Sunday, April 5, 2009

Amended: WEDDING DAY plus "K" (Update!)

Amended: As I went to lobby at midnight to write this blog, I found "K" (see below) sitting on floor by elevator, talking on her cell. She told me this morning that she was so excited (at midnight!) about her Saturday--and her unanticipated AA meeting--she had to call her sponsor in Virginia and give her the good news! -SE


People, I have played violin for at least 500 weddings. Some were for relatives, some friends, but most contracted for, through agents. Today's wedding in Tampa FL was for Anna's son, and it was one of the most fun for me.

I got to meet so many relatives and friends for the first time, nearly eighty people who I did not know until today. I must say that attending were the usual number of future "customers" for our fellowship--lots of prospects.


But the following is my reason for blogging tonight. A little background first. Back in late July or early August 2008, I blogged about a girl named "K", a then-unknown (to me) relative, age 17, who happened into our midst one Thursday night.

Next morning at 7AM in Naples, she attended her first ever AA meeting. She 'looked' then (to me) like she really 'wanted' to stay sober. And somehow I 'knew' she would soon be one of us. Ya know how after a number of years we achieve a certain 'intuition' about certain people, etc? And once-in-awhile it turns out we are correct? -grin!

Periodically, but not often, we have been in touch with K, who lives "up nowath". At the hotel, where Anna and I are staying for the duration of wedding celebrations, I stepped outside the lobby for a minute. Who do I meet, like, blocking my path? Of course, it was K--what a wonderful moment for me, to reaquaint with this beautiful young high school senior, who I had not seen since last summer.

She was smiling a smile which could adorn only the face of one who is happily sober. We hugged. I met her Mom, Dad, and brother. A few whispered remarks with K confirmed with me she had stayed sober since last July 30 (2008).

Her sponsor told her she must sponsor someone, and so she now has a "sponsling"! K is active in her home group. I must tell you all I am tearing up with happiness as I write this! Don't forget, we had the joy of taking her to her first AA meeting! I had not even expected her to be here. Thank You, God!


OK, here goes. Anna and I were on the way to the wedding venue this morning. Anna saw, out of the corner of her eye, a triangle hanging over a garage of an old house. We decided to stop on the way back, after the wedding stuff. Well, as you might know, it IS an "old" AA-type club house, with a meeting at 8:15 PM.

We decided to go, called K, and she sounded "overjoyed", said she really needed a meeting. We did it! We are all happy campers, praising our Higher Power for what He has accomplished for us! What a WONDERFUL way to end a day!

And today, Sunday morning, we'll breakfast together, before returning to our respective cities...homes.

Our Higher Power DID do one more thing for us last night. He pointed out--after our AA meeting--a Dairy Queen store, where we all fell in love....with the concoction named TURTLE SUNDAE ($5). My advice: If ya never tried one--DON'T! It can be like that "first drink" thing we've all heard about.

Anyway, blogger friends, this was another of many sober, happy days. I feel more love than usual tonight for God, AA, family, and YOU blogger people--and I really mean that! Thank you all for being here!

In Love and service,
Steve E.


Ed G. said...

Steve - congrats - you remain blessed and a blessing to us all...

Steve E. said...

Ed, you must be on this computer all night...ooops! That's ME commenting now.

Ed, I'm sitting in a too-cold hotel lobby in Tampa, and it is quiet. Wish I had this atmosphere always when blogging!

OK, I admit it--I AM ADDICTED! I need help! I'm going to BED!

Shadow said...

turtle sundae you say???? i consider myself warned. have safe travels home you two!

Just Be Real said...

Oh Man Stevie, what an increadible day you had!! What an exciting story about K also! I am so glad that you were truly blessed and such an upbeat post! You are one blessed guy! I am sure you slept well!

dAAve said...

GREAT stuff!
And yes, do you EVER sleep?

Banana Girl said...

What a wonderful event! And I mean each of them. I have missed you too and your lovely stories of hope and inspiration. I need them daily. I have been reading, but couldn't write. No time. Back in the saddle again. Literally, even have time to ride my lovely horse, Isante. Life if loverly. I like that "sponsling". May use it. J.

Sober Steve said...

It's amazing how God puts people in our lives, for certain reasons at the right time. It makes one wonder how many times that happened during our drinking days.

The other Steve

Akannie said...

Hey, O'Roni...

Glad the wedding went well and you didn't embarrass yourself in front of your darling wife's family. (Just kidding!) Sounds like a beautiful wedding.

I've been reading everyone's blogs, just not feeling like I have much to say lately. Surely it'd just a "Phase" (right, Pammie??) and maybe it's p[assing even now...lol

Cool beans about "K".


Linda S. Socha said...


What a great inspiring post....I love these connections with you my friend, It can be amazing how someone sharing their can be so contageous! Thanks!


Queenneenee said...

Sounds like GOOD TIMES! Yee haw~

Queenneenee said...

Sounds like GOOD TIMES yee haw~

Syd said...

Steve, I liked what you said about some future prospects for the rooms. I've been to several weddings where I just knew that there was a chair waiting in the rooms for some of the people.
I'm sure that your violin made the ceremony majestic.
Thanks for sharing your happiness.

Mary Christine said...

Wonderful story. And I have had a turtle sundae. Super good.