Monday, April 6, 2009

News You Cannot Use.

Yesterday's NEWS TODAY!

I am reposting this bit, hoping for some 'serious' (yeah, right!) input:
Heard a word today--new to me--"sponsling" instead of the old "SPONSEE". I've always disliked that expression. But sponsling sounds kind of feminine to me, so I'm still looking for a more macho-sounding substitute for sponsee, for men. Something like "Pigeon-shit"--any suggestions? Time for a change, Peeps!

I believe the word "sponsling" was coined by one of the women on here. Maybe Pam? Kristin? Lou? Someone else? Lemme know, please?--I enjoy (yeah, right!) giving credit to myself for something YOU did -grin!


My daughter "K" is a Firefighter-Paramedic. She owns a huge attack dog, named "Chief". One day she had her Big old German Shepherd at the firehouse. She was showing her co-workers how "Chief" obeys her commands.

"K" shouted out, at one point, "CHIEF...SIT!!!" Of course, at that very moment, in walked the gold-helmeted human Fire Chief, who immediately scurried to a seat in the corner.

(Ahem!) In other news....

On Saturday, while in Tampa, I had called my sponsor, just to say "Howdy". We talked about the recent business meeting at which it was decided to allow one meeting a month to be used for Tradition reading and discussion. In order to get the thing rolling off to a 'correct' beginning, he was sort of "appointed to take care of it."

So, on the phone, he said to me, "Of course, I'll expect you, Steve, to take a few meetings yourself". Now, that's called passing the buck. Since (click on) Alanon Syd and I did twelve separate sessions on the Traditions in recent months, I may steal some of his knowledge on the topic. I don't even have to ask, Syd! Do I?

More News:

Went to 6 PM Palm Sunday mass. Forgot that Palm Sunday is a lengthy affair, with procession, bells, a 'blong' gospel reading, and homily, etc. Got home later than expected for some dinner, AA phone calling, and (of course, what else?) BLOGGING!

I've got to see what the Peeps are writing today. As with everyone else here, time seems to be my enemy. Who the heck invented "time" anyway? It seems to create so many of my problems.

And yes, I'm 'Always and Forever' in LOVE with our program of Alcoholics Anonymous. AND it's members, AND it's blogger-members who pass on to me and others their Experience, Strength, and Hope.

May all of us stay sober another day...like TODAY!

In LOVE and service,
Steve E.


Just Be Real said...

Monday greetings to you sir!
Ha ha, love the "Sit Down Chief" story!
So you are being pass the buck? In this day and age in our economy it should be pass the 10 dollar bill.
I do hope your Palm Sunday mass was beautiful! Will you be going to Good Friday mass this coming Friday!
Stevie, as always, thank you for all your encouraging words to me! You are truly an inspiration!

dAAve said...

Sit Steve, sit.

Shadow said...

oh yeah i'm with you on the time nonsense.....

Ed G. said...

So, since the buck was passed to you, are you the "buckee" or the "buckling"? Nice to hear that Tampa AA will be in such capable hands - I even give you permission to steal all Syd's useful stuff...

I've started to stretch the limits of the whole time thing - I'm resisting a couple of old ideas:
1) that I can do more than one thing at a time
2) that there isn't enough time

I'll let you know how that all is working out later... (something funny about that...?)

Mary Christine said...

They are long readings on Palm Sunday - and I got to listen to them 2X.

Prayer Girl said...

Between all that both you and Syd blogged on the traditions, you could chair "all" the tradition meetings - no problem.

If I yell, "STEVE...SIT!!!", you'll know I think you are going "over the top" again - somehow! -Grin-

Love anyway and always,

Selchie said...

I keep reading everywhere that time is an illusion, I'm interested in the idea of stretching time, that would be so cool...)
Happy Monday my lovely, hope you had a great hols)

Mike Golch said...

the sit chief story had me lmao.
i hope that you have a great sober day.

Rainbow said...

Hi Steve - appreciated you stopping by the Haunted House. I wish there was somewhere to put all my sorrows, thus far, I have found no place. The loss of my Brother is one of many losses in our life. It hurts as badly today as it did 9 yrs ago. Letting go is something I need to learn to do, I know that, but is so very very difficult. Snowing here today, funny thing, it rained and snowed when my Brother was killed....ah but life does go on. Hugs to you, my friend.

Syd said...

Hey Steve, I think that sponsling reminds me of gosling. I don't much like sponsee either but it's only a word.
Take what you like and leave the rest on the Traditions. We did have fun on that I thought. Whew!
Glad that all went well with the visit and the wonderful wedding. Your daughter sounds like a strong person!
Have a great Monday.

clean and crazy said...

what about "sponsoree" or "sponturd" or how about "mansor" or "dudespon" or "spondude" how about "sponman" or "Sponguy" or "Sponge" for short. protege works well still it should have a ring of truthiness and recovery. how about "sponstor" like monster and sponsor? he he he, good luck finding a new name for that they all look funky to me!!

Findon said...

How about Journeyman for male sponsee. A Journeyman is a craftsman who travels carrying out his trade, receiving a fee for one single day at a time. There were many such people in medieval times and in Germany they still exist. They work for Masters, learning the skills of each before moving on and travelling to the next master to learn his skills. Arriving at a masters unannounced, the master must take them on for the day, passing on his knowledge and then repeating the experience the next day and so on. Each master therfore has to remain learning and giving, otherwise his craft will die.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

My friend Benye calls his "sponserees"

I thought of sponturd too...never an original thought (sigh)

My sponsor likes to say... let's not tell anyone I'm your sponsor yet...LOL... specially when I do or say something really really crazy.

Eh, let them call you! LOL

On a similar note...if there are gaggles of geese, and murders of crows, then what would a group of sponsees be called?

Steve E. said...

OK, Jessie, You are the WINNER! That one could really stick: SPONSOREE it is--for me!

Nope, don't want them to call me, can't trust WHAT these sponsorees will say anymore! (God one, Jess! Ya almost 'got' me on that -grin!
I like "Don't tell anyone!"

That's what my mother used to say to me, "So glad you're in AA...but let's just not tell any of our friends or family. PLEASE?"

OK...what ARE a group of sponsorees called?

Love ya Jess, we must meet some day! (You are the second of two bloggers I will NOT DIE, before I meet face-to-face! (As if I decide any of THAT!)

Rhi said...

Hope all is well!! I'm on for a few minutes and thought I'd stop by and say hi. =)