly not afraid to die. I AM afraid of living...like that again. For me, I KNOW that as long as I stay close to you Peeps, I shall remain safe. Thank you God. Let's ALL stay sober this Sunday.
All day!

In LOVE and service,
Steve E.


dAAve said...

I've been lucky enough to experience some of those moments as well. They can't be planned, but they can be reasonably expected as long as I practice the program as it was taught me.

Findon said...

Yes it is a WE programme. I am beginning to see that my life is more colourful, has more meaning from the instances you describe. Blogging is like that, we may never meet eachother, but we have an interdependance which ADDS to our everyday.
Thanks for the post Steve.

Scott said...

ahhh very nice, the real miracle of recovery in AA.... the one thing AA has above al other recovery methods, fellowship between two alcoholics!

great post, my friend!

Prayer Girl said...

You wrote, "I could sense, could feel, the Presence of God or something Spiritual arising around us. All other chatter in the room was beyond hearing..."

I know exactly what this is like and, IMHO, is one of the most spiritual things that can happen. What a great thought for a poem. I just adore it.



Ed G. said...

The "language of the heart" - lovely...

Mary Christine said...

How special those "chance" meetings are.

pat said...

Happy Sunday Steve.

clean and crazy said...

wow, what a great prelude to a wonderfully told story, I love those moments in recovery that create a lifetime bond. When i went to the world convention in San Antonio, I met so many people from all over the world, and do you know i still email my friend Ayed in Saudi Arabia, and my friend Ursula in New Zealand. I love this story it makes me want to talk to them now.